What is a Speakers Showcase?

Please read and consider the answers to the most often asked questions about Showcases (by speakers)when sponsored by a national speakers bureau like ours--PSBI. At the end of this message BELOW we have the pricing for each speaker to participate (call us to discuss this)... first read the following please.

What is a Speakers Showcase sponsored by a speakers' bureau?

To fully understand a Speakers Showcase sponsored by a speakers bureau you need to attend one either as an audience member or as a speaker--if you qualify. There are dozens of benefits for each speaker who is allowed to speak at our showcases but first consider what a showcase is not. It is not a cure-all for your speaking business but it can take you to the next level as a professional speaker. It is not the only think you should be doing to market yourself as a speaker but for the dollar it may be the best thing you can do to market yourself. It is not a guarantee of more paid bookings but it is the best opportunity to hook up with one (or maybe more) speakers bureaus who can offer you ongoing for bookings year after year. It is not a guarantee that buyers of your kind of programs will be in the audiences but many of them are invited from the overall marketing area in an effort to book you. It is not an opportunity to showcase your entire best speech or seminar but you can showcase the best of the best of who you are and what you offer in 11-12 minutes and be video taped with all the right and best stuff.

Who else offers Speakers Showcases?

We have seen many organizations offer showcases, some successfully for the speakers benefit, and some not so successful. We have carefully analyzed the pros and cons in an effort to strike a great balance to benefit each participating speaker as much as possible, as well as meeting planners that are invited. Over the 35+ years I have worked in the speaking profession I--Thom Lisk--have been to showcases sponsored by groups like Meeting Professionals International (MPI), The National Speakers Association (NSA), the American Society of Association Executives and their affiliates (like Ohio, Missouri, etc. Societies), and I have attended other bureaus showcases too. We do all we can to make our events better than any of these events based on our budget. Which is created by speaker participation fees.

What does a brochure look like used by your bureau to promote a showcase?

Here is a link to see one... PRIOR SHOWCASE BROCHURE .(2.6 M Pdf) ... these are mailed and emailed to invite people to attend.

What is your budget for hosting and promoting each Speakers Success Showcase?

Our budget for hosting and promoting each showcase is, quite frankly and openly, created by the speakers who register to showcase and pay the small registration fee. Therefore, if we have 32 speakers--the most we can accommodate at one of these events--we have a BIGGER budget than if we only have 15 speakers--the least we must one-day have otherwise we postpone and/or reschedule the event.

How many Showcases have you hosted in the past?

Our company has hosted fifty (50) great showcases during one recent ten year period. We are the experts! You can be assured that if your registration for a showcase is accepted the event will take place; yet rescheduling is a possibility.

What happens if I register for one showcase and can not appear maybe at the last minute?

We understand that speakers sometimes have seemingly higher priorities surface for a certain showcase date even though earlier they may have registered for that specific showcase. Good news! You can reschedule for any showcase at any location! The fee you pay to showcase is not lost, it is transferred to another event. We must ask for a minimum of a 50% deposit on any showcase so that eight weeks before the event we can work to finalize the schedule and the brochure used to promote the event. You are featured on the promo brochure for sure if you register 6-8 weeks before the even t... if not you can still showcase as long as spots are available. Call or email us - speak@terrificspeakers.com

What, if anything, is unique about a PSBI sponsored Speakers Showcase?

I attended my first showcase sponsored by another speakers bureau in 1980 in Atlanta. Many things were great about that showcase but I saw many things that could be improved. I attended my first showcase of speakers only at an NSA meeting in the summer of 1978 and although I was already in the business full time by then for over a year I learned a lot about the do's and do nots of showcasing before both other speakers and meeting planners. Our showcases have been different and many believer BETTER than other showcases but I realize in some ways this is a bit of a controversial way for speakers to expand their businesses. A showcase is not right for everyone but consider: Regardless your benefit from our showcase.

At our showcases we combine the best of all possible ingredients for the benefit of each speaker. Speakers often need to upgrade their video demo footage or they may need a first quality demo tape. I know speakers that have invested $20,000 and not gotten as good a demo tape as we create for them for $200 at our showcases! We insist that the correct staging is set up for each speaker... lighting, backdrop, microphones, camera angles, colors, etc. One recent showcase speaker was booked to a meeting planner who attended, and she used her demo tape to create 13 bookings out of 13 times she provided it to qualified buyers. She got a 1000%+ return on her showcase investment. So can you! Our demo tapes are better, unique, and different, and they can be posted to your websites, and elsewhere.

Hundreds of speakers have been booked as a direct result of our showcases. Showcase speakers receive a higher priority by our bureau and are our first choice for future booking opportunities if that speaker agrees to have us add them to our bureau website. Each speaker can be added to our website in up to 7-9 topics as an expert for years to come so that if a booking does not result immediately due to the showcase as it does for some speakers then down the road you can be booked, maybe many times. Bureaus earn commissions booking speakers so, of course we want to book you.

How does a Speakers Showcase work for each speaker?

They work great for each speaker according to dozens of speakers who write us after the events...


What is the format of the Showcase day?

Over the years we have experimented with several formats but we have arrived at a format that seems to work best for all concerned consisting in overview of the following. First, out of town speakers we ask to arrive the night before, if possible by 6pm to meet with the team of speakers, see the room, etc... although this is optional. The video camera man is in the room by 7am as is Dr. Lisk although we set up the night before. The event starts with a meeting for all speakers at 8am.If you are speaking at our Showcase event it is IMPORTANT that you make this meeting if at all possible. Lot's of valuable instructions are given to you and all remaining questions are answered so that you are properly prepared. We anticipate your every question and can better answer them as a group rather than one on one as we have on average 24 speakers.

The first speaker speaks at about 8:37am, and another speaker every 12-14 minutes. At 8:30 we welcome everyone. The meeting for SPEAKERS ONLY lasts from 8am to 8:25am with others attending asked to wait in the hallway where coffee ia available. We ask ALL SPEAKERS especially in the morning to be a part of the audience for all speakers sitting in the front rows, in the middle, with lots of positive responses so as to help get the mood set and create quality tapes for the speakers. We have an "on-deck" chair for the next speaker where you must be ready to (go up to bat) if you are next.

Once you register for the showcase to speak a form will be sent to you so you can select your preferred speaking time, based on a first come first served basis. You will be notified well in advance of the event what time you will be speaking, but again, it is in your best interest for many reasons to be a part of the audience all day long--see comments from prior attendees again if you doubt us--the link is above marked testimonials.

If you are speaking in the morning we expect you to at minimum stay through the lunch hour and participate fully in the luncheon so as to network and receive the FREE gift book. There is an extra charge for the luncheon for everyone.

Some speakers qualify for a time slot in the morning and one in the afternoon to speak twice. In this way you get two showcases before the audience (we may have a few people in the afternoon who are not in the morning or vice versa) and you can have two demo tapes of two different topics created.

We have a morning and afternoon ten minute break, and a one hour lunch break from 12:30--1:30. We keep things on time so be on time please. If you have some kind of unusual a/v requirements we will discuss that with you, please, so as to be prepared to help you in your transition. Tell us in advance of any special requirements you might have but do so after you register for the event and do so in writing for our planning and so that no detail is overlooked.

The event concludes sometime between 4 and 5 p.m. depending on how many speakers we have scheduled. Coaching sessions (free part of the event for paid speakers) with Dr. Lisk, 30 minutes maximum each, begin immediately upon conclusion of the event if you can stay, or schedule that by phone or email for within a week after the event.

What are some of other benefits of a Speakers Showcase you have not yet mentioned?

The benefits of our bureau sponsored showcases are so many that the best way is to consider initially is to read the dozens of testimonials from other speakers. We have booked nearly 1000 different speakers due to these showcases.

Meeting planners need great speakers and regardless of what they tell you the BEST WAY to preview a speaker is LIVE AND IN PERSON, not off a video on a website, or via a DVD sent to a meeting planner. So, in addition to getting a TOP QUALITY demo tape you may have meeting planners in the audience who can hire you. For sure you have our staff in the audience and we are going to evaluate you in view of our client needs currently and in the future all over the world.

Learning from other professional speakers can not be underestimated, especially in this kind of setting. Dr. Thom Lisk, the owner of the bureau and the author of the new book--THE COMPLETE IDIOT'S GUIDE TO SUCCESS AS A PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER--has a great deal to teach you and this learning when applied can earn you thousands. Money is always made on BETTER IDEAS and many will be handed to you on a silver platter at this great event!

What are some of the reasons for not Showcasing even if I am invited to showcase?

Maybe you have all the business you need, few speakers or trainers do.

Maybe you are so niched that you don't need a demo tape, or exposure to other audiences, but if you want to expand your business this is a great event for you.

Maybe you can't afford the participation fee for the speaker, but maybe you can't afford not to invest in participating. We accept charge cards and you can make payments to your bank.

Maybe you already have a quality demo video tape... you need not be taped at the event, that is optional and reduces your participation fee.

Maybe ... tell us any reason you night have for not wanting to showcase so we can be specific in our response to you.

Do veteran speakers continue to participate in Speakers Showcases?

Yes, they often do. They find it to be equally stimulating and beneficial as newer speakers; and besides even the best of busy veteran speakers, even those earning $10,000 or more as speakers, need more exposure, and bureau relationships, and an upgraded demo tape. Ask for a list of prior veteran speakers who have participated successfully in our events if you want more proof.

How does the video taping option at the Showcase you sponsor work?

Actually we encourage all speakers to be video taped at the event but it is optional. However... it is so inexpensive and the setting is so ideal with all the right staging, etc. with TV quality cameras used we sometimes turn away speakers who will not invest the $200 to get the video footage from the event.

This footage is sent to you within two weeks after the event.

You also can get a turn-key demo video tape created with...

A) Computer graphics added or inserted into the tape front-end and back-end. B) Audience shots inserted in appropriate ways through out the entire tape, people responding in favorable ways to your message. C) A voice over introduction is read onto your tape by a pro voice in a studio, not just the intro used at the showcase. D) The tape is edited with any mess-ups of you edited out. E) Copy is overlaid on the front end and back-end of the tape about how to contact you... you write the copy, just as you write the intro. F) Other tapes can be spliced into this demo tape. G) It can be posted to your website and our website... all for one additional price. Consider...

Some speakers hire a crew of video people to come and video tape them when they are speaking for their clients. The problem with this is often you can not truly control the environment like we do at a Showcase AND you typical invest at least $1000 in the video crew and this includes NO editing. With our showcase you can get a completed NEW turn-key demo video tape completed for only an additional $600 grand total. This option does not need to be made until AFTER THE SHOWCASE and after you preview your footage you get at the event. Furthermore, a sample of a finished demo tape can be shared with you at the event to help you in your decision making. You save thousands of dollars as again some speakers have invested $5000 to $10,000 to get a demo tape that is not as good as our showcase tapes which you get for $200 and $400 to finish it or only $600 total. (This does not include the small participation fee in the showcase described below.)

Where are Speakers Showcases held?

We have offered 50 showcases at various locations in these cities: Columbus, Washington DC, Anaheim, Toronto, Atlanta, Orlando, Sacramento, Austin, St. Louis, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Boston, Ft. Lauderdale, Minneapolis, Houston, Philadelphia, Cleveland, San Diego, Phoenix, and we may be close to you soon in another city. Watch for postings.

We know the demographics of each of the top 50 markets in North America and have good reasons for each showcase location. Granted they may not be in your home city area this year but one will be close to you in the future. We have had speakers fly across the USA to appear at our Showcases, they need not be in your home state or area.

Keep checking our Showcase page for dates and locations at the main Showcase page. If one does not fit your marketing effort now it may a year from now so don't rule it out. If it works now... email or call us; reschedule for me today.

Why do you call your event a Speakers "Success" Showcase?

Because everyone is interested in more success not just in showcasing. At these events we facilitate many things that can lead to more success for each speaker who comes with the right attitude. Just meeting the other speakers and hearing them speak can lead to more success for you, as one quick example. Everyone needs to know that networking historically is an important part of a success strategy for a speaker. But do remember that any bookings that result from this showcase are ethically the property of our speakers bureau and commission-able to PSBI. The bookings you can get from a showcase like ours can result in higher booking fees for you thus offsetting the bureau commission, please realize. We want you to earn more money, never less. We work to get you a ROI in many ways; yet cannot guarantee bookings.

Why is it wise for me to sign-up ASAP for a Showcase sponsored by your bureau?

Because we are dedicated to helping each participating speaker have more success. We can not continue to offer these events with out quality speakers. Many speakers qualified to come to several Showcases during the year and they would not do that if they have not find the first experience beneficial.

Do you have references of other Speakers who have showcased?

Sure, we do and hundreds of those names can be provided but some are on the About Us Page on our website... see the speakers list for those who have been booked--takes another click to find the long list.

Are your Showcases ever postponed or cancelled?

This has happened although very infrequently. Think positive!--you must if you are going to succeed long tem in this business as has the owner of this bureau for now over 35 years.

Tell me about your special bonus for participating speakers?

Some of the benefits are only revealed to you once you register as we are always focused on giving our clients and speakers more than what they pay for. But consider that you get a FREE copy of Dr. Thom Lisk's new book--THE COMPLETE IDIOT'S GUIDE TO SUCCESS AS A PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER. Granted, you can purchase this at most book stores in the english speaking world but with your participation in the showcase you are given some special instructions on how to use the books contents for your unique situation. Just one idea can make you more bookings. Also...

You can offer your books or products for sale to the others who attend the event thus nearly paying for your registration fee or at least your travel expenses (no guarantees, of course we can not force people to buy things).

FREE one hour coaching--a $500 value--is given to each showcasing speaker with Dr. Thom Lisk. This can take please either at the event--before or after the regular showcase hours of course--or by phone after the event (30 minutes twice is okay).

What is the fee for participating in the Showcases sponsored by Professional Speakers Bureau Int'l?

We are an association of the best speakers in the world. Recently we have worked with speakers from several English speaking countries and we represent several bilingual speakers too and they all agree participation in our showcases is a BARGAIN. Here is why there is a fee in the first place... and how we arrive at the showcase fee for speakers (meeting planners can attend for FREE or pay the cost of the luncheon)...

We--our staff--invests about 100 hours to make each showcase happen, we must take that into account first. WE all know the value of time is great and it is not recoverable. We are committed to offering each speaker after the event with additional time investments. Now consider...

Bureaus like ours all operate on a commission when we book speakers--typically -30% nationwide. We only make a dime when we book speakers so we want no speaker at our showcases whom we can not book. The following fee for your participation simply and openly represents a break even point for us.

Our budget to host each showcase has now grown to (up to) $10,000. it is easy to arrive at this figure when you consider all the associated costs to organize, promote, and host the event. if you need all those details they can be provided however unlike other large bureaus who charge $900 for any and every showcase speaker we ask for ONLY $500. This represents having twenty speakers on minimum participating and dividing 20 speakers into $10,000 you see we arrive at $500 each... this is break even for us. If we get 24--32 speakers we simply invest the other dollars from these speakers fees to help promote the event to MORE PEOPLE and host the event possibly in a more lavish way. [15 Speakers registered six weeks in advance is necessary]

To register for any showcase we need a charge card or check for a minimum of $250 eight weeks before the event. At six weeks before the event the next $250 is due as we are spending the money at that point to promote the event FEATURING YOU. Figure it out and you will see... guaranteed.. that this is one of the best ways you can promote yourself...

To thousands of potential meeting planners, meet and hear other great speakers, get taped, and much more. This is a BIG BARGAIN for speakers that can qualify to showcase.

If we have not worked with you before... send your materials by email to speak@TerrificSpeakers.com

If we have worked with you in the past, if as an example, you are already featured on our website, you are qualified to do any showcase... but do register ASAP. Or... call or email us with questions.

We have more details to share with you soon.... just ask for the "rest of the Showcase sign-up details", and see showcase registration form.

Thank you. And...

May I ask you other questions?

Sure... please do... call or email us... and tell us which date and location you are more interested in ASAP. See the dates and locations again back one page on the main Showcase page.



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