PSBIA’s Code of Ethics for Speakers


The success of professional speaking, like any profession, is based on individual speakers taking seriously the need for total integrity in all their actions and words; the members of this Association are committed to the best wisdom and understanding leading to an ethical life.

Towards this desired high ethical life from which we can best walk the best talk, first as a condition of membership we do more than subscribe to this code of ethics, we pledge to be ethical in all our professional relationships and services. In America we say “we are one nation under God”, so we invoke God’s standards which are higher than what any person or group of persons can create.

With this in mind, we are not the judge of other members, but rather noble servant leaders who point out better ways so as to upgrade the profession of speaking regardless of any prior or current affiliation of our members or those who are affiliated with PSBIA in anyway. We members are not policemen at PSBIA who point out violations of the following but rather sojourners who are always striving towards perfection ourselves too. The following is submitted humbly as a code to point to as parts of your highest purpose as a speaker.

Part One: The PSBIA terrific speaker accurately represents prior experiences and qualifications at all times.

Part Two: The PSBIA speaker shall do all possible without constraints of time and money to operate her/his speaking business uprightly to bring respect to pro speaking.

Part Three: The PSBIA speaker must do all possible within constraints of time and money to wisely understand clients so as to prepare and serve ethically their objectives.

Part Four: The PSBIA speaker does all possible to never present something as the speakers own when indeed it originated with someone else; we give credit where due.

Part Five: The PSBIA speaker shall treat other speakers, and for that matter, all people with respect, dignity, and courtesy, never projecting ourselves as better than others but rather humbly realizing our expertise is unique.

Part Six: The PSBIA speaker understands that people make mistakes so we always give other people more chances to be right and do right, as we ourselves are committed to confidentially and perfection while never bringing hurt to any person but rather our goal is to be a blessing always.

Part Seven: The PSBSIA member of course does not condone any illegal action of any type by any person for any reason and we do everything possible to self-examine and eliminate from our lives faults, errors, mistakes, bad service, misperceptions, etc.

Part Eight: The PSBIA member agrees to uphold all laws and acts of fair and ethical treatment of all people where we serve, never discriminating in anyway for any reason.

Members of PSBIA are deeply concerned about the profession of speaking and how we impact people, and groups of people, so we work so that all people that we come into contact with will be enriched and/or benefited by our lives. Towards this end with all the above clearly in mind…

I pledge myself to comply with this Code of Professional Ethics.

I pledge myself to integrity and honesty, compassion and loving service, and forgiveness as I would want to be forgiven when I am wrong or wronged; I strive for perfection in all that I do and say.

I pledge to respect all persons in the membership of PSBIA and other speakers and related associations, and honor them all, competing fairly and most ethically so that clients I am priviledged to serve are the biggest beneficiaries.

End of Code. If you see the value in this, print out your copy and place your initials here and now _____________. May God bless you!



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