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By Dr. Thom Lisk, LHD,CSE, President, Professional Speakers Bureau Int'l

Thom Lisk

Thom offers the following for those who may find it to be of interest.
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For 35 years Thom Lisk has, by God's grace and mercy, made an effort to speak for Christ, both in the Church and outside the church in society at large. Much has changed in 30+ years!  Our  USA society has become more decadent than before but the Gospel message remains the same (do you really understand it?), and more needed than ever. Living a Christian life is more challenging than ever so asking Dr. Thom Lisk to speak for your Christian group is a greater gift than ever as Thom certainly is battle tested. On our regular website we give the secular bio and material about Thom Lisk, now here below you will find what Thom Lisk dedicates much of the next 35 years of his life to, if by God's grace, he is able to serve as a speaker for more years.  

Christ centered Messages include: (Seminars, workshops, speeches, retreats)
-- partial list only--please inquire for more specifics


Family:  Pray together and stay together (and much more!) 
Focus on the Family is more than the ministry of Dr. James Dobson. It is what Christians are to do first as they carry out their Christian calling, whether clergy or lay people, whether Catholic, Protestant, Greek Orthodox, non-denominational or whatever area of commitment you might be. Thom Lisk visited with his wife Lorna in Colorado Springs, CO the home of the Focus ministry (and other ministry sites) to prepare to serve his own family better, while also ministering to other families better and more often, by God's grace. Other specific national and international ministries to the family have been consulted to equip Dr. Lisk to help families. As the Founder and first President of a diocese ministry to men he takes special interest in helping men to be the spiritual leaders they are called to be. This can be a message of 15 minutes to all day custom seminars or weekend retreats where he and his wife present, and bring healing to the family.
Focus verses include: Ephesians 6: 1-4, and/or hundreds of others including teaching from The Theology of the Body, by John Paul II. Inquire for more specifics @ 614-841-1776 or email:

Physical/Health: Your Body is His Temple (How-to treat yourself better!)
When was the last time you had a complete physical examination? Dr. Lisk presents dealing with an examination of your thinking: your mind is maybe in need of renewed health and vigor, as that does  affect your physical well being, and commitments to being fit and healthy. Dr. Lisk shares a holistic Christ-centered approach, if by God's grace, he is given the privilege and opportunity to speak; may help you and those you know live longer.  More information can be presented in a 1/2 day or one day seminar or weekend retreat, however, Dr. Lisk is also available for short 15-minute to one hour speeches, so give us a call or send an email today. Also, request more in depth details for any program introduced here. Complete outlines along with course objectives can be provided for all messages regardless of length.
Focus verses include: I Corinthians 3: 16-17; II Corinthians 6: 16--7:4; All messages having to do with our physical well being must take into account first your spiritual well-being, your soul and your eternal destiny. However, while on planet earth let's work to understand how to take care of our bodies, "the temple of the Holy Spirit".
Mental and Intellectual: Renew and Grow Your Mind/Heart God's Way
Sacrifice and put on "The Mind of Christ". This message comes from a recent research project completed for a Masters level class in Pauline Theology where Thom Lisk first presented his findings at Ohio Dominican University. The exegesis of scripture and evaluation of all interpreters, relevent can be presented.
Focus verses include: Romans 12-13, especially Romans 12:1-2, and Romans chapter 7 & 8.

Spiritual Growth through Motivation, the Scriptures, & approved Church teachings: Maximizing Your Life for Christ Now!

Thom A. Lisk has taken theology serious for 35 years. He is a Bible student and has taught the Bible for years and years. As a motivational speaker, among other ways he has served, he has given over 1000 paid speeches or seminars, and 1000 for free for church groups and community organizations. He is a Christian lay leader who understands audiences of all Christian community types. Although he can be apologetic for Catholic groups, he also understands the need to meet any meeting planners objectives for a meeting. As an example, he was recently hired to speak to a regional Parents Without Partners Leadership Retreat where people attend from all faith backgrounds. In a case like this he does not compromise the Truth, but also respects each persons beliefs and backgrounds, even Jewish audiences are appropriate for a Thom Lisk message. Ask Thom for specific audiences he has served and see the information further below, please.
Church Growth: Maximizing the Body of Christ Better (Leadership for your people)
God is Love    Pope Benedict XVI provided his first encyclical in 2006 after becoming Pope in April 2005. Thom Lisk has taught from this rich booklet for 9 weeks one hour a week in a group facilitation effort in his local Catholic Church. Now, he condenses that into a 30 minute speech or up to 3 hour seminar.   Focus verses include: I John 4:16, John 3:16, I Cor 13, and many more along with a look at the churches teaching about charity and social action.
Noble Leadership the title of a book by Thom Lisk is full of ideas for Church Growth via better "teamwork" and empowered Spirit filled and/or motivated people. If any organization must be noble in approach and service, certainly it must be the Church! Regardless of your church type, Thom tailors the message as he understands the sensitive nature of doctrinal issues (regardless of your denomination) so he does not come to prove anyone right or wrong, but to show and teach about how to apply the most important teachings  and principles of the most noble of leaders--JESUS CHRIST, The Son of the Living God. Foundational verse: Luke 8:15. Ask for more details or an autographed copy of the book. Phone: 614-841-1776

Pro-Life Messages Dr. Thom Lisk is a great speaker for annual meetings about Pro-Life issues. He first got more involved in the pro-life issues and message when he became a Catholic in 1991, however long before that he saw up-close in his own family the affects of abortion on the family. Dr. Bernard Nathanson was a well-known figure to pro-life people... he was an MD who committed numerous abortions until he saw "the Light", repented of his evil deeds, and he then gave messages about the affects of abortion. Dr. Lisk shares these kinds of stories, along with those he has learned from people like Father Frank Pavone with whom he has shared the platform before as a speaker. Dr. Lisk can provide scriptural and church teachings in an understandable way to help people fight the culture of death in our society and the world. 10% of all his fees received from pro-life messages go back directly to fighting the fight and overturning Roe vs. Wade, that landmark decision that legalized abortion.

    Christian Organizations whom have utilized Dr. Thom Lisk as a speaker             include:

 (Note: Business groups, associations, universities, and many others to who Thom has spoken for fee are elsewhere on this website)

Church denominational groups including: (alpha order) Baptist, Catholic, Charismatic, Church of Christ, Church of God, Lutheran, Methodist, Non-denominational, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, and many more. Sometimes Dr. Lisk has been used to speak to groups of clergy about various issues or challenges while teaching how-to communication better, lead wiser, serve humbly, etc. Ask for more details. Dr. Lisk will speak for free to church groups! (Free-will donations accepted and appreciated)
Christian oriented or affiliated groups including: Christian Boys Clubs, Healing Services, Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus, Lenten Series Speaker, Optimists Clubs, Rotary, Serra Clubs, St. Vincent DePaul Annual banquet, Christian Leadership Retreats, Parents Without Partners, and others... please ask Dr. Lisk if you wonder about a group like one to which you belong.

Email Thom Lisk:

Comments from those who have heard Dr. Thom Lisk in Christian or Church settings:

"Thank you for your effective service and speaking to groups in your role as Chairperson for the National Day of Prayer."
Governor of Ohio

"To whom it may concern: Mr. and Mrs. (Thom) Lisk are members of the Catholic Church in Columbus, Ohio. Their pastor, informs me that they are regular and devout in the practice of their faith. Mr. and Mrs. Lisk are Catholics in good standing and are not under any canonical penalties at the present time, to the best of my knowledge."
Most Reverend Frederick F. Campbell, D.D., Ph.D.

"Praise the Lord for the ministry work of Thom Lisk (and his wife too). They spoke and ministered at our church here in (Melbourne, Australia in late 2007) after both Sunday Masses. God certainly used them powerfully, (after a message) with instant relief of pain for many people in their bodies and spirits "due to Lisk's prayer for many people pain was gone)."
Fr. Wahid Riad, St. Augustine Parish, Melbourne, Australia

"Thom is intensifying growth for several years (1991-current), now through Masters courses in Theology at Pontifical College Josephinum. He has many gifts to share with our Church. In December last year I wrote a letter recommending Thom as Catholic Man of the Year (for our entire diocese). Thank you for considering my support and recommendation of Thom Lisk..."
Reverend Richard Tomasek, S.J. Office of Spiritual Formation, Pontifical College Josephinum (Fr. Tomasek, now deceased, was Lisk's spiritual director)

"Thom is the Founder-Leader of the Diocese-wide Catholic Men's Fellowship of Central Ohio (renamed now). Year by year more small groups of men have been formed, and their annual conferences have grown. Thom has been a faithful and dedicated worker for the Lord and is well known for his (excellent) spiritual leadership."

Father Jim Coleman, PIME, parish priest, Diocese Columbus, Miraculous Medal Church

"To whom it may concern: God wanted us to begin a prayer group for men in this parish and I felt a need for an experienced person to assist with this challenge. Although I attended the first meeting of the men's group, Thom took on the challenge for Christ and has followed through every week for the past two months with great benefit. Thom met faithfully with the men Saturday morning for 60-90 minutes (with a Bible based message, along with leading prayers). Answers to prayers include better time schedules at work, better family life, and a better commitment to God and Church. Thom shared the Word in a way that men can understand and apply in their daily lives, and I feel some of the men, now, in the parish are moving towards a more spiritual lifestyle. I recommend Thom so lives can be renewed in mind, body and spirit."
Father Dave Gwinner, Pastor, St. Timothy Church (Now at St. Paul, Westerville)

After visiting the Lisks home and hearing Dr. Lisk speaker... this Bishop wrote... "Thom Lisk through his book Noble Leadership(c) and messages from this book to groups can help you learn how-to be someone who is able to draw of another than you thought you would be able to give!" (See more about Thom Lisk above and below for Church groups)
The Most Reverend Earl Boyea, D.D.A.D., Ph.D, Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit, past Rector-Pontifical College Josephinum (Now Bishop, Ann Arbor, Michigan)

"Thom's impressive achievements have grown out of his faith in God, a sense of humility, research, and a belief that true (noble) leadership comes from effort to think right and personal initiative leading to noble actions and a noble life."
Alan K. Mooney, PhA, CFS, RSP, Registered Principal--Columbus, Ohio, #1 Area Stock Broker, Catholic Foundation Board Member, Holy Family Church

"Thom, your message of hope and perseverance uplifted those in attendance. Your genuine demeanor certainly put the attendees at ease and made them feel that they could achieve many things through Christ who strengthens them. May God open doors for you in the Church as you go carrying His message. Peace and Joy."
Roy Handy, Director, Renewal Center, Diocese of Toledo

"Your message, Thom, came across as genuine and with integrity to your life's experience, in Christ, as well as a great understanding of the scripture. I recognized many elements of what is written in one of your books. It was a great joy to have you as our pulpit speaker on Sunday morning. You proclaimed the Word of God using your excellent spiritual gifts. I am glad you weren't nervous with the TV camera rolling as your message was broadcast throughout the Cleveland area. God bless your life and may the Spirit within you be renewed every day as you share with others the joy of living." (Given after Thom was Catholic, Thom grew up Methodist)
Meredith D. Coleman, Pastor, Lake Shore United Methodist Church

 "Thanks so much for addressing our Knights of Columbus district wide meeting in Kissimme, FL. Your remarks were very inspirational and informative. Your clever use of audience involvement techniques kept attention."
Michael Aun, FIC, LUTCF, General Agent, and prior Worldwide Toastmaster of the Year recipient
"Thank to you, Thom, and all the others who organized the wonderful annual men's fellowship meeting which we attended Nov. 6th. Each member of our party of seven found the meeting and all the speakers (including Thom) to be very edifying."
Ed J. Taylor, Catholic lay leader
Knights of Columbus, State Director
(Many more references available upon request)

Christian service biographical sketch of Dr. Thom A. Lisk, BA, LHD, CSE

Dr. Thomas (Thom) A. Lisk was born in Columbus, Ohio. He is the second born son of four children born to Harold C. Lisk and Betty Bynner Lisk, Hilliard classes of 1934 and 1936. He learned about Christian service, rightness, speaking, and writing from them first. (His mother was an award winning teacher, his Dad a well-respected Journalist, both with college degrees, and with academic awards.) Thom's mother-in-law held an Ed.D. in Education and his father-in-law was a journalist, and two-term elected congressman.) Thom gives God and his parents thanks for all his blessings has allowed Thom to serve and bless others in many ways.

Thom Lisk walked the aisle to receive a Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Southern California Seminary due to a book dissertation and nine month residency in 1990. While there he began to study in more depth the true history of the Christian Church including the Church Fathers teachings from the first through fifth centuries. Thom had been (up until 1990) very active in leadership in his (protestant) church not only as a scholar and teacher of the Holy Bible but also in ways including but not limited to in chronological order starting in 1976: Usher, Head Usher, 9th grade Sunday School Teacher, Adult Couples Sunday Morning Teacher, Christian Boys Club Group Leader, Faith Mission Homeless Minister, Committee member, Christian newsletter columnist, Long Range Planning Committee Chairperson, retreat organizer and leader,  President Christian Business Management Association, Chairperson for Ohio for the 1983 Year of the Bible, Chairperson for all of Ohio in 1984-1986 for the National Day of Prayer, Men's Prayer Group organizer and leader, District Speaker for Annual Prayer Breakfast, founding member of a new Christian Church along with some other people sent out from the mother church.(very partial list all provided to glorify and thank the Lord!) Thom served as one of the first (un ordained) deacons or elders at this church while continuing as a Bible student and speaker for church groups throughout Ohio, and in California.
Dr. Norman Vincent Peale was one of the best known and loved Protestant Ministers of all of Christian history, at least so if you look at how many of his messages have been distributed via his books (published 56), taped or written sermon messages distributed along with his booklets and pamphlets. Along with his wife Ruth S. Peale he founded the best selling Guideposts (monthly) magazine. So, it was with great surprise and joy that Dr. Thomas A. Lisk received the Peale Award (for Lifetime Achievement Speaking Success) from the oldest still active association in America the International Platform Association (cofounded by Daniel Webster under a different name). Other recipients of the Peale Award include dozens of people, but one a year, including: Art Linkletter, Elizabeth Dole, etc.
What happened between 1991 and 2001? Thom A. Lisk married for the first time "officially" 11/23/91. He married Lorna Millan Narcelles, a young widowed (in 1983) Catholic lady whose first husband was a pediatrician.   Thom  met Lorna in 1987 at a Christian gathering. Research and these studies led him to accept the Catholic Church--then he was able to accept marrying a Catholic woman and enjoyed their sacramental Catholic marriage. Now, 20+ years later here following is some of what has happened to qualified Thom Lisk further to serve as your speaker.


Thom's Church service work to qualify him to serve you (condensed,  version since late 1991) as he and Lorna hope to serve more people through the Church--Catholic mostly, (or Protestant--in the future) by God's grace.
(1)  Thom/Lorna went on a ten day holy land tour on their honeymoon after their rather elaborate and holy Catholic marriage complete with a number of unique Filipino cultural customs and prayers included. What a great foundational start! (Lorna was born in the Philippines but has been an American citizen 35+ years.) (2) You may know the Biblical teaching about widows and orphans which Thom Lisk took seriously when he married a widow with three boys, now all three medical doctors like their blood father, Yes, they are stronger Christians, as with Lorna, now due to Thom's leadership. (3) Shortly after marriage Thom began taking the initiative to group Catholic men together to teach them the Bible, and continue his studies after completing RCIA at Easter 1992 when he was fully accepted into the Roman Catholic Church. Since you always learn more when teaching, Thom's effort continued with monthly meetings (and still do). In 1997 Thom organized (along with men he recruited) an annual men's conference which now has grown into 1700 men attending the 15th annual event. (4) Thom has attended numerous Christian educational conferences for years but since becoming Catholic all over America at some fine universities. (5) He has completed Masters in Theology classes at Pontifical College Josphenim and Ohio Dominican University. (6) Together with wife Lorna they have ministered to diocese-wide church events in several states in the USA and in the Philippines, England, Ireland, Rome-Italy; in individual churches Thom has spoken and/or ministered in some way in at least 300 different Catholic Churches in the past 19 years, he also gets opportunities to speak to Protestant Groups, as he works to bridge the gap of understanding, and dispel misunderstandings. (7) In his local parish Thom tought twice a week, Sunday morning for Adult Education, and he leads a Monday night Bible study. He is a Lector, Eucharistic Minister, Choir member, member of two men's groups and St. Vincent De Paul. He was elected to serve three years on Parish Council; Member of the KOFC and SERRA

The family life of Thomas (Thom) A. Lisk is like for any minister, (whether ordained or currently un ordained as with Dr. Lisk), is the most important qualification for Church leadership. When Thom uses that word--leadership--he is quick to quote Jesus who defined the role of the Christian leader (starting with in the family) who said, "I came to serve not to be served." This has been Thom's attitude towards his family all his adult life and increasingly more so as he and Lorna have seen TWELVE grandchildren born to them and their five children in less than nine years! Since FAMILY is the most important area of service to Thom this could be by far the longest section of these pages about Thom's qualifications, but this is intended to be concise as Thom knows the most important family to YOU is your family (or the Holy Family). Because Thom understands Christian family life so deeply please realize he is one of the best equipped leaders to serve families, so he prays for the opportunities to make a difference in more families, 100% for the glory of God. If you want to know more of the specifics of Thom's family life ask for a free copy of Thom/Lorna's year end Christmas and New Year greeting letter and photo sent out to his extended family, friends, clients, business associates, etc.

Topics or other titles offered for the Church by Dr. Thom-Terrific Lisk

Thom Lisk can present numerous Christian centered topics---too numerous to mention here. Simply ask if he is qualified to teach a particularly topic in which you are interested, please. Thom will tell you if he has not researched that particular topic, maybe recommend another speaker to you in that topic area, or if time allows, do the needed research to present any topic you need. No one can be an expert in all topic areas, however Thom has worked to be an expert on anything from the Bible and official Catholic teachings.
In regards to titles of messages, as with a Pastor who has a different sermon or homily each week, he customizes titles for messages based on the criteria and profile of each intended audience, even more so when in a church setting than he might in his secular messages.
Lorna M. Lisk, MS, Thom's wife, is a speaker too for Churches only; whereas Thom has spoken professionally for 35 years for all kinds groups throughout our society: Business, Associations, etc. you name it. Together Thom & Lorna Lisk give messages and can facilitate healing services. More information about that can be found at or read about them on this site on Lorna Lisk's page. Contact them both at the phone numbers below or email: more references, etc.


 Christian White papers and DVD's or CD's by Thom Lisk


1. Resentment NO More!
Reflective essay by Dr. Thom A. Lisk 12/16/07

2. Hope is Not Wishful Thinking

3. 2012 Message: How to stay focused on Jesus
Overcome and gain more victory!




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