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There's no more powerful, captivating speaker on the subjects of leadership & success than William "T" Thompson. While others theorize about success, "T" has created his own blueprint for personal and professional achievement.

William "T" Thompson

One of the first students to integrate the all-white high school in Orangeburg, South Carolina, "T" went on to become an All-American football star, National Merit student and the first African-American from South Carolina to receive an appointment to the U.S. Air Force Academy. Today, airline Captain, practicing attorney, founder of The Summit Group Companies and devoted family man, 'T has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Black Enterprise Magazine and on NBC News. He has shared his personal stories of achievement and philosophy on leader­ship and success with organizations ranging from US Airways to NationsBank to The Boy Scouts of America. Now he brings his electrifying message to your organization.

• CEO, The Summit Group Companies
• Multi-million dollar real estate developer
• Dunkin Donuts, TCBY and Subway Sandwich Multi Unit Franchisee
• National technology and engineering business owner
• Inc. Magazine's Entrepreneur of the Year nominee

• Pilot for Delta since 1980
• Former Air Force Instructor Pilot
• Recipient of the Outstanding Pilot and Master Instructor Pilot Awards

• Member in good standing of the Massachusetts and District of Columbia Bars
• Admitted to practice before the U.S. Tax Court and all Federal Courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court

• Five-term Commissioner of Aeronautics for Massachusetts, serving three different governors
• National Board of Directors of the American Cancer Society
• Member, Board of Directors, various banks and organizations since 1984

• Wall Street Journal
• New York Times
• Boston Globe
• Black Enterprise Magazine
• Numerous other media outlets

Sample Keynotes

Pilot Your Way to Success

Most of us are mystified by the miracle of flight, although we don't fully understand the principles that enable flight to occur. Most of us want to be successful, although we don't fully understand the principles that enable success to occur.
How do we go from where we are today to where we want to be tomorrow? How can we achieve the true greatness that lies within? By applying certain principles - "T"s Seven Principles of Success. In this common sense, thought provoking presentation, "T" offers practical advice guaranteed to motivate and invigorate your group - giving even the ordinary among us an extraordinary desire to succeed. "T" shows you how to make things happen, how to become super productive, and how to add value to your organization as a team. You'll enjoy the rewards that are sure to follow when you Pilot Your Way To Success.

Leadership: Where Eagles Soar

In today's fast-paced world, change is the only constant. To succeed and benefit from that change, effective leadership is essential. But there is confusion over what leadership really is, and most of the confusion centers on the distinction between leadership and management. Leaders give the vision, the destination, the direction. Managers ensure that we get there efficiently.
Leadership is not reserved for the rich and powerful. Nor is it the exclusive privilege of the charismatic few. Leadership can be learned. In this presentation, "T" outlines the qualities that are shared by all good leaders - qualities guaranteed to make a positive impact on your people and ultimately on your bottom line. From Values to Vision, you'll hear an upbeat and energizing approach to creating leaders in your organization. Your leaders will be better equipped to meet new challenges and visualize new directions. Leaders that will enable your organization to SOAR.


"..A true Renaissance Man with a profound message of accomplishment and success."
Wayne Budd, President Bell Atlantic, NE

"Your story captivated, inspired and challenged us all! Your comments on the distinctions between leadership and management really had an impact on our group."
Nathaniel Burgess US Airways

"The audience was literally on the edge of its seat... I have received numerous phone calls commenting on your story and what you have accomplished in your career."

Jim Holdman, Vice President State Street Bank

"Your unique accomplishments coupled with your keen insight on the qualities of leadership really connected with my congressional colleagues."
"Congressman William Clay First District, Missouri

"You mesmerized the audience—your message was both informative and inspiring."
Stanley Shmishkiss, Chairman Emeritus American Cancer Society Foundation



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