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Trapper Woods International is Day-Timer's exclusive training partner and distributor of the internationally acclaimed Time Power® system, originally developed by Dr. Charles R. Hobbs.

By learning time tested strategies and effective time management skills, Trapper Woods International can show you and your company how to maximize the return on your investment of time.

Our strategies and techniques have been proven for more than 27 years. Tens of thousands of clients, individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and fortune 500 companies have taken advantage of the Time Power® system. Time Power® is a flexible and affordable training system that can help you increase your productivity. We guarantee results!

For Business Professionals

Make sure your training dollars are well spent! The difference between incremental improvement and transformation that results in high performance in your business lies in this one critical link: executive and management training programs.

Trapper Woods International is dedicated to guiding you and your business to greater high-performance through constructive, no-nonsense learning. You will discover time tested strategies that will help you get the most out time. Our seminars, consulting, and coaching focus on improving your results while maintaining work-life balance.

We conduct onsite workshops, group coaching, and teleseminar that are perfect for small groups and individuals. Learn more by clicking on the links below.

Get your whole team learning together and working more efficiently. On-site company time management training brings the best of productivity enhancement to your employees right where they work.

Becoming a certified facilitator is rewarding both personally and professionally. As a certified trainer you have the ability to bring Time Power into your organization in a highly cost effective way.

Coaching is one of the most effective training delivery methods today! Why? Because our staff will guide you through what we call “The Process”. This is when the rubber hits the road, and change takes place. Coaching and consulting usually happens after a live workshop, teleseminar or webinar. Call for details: 888-972-0800

Live webinars are one of the most effective and innovative new time management training methods. Many of our clients leverage this delivery method to accommodate outside sales reps or multiple office locations.


Trapper Woods, with a career that spans more than forty years, is an executive leader, corporate
consultant, company president, and business owner. He has co-authored three books including
Tick Tock!...Who Broke the Clock? Solving the Work-Life Balance Equation, Service! Some
People Just Don’t Get It!, and his latest, Forget the 7 Habits and Break All the Rules!
Ridiculously Easy Time Management! Trapper has traveled more than 2.5 million miles
influencing tens of thousands of people throughout the United States, Canada, and the United
Kingdom. Trapper is a well-known authority in the field of personal effectiveness and is
affectionately known as FatherTime™.

A professional member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), Trapper is the recipient of the
Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation. This designation is the speaking industry’s
international measure of professional platform skills. Fewer than ten percent of professional
speakers world-wide hold this honor. Audiences connect emotionally with Trapper because he
loves people and he loves his work! His presentations are punctuated with real-life experiences,
stories, and anecdotes that ignite life-changing energy in those who experience any one of his
many programs. His engaging style is the result of his fundamental belief in the goodness inherent
within each person and the value of diversity.

What People Are Saying

“Time Power has created a more productive me! This philosophy of merging my hectic home activities with my work schedule has helped me organize and complete many projects with less stress. ”
- C Orobono, Trucking Specialist

“The Principles of Time Management" has been extremely helpful. My personal time coach has helped me get on track of my goals. My goals that seemed previously unattainable are now attainable.”
- J Marchant, CLU/ChFC

“This is by far the most complete course I have experienced. The principles were easy to implement and I continue to use them daily. Thanks!”
- V Bellusci, CPCU

“Working with the five conditions of events under the first principle of time management makes me more capable in managing the various kinds of events that exist”
- Leonard Kiyabu, Sales Professional

Partial Client List

ACCO, OfficeMax, Cargill, Empire Blue Cross, HSBC, Marriott Corporation, Moen, T-Mobile and Walt Disney World are just a few of the companies that have implemented Time Power in their organization.


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