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The days and months march on, no stopping TIME. What would YOU do if you
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January 11, 2014

News in review of the past 9-12 months relevant for friends or clients of Dr. Thom A. Lisk

Very recently I was doing some reorganization work in our offices and came across the framed STATE OF OHIO CERTIFICATE, from OHIO SECRETARY OF STATE, John Husted (my relative by marriage), RN232134, renewal of my company trade name…

Professional Speakers Bureau International

Also, I find today again that if one Google’s my name the first listing for Thom Lisk takes one to a link on this company website @… or to…

I purchased the website when websites first became the way to market, this was before one could really know or understand the possibilities for success (1995). Over the years we have consistently added to the website, and to my materials. Soon it will be updated again however the key to success if this site remains relevant is somehow, again, driving MORE TRAFFIC to the site. The biggest CHANGE the past 9-12 months has been:

Social Media Marketing

My company has been somewhat forgotten by many, even neglected by myself at times the past year as I worked to build more retirement or investment income and serve one needy coaching client while on retainer. Yes, we have continued to book all kinds of speakers however less this past year than in any year since 1996. Why? A discussion in one of the groups to which I have membership on LINKEDIN explains it via a dialogue with speakers all over America. Not only has social media changed the way speakers market and the way speakers are purchased there is a proven TREND where organizations are looking for FREE speakers. Free is, historically, one the most persuasive words known to man, according to Yale University research.

Facebook is a force however I have not yet seen or had proven to me that Facebook can help the kind of business we have developed in a significant way. It can help an individual, and I who write this am of course an individual. It is important for companies to have a presence on Facebook, of course, and in reality what websites were from 1995-2008 (about) to many companies, now Facebook or Twitter and others seem to be dominating on-line communications. So what do we do to keep pace, or run ahead?


How about with you? I see in retrospect this past year I have been very preoccupied, also, with family… not just my family, several families have been on my to-do lists.

My mother, first of all, celebrated her 95th birthday this past November, and that same month my wife and daughter had birthdays as did three grandchildren and two of our “kids”—both happily (thankfully) married for many years, just as are our other three “children”. Twelve grandchildren in total might cause me to drop everything at a moments notice to go see a ball game or help the parents, although that did not happen so much. What occupied time was my mother and wife both of whom seem more needy as the years go by. I am not complaining! And…

The Hadler Companies… and family

Early in my career of business ownership starting in earnest in 1977 at age 27, first as an independent contractor for an established consulting, training and speaking company, and then as owner of my own company by the end of 1978, for a long time I have worked with companies other than my own to help them GROW their companies. To GROW a company one must ALWAYS REMEMBER one must GROW the people within that company, right?! All of 2013 saw me on monthly retainer with a family owned business, the CEO had me work actually starting in May 2012 with his two most key “junior executives”. What a challenge! I can’t go into the details here however I take this paragraph to see in retrospect that this took a lot of my focus and energies beyond the average of 25-30 hours a month for them. I found out, if I can gain cooperation, I am very seasoned as a coach to men especially who want to GROW. Back in the 1980’s in particular I was often on retainer with several companies simultaneously however NOW GOING FORWARD into 2014 and beyond I end the Hadler project hoping for more work like this or I dig into to some of the following options in addition to booking more speakers.

Real Estate CE courses

Starting in 1977 when in August that year I was a part of teaching, after organizing and promoting/marketing, real estate sales training seminars I again discovered in 2013 this is one of the niches I am best personally equipped to serve helping Realtors succeed. Realtors are too independent for their own good however, and their lack of accountability even to their own broker in many cases is the very #1 reason they fail, or don’t succeed to the level they could. Enter…

The Thom Lisk Group

On the link centered above if one scrolls down one can find a link reading Real Estate and find a dated video demo clip featuring me—dr. thom—attempting to motivate and teach realtors. I will not detail my crendentials for training Realtors here other than to say the Hadler Companies are under all the businesses they own Realtors. Now don’t expect glowing results from them about me if you catch up with CEO George Hadler whom I have lost some respect for as mid year this past year he announced…

“My marriage of 38 years is ending… I will devorse Pat.” I can’t tell you how much I hate devorce. Anyway… Suffice it to say since my two primary executives to mentor were his son and his nephew this lack of respect on my part (or affirmation of his decision) seemed to doom my retainer so that I was given a three month notice at the end of September 2013. I was glad! Anyway… there are many clients who can use my services, I gave this company more than they could accept to gain a ROI. Yes, any company hiring me personally or my speakers, I am committed to providing a great relationship, preferably LONG TERM and a good ROI.


I may have played more golf than any year in my life this past year, so much so that here in the Ohio winter (zero degrees this past Monday and Tuesday) I am thinking of escaping to Florida to play golf while I write this on a warmed up Saturday afternoon 1/11/14—exactly one month after my 64th birthday. My grandmother lived to age 105, many have heard me speak of her, and her hubby for 73 years, my grandpa who lived to age 95; they always went to Florida for the winter. Speakers and meeting planners in FLORIDA need my services, don’t you agree?!? I am a member of the United States Golf Association—USGA… (I think).


This past year I continued to go to Catholic Mass every day, even when out of town, what a great way to ordinarily start the day at either 6:30, 7:30, or 8:30am depending on which church I go to. This prepares me to experience “heaven on earth”, as Pope JPII put it, and assures me I would be prepared to go north rather than south if I would die any particular day. Plus, I am—try it for 30 days and see that this is true—better able to discern and do God’s will. Furthermore, I am empowered to be involved in church work usually in the evenings and weekends. As one significant example, during the regular school year this past year, and for 10 years, my wife—Lorna—and I have hosted and taught a Bible study every Monday night. This past July we were certified to teach programs authored by the #1 Catholic Biblical Theologian in the USA: Dr. Scott Hahn. See:


In attempting to close… It is important for any person, in particular leaders, and speakers are certainly leaders, to be healthy in mind, body, soul and spirit. Is that why this NEWS OF THE MONTH, maybe added to my blog spot too, ends this way. Golf mentioned aboe and church can help enhance health, that is for sure, however as I finish this reflection, I ask us all to work better at healthy relationships in 2014 and beyond. This may require change, are you will to change? Time is what it takes to build and maintain healthy and happy relationships, so may we all be wiser in terms of with whom we invest time in 2014+. I can see I wasted too much TIME this past year, how about you? Stay in touch: Phone: 614-841-1776.

March 1st 2013—36th anniversary… and…

Where have all the years gone? This question is the name of a book in our huge lending library—we use books, DVD’s, CD’s to help us market and sell (book) individual speakers, and we have booked speakers now since March 1, 1977!!! Does that make me old or what? I feel like I can serve as a speaker for another 36 years, or at least several. I personally have booked over 1000 different paid speakers and personally have given over 1000 paid speeches or seminars and worked with over 1000 different organizations and I have given over 1000 free talks most of which have been in the local community.

Now, actually I am ordinarily a very humble person, you would not know it by the prior paragraph I suppose. It is always better to allow others to promote us individually; we need others to blow the horn about how great we are. YOU ARE TERRIFIC! Is my favorite gift to give to other people thus in 1995-96 was born TERRIFICSPEAKERS.COM as a take-off, also, on the nickname my mother gave me in first grade to help me with my weak self-esteem and self-image: THOM-TERRIFIC. We all must believe in ourselves to be our best, so we can serve other people more and better in the future, affirm, “I am terrific!” often.

When I began at age 27 to full time to market and book one speaker primarily March 1, 1977 it was Carl Stevens, CPAE a man who was old enough at the time to be my father, he actually had already become like a beloved 2nd father to me. Carl was a father of success principles, sales blueprints, coaching tips and how-to’s for leaders… I will NEVER forget Coach Carl, the author of the award winning college text book published by Prentice Hall for use in colleges and universities worldwide: Selling!

All the world is selling!” I can still hear Carl quoting famed author Robert Lewis Stevenson. I have thought about this quote a great deal since I first heard Carl say it in a two and one-half day seminar in January 1975 when I joined a client company of his, he was on retainer with many companies, I had an opportunity to learn from a master mentor and motivator and I knew it thanks to prior experiences. The ONLY way to accelerate growth even today all these years later beyond our normal college educations or trial and error is truly through “Those Marvelous Mentors”—the title of my first co-authored book.

Please read on… I will be brief as not a summary of the past 36-38 years but rather since my last posting of this NEWSLETTER on our website last summer. THINK ABOUT THIS… “As you think so are YOU. “Right now I think about all the clients and speakers we have served over the years, PEOPLE LIKE YOU! What have I learned that is most important these past years having interacted with at least 1M people?

  1. People truly do need motivation, not just inspiration and information; they need more motivation to be their best and to act upon what they wisely understand. So…

  2. Speakers play a vital role going forward in our society, or any society. We have a mature society in the USA however there are developing emerging markets to pursue. Get your share!

  3. Remember to review and live success principles as modeled by mentors, the most successful people you can meet; and if you don’t meet them, you can still learn from them.

  4. Too often we neglect the absolutes presented by God or His Son, “The Mentor Sent by God”. Everything is not relative to you, but more important than you or me is the all-loving wise God.

  5. God is for you… He wants to help you succeed so learn all you can about God, His Word, His Truth, dig-in deeper and get more serious, avoid evil, temptation and bad examples.

  6. Most people have these days become infected with the government led entitlement society. Don’t be afraid to work… harder. Sloth or laziness will kill your best ideas and initiatives. And…

  7. Yes, how you THINK IS EVERYTHING. “If you think you can you can, and the opposite is true too.”

For the sake of space and your time I will STOP there now. I know some young guns, people who seemingly are quite ambitious however they do not seem to invest their time wisely, as a result they delay their success.

Do you LOVE YOUR LIFE? Then do not squander your time, time is the most valuable stuff of life.” I paraphrase Ben Franklin here, that great American statesman, inventor, founding father.

Time is your most valuable asset! Learning how-to manage it (or invest it) needs to become everyone’s #1 priority.” So said that great mentor Peter Druker who, among other achievements helped rebuild Japan leadership after the destruction of WWII into what has become a great nation and US ally.

Let’s get control of our future by making tougher decisions with the use of time. Then just maybe this time next year or five years from now you will synergistically create much more success than you ever dreamed possible. You can!—if you learn from the best expert speakers and leaders and apply quickly without delay daily habitually the best success principles.

In closing, one of those recently most published success principles is sometimes called THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Do you understand it? Think and Grow Rich(er) said Napoleon Hill, do so by attracting from consistent integrity the best of the best to yourself and then “give and it will be given unto you…”

Let us know about your progress…

Or phone us if you need the best speaker(s) or trainer(s) or author(s):

USA: 614-841-1776

Thank YOU.

January -- June 2012

The Secret Formula for Success

The first six months of 2012 have been rewarding in many ways, and simultaneously challenging in many ways for me. Thom A. Lisk, both on a personal level and business level. These articles and reflections have usually been written to be beneficial to YOU my readers not simply as a historical record. So…

Goals are always important no matter who we are or where we find ourselves in life. Daily I have been reading the Wall Street Journal these past six months while also staying in touch with Main Street. In that this is a political year with the national Presidential election in November that affects business and more than that our personal lives more than most people realize. Too busy to consider the impact?

If I told you that the SECRET FORMULA FOR MORE SUCCESS FOR YOU PERSONALLY was to follow, would you read this and study my other prior newsletters for success tips? Maybe not, you are busy.

To the point ASAP… February was the best month we had had sales-wise or more importantly profits wise for a few years. Know the experience? We all are still recovering due to the economic downturn which actually began in late 2007 and especially in 2008. The recovery everyone knows has been weak.

What you may not know is how to overcome the weaknesses in our national and world economy. Is there a “secret formula”?!? Yes, I think I rediscovered it; it is easy to lose FOCUS.

My mother-in-law died at age 98 in the Philippines November 30th this past year so my wife flew on one day’s notice to her country of origin, and although Lorna is glad to be an American citizen, she had been wearing BLACK for six months as she mourned the loss. I mourned too as her mother was a truly great lady with a Doctorate in Education, the mother of five living “children”. Who will die next?!

Living ONE DAY AT A TIME as if this day could be your last is one part of the “Secret to Success”. As a result you create for yourself a “sense of urgency” and get more done daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

My mother is now 93 and nearly every Sunday after Church my wife and I go to see her in her “new” condo, bring her lunch as we did on July 1st, and often we play cards to stimulate our minds and also stimulate some good conversation. Let’s never forget that nurturing relationships is another part of the “Secret Formula for Success”.

In our business we attempt to nurture relationships in many ways with various clients, to learn more about how to do that may I suggest you consider one of my books especially the classic “Become #1 in Selling!” as seen at this link after clicking/scrolling down:

Now… June was a great month for me personally and for our company, Professional Speakers Bureau Int’l ™ too, better than February, so we have momentum now. Do not lose you momentum if you get it!

Goals +Great Relationships + living healthy with a sense of urgency = Your Secret Formula for Success!

July—September 2011

October 3, 2011

MOJO: How to Get It, How to Keep It, How to Get It Back If You Loose It” This book by one of our speaker friends Marshall Goldsmith is a good way to start this updated news of the month—news for the past three months. Read my news and then provide your news, I’d love to hear yours.

This is written at the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2011. In business ever since I started working in a branch profit center in 1969, 42 years ago at age 19, I have come to think long term, at least three months, and preferably in strategic planning we think much longer. When you are age 30—40 for some people my age of 61 may seem nearing retirement age however I honestly think very long term, like to age 105 my maternal grandmother’s age when she died. Truly we are to have more wisdom and more understanding, the two greatest of gifts some believe, to share with those willing.

My most important news of the month has to do with what I can offer YOU. Yet I offer to people most willing and likely to receive my wisdom and understanding. If you only fully understood how much expertise I have gained in the past 42 years you would be begging me for advice or solutions to your problems. You would want to hire me as a speaker or coach if you only understood; I really today do believe this. I have been so very blessed for these past 42 years with numerous great mentors, how about you?

Our business this past quarter—three months—has improved as I have devoted more time to it even though I have played more golf in this past three months then during any three month period of my life. Go figure. I think I have gotten my MOJO back. What is mojo anyway? I found some golf balls with those letters in caps on them: MOJO. We all need MOJO and we need to get our MOJO back if we start to loose it. Consider this entire newsletter and consider all the reasons: why someone might loose some of his or her MOJO. You need not read the book listed above, yet that research may help.

I’d like to use some golf analogies to explain. Golf is a game of self-imposed integrity; you decide to adhere to the rules like “play the ball where it lays”. In golf you attempt to do the very best with what you have been given, you attempt to advance the ball towards the hole, take as few strokes as possible on each hole, eliminate mistakes and maximize results. I already above admitted to being age 61 however today I can score better in the game of golf then at any time in my life. I am a smarter golfer, I may not always hit it as far as I did when I was age 21 or age 31 however I am more accurate.

Are you MORE ACCURATE in all you do today than this time last year, or ten years ago? If not why not? What will you do about it so that you are more accurate, more precise, than in the past. In seminars I have given I have sometimes shared this:

Insanity is doing what you did yesterday the same way today and expecting the results to be any different tomorrow.” We all must strive to improve, be willing to change. Now…

What you see about me, Thom A. Lisk, and my company on our website today MUST improve to stay competitive tomorrow. It takes wisdom to stay on top of the details, all the details, and make things better all the time. It takes MOTIVATION. People allow themselves to loose motivation. They need more than they realize, sometimes more than I remember, Terrific Speakers to upgrade their thoughts and actions. If we will not admit that we can be and do better we might as well die young, what is the point in living to age 105!? That grandmother of mine, a teacher early in her life (like my mother for 35 years) was always learning, reading books, improving herself until the day she finally did “go home to my reward”.

Let’s set NEW GOALS and figure out how-to get back our MOJO if we have lost it, and if you have never gotten your MOJO working for you NOW is a good time to start.

Today is the first day not simply in the new business quarter and month; it is the first day in the rest of our lives. Let’s make every day be better, doing better, and then I can guarantee you life will be exciting, and yes, more rewarding. For a time I resisted TWITTER, LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK, however now I have accounts where you can contact and follow me if you like.

Is posting this news on our website passé now? One more time you can find it at the bottom of the page @: And…

You can find all you every wanted to know about me (more updates coming) and also locate 500 other speakers on our bureau website. Maybe start at the home page @:

See all the great TOPICS from the top topics page off the tool bar. There are many ways to search this very compressive website and you can phone us or email us to save time and save money when you or anyone you know needs a speaker, coach or mentor.

Phone: 614-841-1776 (USA)

President/CEO/Executive Director:


“Booking prominent speakers since 1977”

News of the Month(s)

January -- June 2012

The Secret Formula for Success

The first six months of 2012 have been rewarding in many ways, and simultaneously challenging in many ways for me. Thom A. Lisk, both on a personal level and business level. These articles and reflections have usually been written to be beneficial to YOU my readers not simply as a historical record. So…

Goals are always important no matter who we are or where we find ourselves in life. Daily I have been reading the Wall Street Journal these past six months while also staying in touch with Main Street. In that this is a political year with the national Presidential election in November that affects business and more than that our personal lives more than most people realize. Too busy to consider the impact?

If I told you that the SECRET FORMULA FOR MORE SUCCESS FOR YOU PERSONALLY was to follow, would you read this and study my other prior newsletters for success tips? Maybe not, you are busy.

To the point ASAP… February was the best month we had had sales-wise or more importantly profits wise for a few years. Know the experience? We all are still recovering due to the economic downturn which actually began in late 2007 and especially in 2008. The recovery everyone knows has been weak.

What you may not know is how to overcome the weaknesses in our national and world economy. Is there a “secret formula”?!? Yes, I think I rediscovered it; it is easy to lose FOCUS.

My mother-in-law died at age 98 in the Philippines November 30th this past year so my wife flew on one day’s notice to her country of origin, and although Lorna is glad to be an American citizen, she had been wearing BLACK for six months as she mourned the loss. I mourned too as her mother was a truly great lady with a Doctorate in Education, the mother of five living “children”. Who will die next?!

Living ONE DAY AT A TIME as if this day could be your last is one part of the “Secret to Success”. As a result you create for yourself a “sense of urgency” and get more done daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

My mother is now 93 and nearly every Sunday after Church my wife and I go to see her in her “new” condo, bring her lunch as we did on July 1st, and often we play cards to stimulate our minds and also stimulate some good conversation. Let’s never forget that nurturing relationships is another part of the “Secret Formula for Success”.

In our business we attempt to nurture relationships in many ways with various clients, to learn more about how to do that may I suggest you consider one of my books especially the classic “Become #1 in Selling!” as seen at this link after clicking/scrolling down:

Now… June was a great month for me personally and for our company, Professional Speakers Bureau Int’l ™ too, better than February, so we have momentum now. Do not lose you momentum if you get it!

Goals +Great Relationships + living healthy with a sense of urgency = Your Secret Formula for Success!

May and June 2011

dr. thom a. lisk

President/CEO, Professional Speakers Bureau Int’l

As I write this it is the 4th of July, a good day to reflect along with all of America. Yesterday I was given a resume, two versions, from a woman from the Ukraine of the former Soviet Union who seems ecstatic to be in America—“the land of the free”.

Freedom! Freedom carries with it many responsibilities not simply easy to pick fruit of blessings. Today it is easy to see how people from presumption can loose their freedoms, loose their blessings or benefits gained over a lifetime of sacrificial work. Be careful.

The past two months have been unlike many in my 43 years of work since graduating from High School, Hilliard, Ohio class of 1968. After a two week vacation with three friends to Florida I have been working ever since; college at night leading to several degrees all seems likes ancient history. Now… Let’s position for a greater future.

Recently I encountered a CEO of another company who spells all her names with small first letters. On first glance that seems like typos however please think again. For 34 years as I have served hundreds of different organizations in various roles, speaker, trainer, consultant, facilitator, team-builder, marketing expert, leader, author, I built upon what I was originally taught by my mentor. And that is that you need to position yourself as an expert who is in various ways apart, even above, from those you are hired to serve. Well, a truly dedicated leader or consultant or speaker is just the opposite—you are a servant first and team servant leader. Let’s force ourselves to not loose sight of this!

Spelling ones name like I do above—thom a. lisk—is an effort to say that I want to think that others are more important than me, especially those I have been invited to serve.

That may be what I have learned that is most important the past two months. “I must decrease so that he (others) may increase.” To whom is this famous quote attributed?

Call me or write me if you know the answer, please. Thank you.

Helping you succeed is my #1 priority.

Phone: 614-841-1776

Please let me know how you think I can help you reach your goals.

Thank you.



April 28, 2011—NEWS OF THE MONTH

Professional Speakers Bureau Int’l – PSBI @

White paper by Dr. Thom A. Lisk

Read the latest news on Thom's work at PSBI and his own speaking engagements.

Miracles Are Still Possible!

The Ohio Motto: “With God all things are possible!”

End of last month I was ready to sell the company Professional Speakers Bureau Int’l, right now I am not sure at all this is the right course of action. Have you ever been stuck at a crossroads for a month or more? What do you do if that is the case in your life?

It could be you are out of a job all together, not me however I was in that position years ago and I know what that feels and looks like. I also know that delays can be good while one thinks through and/or prays through the options available. Seek Godly wisdom.

There are always options available to you and to me—do we see all of them? And, do we know how to respond best to the best options? Or best to all people?!

Seldom do we… most people are not skilled thinkers or trained analytical executives--like me! Most people are too afraid to make a mistake; or they may have a desire to be so politically correct they do nothing that really makes a difference; or maybe they have been a part of some bureaucratic organization so long they can’t fathom true possibilities.

I know people like me who are paid to think for a living, they are experts at analyzing options just like you might before you take a long road trip like I once did from central Ohio to San Diego California. Even with the best plans it is wise to be flexible!

You must get started even if the road ahead is not clear. Two of our most interesting NEW clients this past month for PSBI have been those who need help with strategic planning & succession planning: a university for their top executives, and a state health care association for an important Board of Trustees retreat. These paying clients have helped me to also serve The Catholic Foundation at no charge yet I can not volunteer time endlessly, I must remember to place great value on my timeand so must you!

I am convinced I can help most organizations (and people too) to double, triple, and quadruple their revenues and income if given people who will listen; this could include for-profit organizations of almost any size and/or small or larger non-profits too.

Now, some people only know me as “the voice” that has helped them schedule speakers the past few years through PSBI or via our website: (home page)

Some people know me as the author of several books including the #1 \book in the world for those who want to become professional speakers: (scroll down on here too)

Some people know me as the coach who has helped them or their organization create more success in a variety of ways especially via more revenues, or human growth.

Some people know me as the professional speaker that wowed their audience, may have gotten a standing ovation, facilitated meetings, helped them all learn new things and/or get more motivated or inspired. Not many know me as the top executive that I am.

Some people know me as the Reader or Lector at our Church who also serves Communion and, “leads that Monday night Bible Study group the last eight years”.

Why am I sharing this with YOU? Mostly YOU are interested in YOU not me! Read on:

No matter what we seem to do it is not enough for some people to care enough about us as individuals to really dig deeply into whom we are and what we have to offer. Unless:

Somehow YOU can prove that YOU CARE! My greatest personal and business mentor (and I have had dozens of super great mentors from various walks of life) often said:

“Thom, whatever you do always remember, PEOPLE DO NOT CARE HOW MUCH YOU KNOW (or what you have done, etc.) UNTIL THEY KNOW HOW MUCH YOU CARE… ABOUT THEM! (I really care about you, I truly do!)

Even a BISHOP of a Catholic Diocese is no different; the TOP EXECUTIVE of the BIGGEST organization in your city of any type is no different; actually the BIGGER the position of the person you want to serve or befriend or sell or raise funds from or for…

These people most want to know, “Thom, prove to me that you really and truly care!!!”

In reality sometimes out of necessity for good reasons they think or feel they can not trust anyone at anytime. Or, maybe layers of bureaucracy plague decision making and growth.

JESUS cared so much that He died for all of mankind yet people take Him for granted and still today reject Him, refuse to believe in Jesus fully. If anyone really and truly cares it is JESUS! Just maybe if you and I are more like JESUS people can and will trust us.

Maybe only then will they help you (or me) and allow us to help them. Why is that?

The most difficult question to ask is always the why question and it is the most difficult answer to find in most situations. Few care enough to persevere long to find the answers unless they are PAID to do so; and that is understandable due to the economics of personal situations. Why? It is pride that blinds us to trusting more, loving more, releasing people to serve our organizations; pride stops us from changing, being better.

Not long ago I gave a speech where I over and over emphasized the need to “not get bitter, focus only on getting better.” This may be THE BEST SOLUTION for all of us.

Thom Lisk has worked his entire life, and that includes before age 20, asking why questions, finding answers and providing those answers in an effort to help people like YOU be better and do better. Another simple and profound statement Lisk can share:

YOU MUST BE (better) BEFORE YOU CAN DO (better) and only then CAN YOU (or your organization) HAVE (more). (comments welcome)

And to be better you may need to change or improve in many ways: maybe not be so satisfied with the status quo or even the old ways and/or friends who have gotten you to where you are right now. For sure, if you keep doing what you have been doing you will keep getting what you have been getting, is that what you want and need!?


Jesus said in many different ways, “It is more blessed to GIVE than to receive.” What do you have to give TODAY that will most benefit the people in your inner (and outer) circles of influence so they can be and do better right away? GIVE IT NOW (or ASAP).

Earlier this week I met with a Catholic priest who is a “KING of procrastination”. I reminded him that, “procrastination is really the BIGGEST nation in the world.

Sloth in addition to pride mentioned earlier are two of the BIG seven deadly sins. There are remedies or solutions for these sins and they are called VIRTUES. Now in my pursuit of the President/CEO position for THE CATHOLIC FOUNDATION I have given much in a virtuous way to many people as a result I may have been misunderstood by some. Politicized people may be more concerned with possible lawsuits than doing what is best (hiring me) for our Church; does that happen in their other organizations too?

Heroic virtue is seldom recognized until after one is long gone… Yes—dead! The Catholic Church has long taught that it is HEROIC VIRTUE that wins the day, that helps YOU and me to become saintly (Saints), and what is MORE IMPORTANT than that?!

Humility… patience…chastity… charity…agape love… and the other virtues opposite the BIG sins… practiced until habitual: this is more important than always playing a game of political correctness. “Should” is a judgmental word, an enemy often of getting the best results—should is not an imperative like “must”. One persons “should” is not valid for the next person who is more concerned with God’s imperatives or a “must”.

In my case…I am a team player… I like to play on teams yet all my life I have performed best when I was the captain—the point guard on the basketball team, the pitcher or anchoring shortstop (and top hitter) on the baseball and then later the softball team. I know how to make things happen to create the best. This can cause problems or bring out the sinfulness in others: jealousy, envy, greed, lust, pride, gossip… Know what I mean?

I have found it is best to be a virtuous eagle and soar above all the dirt; when people exhaust themselves or truly want the best kind of help they can wisely phone Dr. Thom Lisk @ 614-841-1776. God uses me to create miraculous results for those who have faith/believe… don’t be a doubting Thomas, contact Thom—Hebrew for integrity.

March 25, 2011 --
News of the Month

This can also, please, serve as a wrap-up to the past year of news from PSBI.

From: Dr. Thom A. Lisk

President/CEO Professional Speakers Bureau Int’l &

Today is my older brother Rodger’s birthday and even though, as current President/CEO of Professional Speakers Bureau Int’l, I am compelled to ordinarily focus on the successes of PSBI in the this newsletter posting, now please allow me to begin with a few personal notes. After all it is our personal motivations that drive any team of people forward in any setting to fulfill any vision, any mission and the associated strategies and goals. In reading this I hope I can help YOU clarify your list of the same.

Some choose to not realize or admit that individual personal needs and/or motives drive people to accomplish more often simply because of the environment where they grew up, live currently, or work. Some (bad) leaders set goals, as an example, for their people in the work place (and this could include children at home) and say something like, “These are your goals and you are to strive to reach them.” Now that is not all bad if the person can determine, with or without help from the supervising leader, what the reward or result might be by achieving the goals—especially so they get more motivated if it can also be translated into the fulfillment of some personal goal or need. The best of leaders are ethical servants placing the needs of others ahead of their own. These people take their team members through a process to help the person, if time and environment allow, in establishing their own goals because in this way they have more ownership of the goals. And, ideally, the best ethical servant leaders help translate a work goal into a personal benefit if the goal is achieved. Granted sometimes goals are rather insignificant seemingly (and time may not allow for all the dialogue one might like). We all are in places at times in our lives where the duty of the situation calls for doing the tasks that must be done and simply faithfully moving forward no questions asked.

My brother Rodger was so very smart that he skipped a grade in school graduating a year early from high school and then near the top of his class. Mom and dad had been at the top of their classes, I think that had a lot to do with expectations placed on brother. Of course, Rodger was also a decorated excellent athlete with letters and medals to prove it. Rodger went off to college, first at Bowling Green State University for a year and then back to our home area. The Ohio State University where he graduated a five year program in engineering in four years. So far so good. Do you want “The Rest of the Story”?

Okay, first allow me to insert a personal remark about my history even though I pray and work to stay focused on other people and their stories and how I can benefit them 80% of my waking hours. And, when I do share my own experiences or stories it is with benefiting other people in mind—I learned to do this at a very early age. I have had some great mentors beyond those parents mentioned above both as a youngster and many as an adult (for me starting my workaholic life at age 18)—so many great mentors to thank!

I have learned a lot from being a careful observer all my life about what is going on in other peoples lives as a result of their environment, stimuli, and much more.

My good friend Alan K. Mooney graduated the same year as I did from high school, 1968—we both had early successes; due to good foundations today Alan is about to win a $400,000,000 million lawsuit— I pray he wins. I support him as I can by being a caring listening friend, his coach (and vice versa). We need others to observe our lives and give us input if only a tweak here and there to keep us on track to being our best and reaping the best rewards. Have you ever wondered how people in the same family can turn out so different? Or, in some cases so much alike? Alan is one of 10 children, I am one of four.

Rodger Lisk—pray for him—was such a driven youngster and then young man. When he got into the business world with his electrical engineering degree it was first as an employee with Firestone (whom I would about nine years later serve/sell). The employer sent him to Arkansas on a work assignment from his sheltered environment he now on his own totally for the first time at age 21. It wasn’t long before he met a girl he wanted to marry, Nannette, his wife of now over 40 years, however because of all the earlier pressure he (and she) began to drink alcohol as a release from the pressure and stress. He became an alcoholic and at age 40 had a massive stroke… I feel that we all are “lucky”, thank God, he is alive to celebrate his 68th birthday having received disability since 1983.

Now, this month, by the grace of God, Thom Lisk, Rodgers’s younger brother by seven years, celebrates his 34th year in the business of professional speaking even though during those years I have in numerous other ways worked to use God’s gifts. I have been patient—driven yes, very hard working yes—however balanced in my approach to life, especially first committed to Christ and the Church and my family, and to be someone who takes good health very seriously. My recent physical shows me in nearly perfect health and I expect to live to age 105 (at least) like my maternal grandmother who was married to granddad (a wise farmer, business owner, township trustee) for 73 years. Granddad pulled his boat to Florida until age 92 for the winter, dying at age 95. Wow!

Who are you role models going forward?!?

We need positive role models and/or mentor regardless of age all our lives—we must keep learning and growing to get better. TODAY I spoke at length with Father Mitch Pacwa of EWTN “fame” on the phone. We ended with a prayer, he committed to pray for me and my intentions over the weekend, as are the Sisters he referred me to. Wow!

Recently my one year younger brother Greg D. Lisk, DDS (along with his wife of course) invested a small fortune to tear down his home of 20+ years and build a new home on the same scenic land, and then reinvested in his dental practice a huge sum with manageable debt (I hope!) to work energetically to age 70 at least. What is Greg’s succession plan? Like many parents (male or female) who own successful businesses he had hoped that one of his three boys would be a dentist but no such luck. One great salesperson and two young attorneys that are now evolving their careers.

So… Rodger, Thom, and Greg and we must not forget Sally (Lisk) Bryant our “baby sister”. She is maybe the hardest working of all of the four although not as academically motivated as her three older brothers. What does all this have to do with:

Professional Speakers Bureau Int’l … or you?!

The past year we/I have worked diligently in this company, yes, but outside this company too. As the President/CEO I have been involved in the stock market quite a bit and I have been thinking a little bit more about retiring in 9 years. And, I have been thinking about selling this PSBI and maybe taking on some new challenges. This company, a legally registered (1993-94) entity with the Secretary of State in Ohio—protected name, etc.—is positioned that with the right someone who was committed to grow the business it could easily (again) be a million dollar a year (or much more) business. PSBI can be very profitable in the future as it has been in the past for the right person. Is that me? Or you?

As someone who ran a business profit center at age 21 very successfully now at age 61. I think and feel that I have come full cycle. I am at times more interested in eternal rewards than rewards here on earth even though I may live and work another 40+ years. Have you ever been in a business that you simply lost needed or required interest to continue to make it a success? Granted not everyone is driven towards “success” like the Lisk’s; however living a life of hard work always focused on gaining meaning through service is a great life. I have been very blessed is so many ways in all ways possible, thank God.

Legacy and dignity are two words that have kept resonating in my mind and heart the past three years so I am making changes, exploring options that can create a lasting legacy and more personal dignity—something we all need. If you have ever lost your dignity you know you need it –for me it was the search from more dignity and the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs that drove me to take the risks I did especially so starting at age 27 when I joined Management Horizon’s and their board members/clients at 450 W. Wilson Bridge Road in Worthington, Ohio 43085, this after significant successes.

This week for the first time I phoned a business broker to explore listing for sale Professional Speakers Bureau Int’l—don’t worry please if you are one of our great past clients reading this. I intend to find the right person maybe my son Todd and or one of our team members like Daniel to take over PSBI if I decide to step away from it. In the meantime we will continue to serve our clients and create new clients as time allows.

I have been successful in setting up several succession plans for entities in the past, and not successful too a couple of times. It can be difficult to locate the right person and structure things in a way that with the Founder (me in this case) or a past leader (in other cases) gone the entity or business continues and hopefully reaches new heights. I intend to explore this possibility for a short time however if you see another NEWS of the MONTH posted on top of this newsletter on our website you may find the outcome.

Lastly, consider that in the past 18 months in addition to booking speakers for $15,000 personally I have had a couple of my own record setting high income pay days. Thank God for His many blessings that have come easier because of the vehicle of PSBI and the web presence we have created. Yes, this is a changing time, a competitive time. Building and prospering through PSBI may not be easy for someone other than me. After all, Thom Lisk has been at it for 34 years through all kinds of twists & turns which included a one year stint employed (speaking part time then) as the National Director of Sales (with Marketing responsibilities too) at Highlights for Children. That was during an economic downturn from mid year 1982 through May 1983—Thom Lisk has weathered many a recession including the recent “GREAT RECESSION”. This in itself is a great accomplishment in a very rewarding yet one of the most challenging of business tupes.

If you want many more rewards in this life (or know of someone who does) consider partnering with PSBI—contact me for details. This past Fall I invested a lot of time and some money exploring reformatting and franchising PSBI—I am aware of the possibilities and can give the right person a plan to succeed with PSBI. God bless you.

Top Business Secrets Revealed From #1 Sales/Marketing Leaders

Most Politicians Fail the Test of Greatness

By Dr. Thom A. Lisk 11/2/10

Today (or when do you read this?) are mid term-elections and as a result great sales people labeled “politician” are being elected all over the USA. Or are they really great sales people?!

By traditional standards and new standards of ethics and business etiquette by which the best sales people are judged, most politicians are actually repulsive by comparison. Very critical media bombastic onslaughts towards their competitors proves the majority of them to be unfit sales people, especially the Democrats who are more negative by a four to one ratio according to one reliable pole. I am basically an unbiased independent

Also, by traditional standards and the best current standards for what constitutes a great speaker most politicians fall woefully short of the profile of a great pro speaker. Please consider that the best of consultative sales people, professional problem solvers you can call the best pros, know these days to use the best techniques of the best pro speakers. The best paid or not paid speakers lift and motivate, regardless of topic, not denigrate like too many politicians and their ads.

People agree, “Lisk is best qualified to judge both great sales people and great speakers as evidenced by his current work, work history, family, and the books Lisk has written.” So I do hope you will continue to read on and consider this brief important analysis.

1) The #1 sales professional is not a person that simply (A) pushes their products or agendas as do politicians. The very best sales people are like doctors (B) consultative first and foremost in that they ask a lot of questions, they do a thorough examination before they offer their solutions or prescriptions. Some weak sales people may use, as do flimsy politicians, certain (C) techniques that only work on the most naive unformed people. Or they rely strictly on (D) friendships to make sales; maybe this is why politicians that simply hand out favors to supporters or buddy up with lobbyists are so repulsive. In retaining you see some of the worst sales people who basically say, (E) “Take it or leave it, here it is…” so we most usually leave it. We appreciate and respond best to (B) above, the problem solver; yes we do not mind this kind of professional person selling us, and/or for that matter representing us in elected office.

2) The #1 professional speaker is similarly a great problem solve however he or she has to do more research and know the audience so well, and communicate so effectively, that we also view the speaker as a professional with our best interest at heart. Or if we work for an organization, we understand that the speaker presents winning ideas that are good for our organizations. In politics the negativity in the campaign has us wondering do any of these people really have America’s best interest at heart?! Most politicians have fallen into a trap of negativity so be careful, in some cases it is contagious! Public speaker or public servant? Putting your public first is not easy even if you are wealthy; and if you are too needy you are more likely to act as a bad sales person and not be able to forget self long enough to focus on serving properly first.

You can read more solutions in two of my seven books. In respect to 1) above being a great sales person, read: Become #1 in Selling! And 2) above please to learn about the best of speakers by reading my: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Success as a Professional Speaker.

News of the Month… and the Past Year -- March 31, 2010

Important! Read now please!


You are a speaker wanting more success? More groups to speak to? More sales and income from seminars you provide and more referral business? You are a speaker working to perfect your message(s)? You are a speaker who is discouraged at times in some ways due to the economic challenges?

If “yes”… read this please below and/or respond if you have a different question @

A positive relationship with speakers like you is important to me personally and to my company, Professional Speakers Bureau Int’l, registered in Ohio with the Secretary of State, however we do business worldwide. Do you want business worldwide or simply in your own home city or state?

Either way, what ever your goals you will find the most up to date ideas for speaker business success, not just success before an audience via the new book seen @ ... I refer to new 2010 version of THE COMPLETE IDIOT’S GUIDE TO SUCCESS AS A PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER.

This book was actually published in 2008 after I was paid on my 30th anniversary in this speaking “profession” to write the book by Penquin/USA, (one of the largest publishers in the world) their division Alpha Books. Now in 2010 we have published a current addendum of 21 pages which is FREE when you purchased the book from us before or do so now. To get one:

Phone 614-841-1776 in the USA or email me at But first… you might want to consider…


Investing in your career as a speaker (whether you are part time of full time, regardless of the economy) needs to be a mandatory ongoing process like any other true professional. In my immediate family my wife and I are blessed with five married children (and their 12 kids!) and many of the ten adults MUST get continuing education credits to maintain their privilege to practice their profession. Understand? ...Three MD’s, two nurses, one is an eye doc, a Respiratory Therapist, & an H.R. manager and a biz mgr.

How can we—you and me—expect meeting planners to take pro speaking seriously and pay willing BIG bucks for it if we do not take it seriously and continue our education to be all we can be as a true professional speaker?!

Looking at our family you can understand why I could be broke (due to all that education); rather thankfully I am not broke but very frugal, that is my wife Lorna have been and must continue to be. Now look at our business which is all designed to serve you the speaker and to give you ideas for success. Home Page speakers seen @ can attest to the value of our services and if you want to be one let us know!

The past year has been very challenging for the professional speaker and/or trainer offering programs to corporate America or to other groups. We have served the past 33 years all kinds of for profit and non-profit entities and offer expertise to help you serve more and better too. I saw my accountant to file taxes this past week for 2009… our gross sales were down 25%. But the good news is…

We had some wonderful bookings to several NEW clients this past year and we are now positioning ourselves to go after more NEW clients and be ready to serve past clients when they are ready to buy speakers again. It is true that some organizations have cancelled meetings and using outside expert speakers the past 1-2 years however I have weathered many recessions the past 33 years and always been stronger as a result afterwards. You can too!

How… Step one is the most important step… get the new book listed above and ask for the 2010 addendum. This is the best thing I can do for speakers.

Step two is ask for a copy of INSPIRING HOPE. This is another new book, this one being published with a release date in September 2009. See it under the CIG book—scroll down @

I ask you to invest and get a copy of this $15 book not just because it will help you but also because it can help you to help others too including your family members, your friends, your work associates, etc. AND…

You can be featured in the next edition of INSPIRING HOPE!

Submit an essay of 1-2 pages for consideration ASAP. Thank you.

Speakers need to and must write books … and write articles and essays that you get published so as to brand yourself as a true expert. Got it? Do it!

Ask me for details on how to get published at 614-841-1776.

And, if you are already published send us a (comp.) copy of what you have published for our alpha lending library to help market YOU as a speaker.

Our mailing address is at the bottom of most pages @ You can use the email link at the bottom too to send your essay or send it to me personally @... And, do ask for the CIG book mentioned above and the 2010 addendum… or if you read this in 2011 or beyond ask for the addendum for that year.

Thank you. God bless you!

News of the Month, February 1, 2009 --"Hope in Retrospect"

The last year has been great in many ways for me personally and our company--Home Page is I thank Penquin/USA/Alpha Books for paying me an advance to write the new book in their famous CIG series entitled The Complete Idiot's Guide to Success as a Professional Speaker.  This new book was released in July 2008 and has been a smash hit among veteran speakers who have been very complimentary, and we have gotten inquiries from all over the USA, Canada, and several other English speaking countries like the Philippines and Australia. Although this is overall a business based website where this news is posted I must thank God for all His personal blessings this past year since I last posted my "news of the month". Our 10th grandchild was born and our five married children seem to be all doing great along with their wonderful spouses. My health is great and I think today as I write this, a Sunday, I am truly happy.

What is more important than happiness? How do we sustain happiness? It does not simply come from more income, more business, that is for sure. We all know we are in the middle of a severe recession that officially began in December 2007 with no end is sight. Booking speakers does become more challenging in these times however just Friday January 30th we got three new inquiries from three new clients apparently resulting in three new bookings. People need speakers who bring HOPE and inspiration regardless of their topic or the type of group served so I am excited about our new book project:  Stories of Hope(c) for Success(c).  This book will be a combination anthology and book with one page stories from various contributors. If you are a speaker ask us about it at 614-841-1776... contribute a story ASAP and if you miss the deadline you can participate in the sequel, the second dose of Stories of Hope.  If you are a meeting planner or another person in and around the meetings industry ask for one of our contributing authors from this new Chicken Soup for the Soul type book.
Business is more competitive than ever, have you noticed that? The strong will survive! Today I am making reservations to fly to California on business later this month and I have noticed that my frequent flyer miles from Northwest Airlines are now good with Delta as the two have merged together recently. Lot's of mergers as well as other large businesses going out of business are read about in the news;  businesses like Circuit City and Lehman Brothers are gone or soon totally gone. Huge companies are biting the dust... unemployment is on the rise and we look to our new President Barack Obama to help with a stimulus package. I have met many politicians over the years, how about you? Our recent survey of about 1000 speakers concludes that, "President Obama was elected due to his speaking ability as much or more than any other characteristic". (Media influence #2)  What does that tell you?
Speaking effectively before groups is one of the most important skills that any human being can develop! And, one of the most difficult skills. Granted some people seem to be gifted however as with any gift we must use it or loose it. I can be more hopeful about the future as I reflect on the past.  How about you? Later today I will see my 90 year-old mother who lived through the great depression of the 1930's, she graduated from Hilliards (Ohio) high school valedictorian in 1936 and my father from the same high school also at the top of his class in 1934. Mom taught for 35 years and on her 90th birthday 11/24/09 the Mayor of Hilliard, now a city of about 75,000 people declared the day "Betty Lisk Day in Hilliard".  Mayor Don presented the beautiful proclamation to me before the evening City Council meeting and when I accepted I gave a mini-speech focusing on what my mother and her mother (lived to age 105) taught me, as well as my father a respected communicator too, an award winning journalist and bureau chief. From our elders we can learn many important lessons, and we can learn from great speakers too if we are wise.
Of course, some people are very wise at age 25, and some not until age 55, 65 or age 90 are they worth listening too. However, on average, age does bring wisdom; and if we are wise, like a USA President, we surround ourselves with wise advisors and servant leaders who can help us make better decisions. Let us never underestimate the value of great mentor speakers, and usually the older and more seasoned they are the better they are. People are taught how to reason things out, how to make great decisions, and much of that comes from lots of life experiences, sometimes failure and recession can teach us the greatest lessons.  Do you want to have more success in spite of economic conditions? Then examine who it is you are listening to, who you are reading. Call or email us for the best speakers in the world so you can eliminate trial and error from your life... find help... ask for help...accept help... this then puts you, like it has me, in a position to give more help. "Give and it will be given to you..." 
 I hope giving you this news and message above is helpful. Call us or email us... we can help! Allow us to help you have more success.
God bless you!

Thom A. Lisk, BA, LHD, CSE

Phone: 614-41-1776

News of the Month --February 2008

You probably don't really care about our company or my personal news of the month, at least until you know that I and my company care about you. We really do!

Today is March 1, 2008 as I write this reflecting on this past month, yes, but also considering the fact that 31 years ago today I entered the world of paid professional speaking full time. I had a great mentor who cared about me, his name: Carl Stevens.

Stevens is now about 83 years old and lives in Houston. I spoke to him recently and told him I appreciated him--he gave me a quote in the past month for my new book. Have you been blessed with mentors that helped you along the way? Appreciate them!

Today is the anniversary of my fathers death, March 1, 1985. Have you heard that poem about the dash? The dash between the date a person is born and the date he dies. We all want to make a difference with our lives, don't we? That is what our company and my life is all about--making a difference by contributing to others in significant ways.

You and your company may have done more significant things than I and my company did this past month but we were on purpose and mission towards significance. I remind us how very important purpose, mission, and vision are for all of our lives.

"Without a vision the people will perish." Proverbs. The past month motivates me to make changes so as to have a healthier, happier, and holier balance of the year, with God's help. And, we work and pray for a more prosperous future too; but we also remember you don't find a U-Haul Truck behind a Hearst at the cemetery.

Give today before it is too late. Please... give us a chance to be of service, we will not let you down. Navigate our website for speaker choices, better yet call or email us so we can save you time and save you money and find you the perfect speaker--one who really will make a difference in your organization and the lives of your people. Thanks.

News of the Month --January 2008

January 2008 was a challenging month in the business world in the USA. The stock market had the widest swings up and down during several days maybe in history and the biggest decrease to start a new year in history. This is reported here as we reflect on the month for our business to say first that we are very glad the month is over! And that we did actually have a good month in terms of gross sales and profits. PSBI is a for profit organization, even though we work with lots of non-profit organizations, as well as for profit companies, providing speakers, trainers, entertainers, etc.

Before I focus a few comments about PSBI for posterity and my readers consideration, allow me to again focus on the markets worldwide as we do strive to be a worldwide company. As one example of this effort, we have speakers who are based in places like Costa Rica (South America), England, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Canada, etc. on our bureau website in addition to all the terrific speakers based in the USA. We thank God how He has allowed us to expand.

Exxon it was just reported earned 40 billion in the past year, the most in the history of any company worldwide it is thought. In our business we need to focus better on those who have money to spend or invest in speakers. Concerns about a recession abound yet largely due to two recent rate cuts by the Federal Reserve the Dow which fell from 14,000 to 12,000 or slightly below, rose 700 points in one week, the last week of January. Things are looking up!

TERRIFIC SPEAKERS can help you increase profits in 2008... ask us for the best and right experts for any need!

The way in which this kind of business operates towards profitability has changed as the worldwide web has become more mature. At one time PSBI was able to generate Fortune 1000 companies hitting our website at and now it is more difficult to get those kind of hits but we are on top of what to do and how to do it (we contact them) to market our company and our services and our speakers for paid bookings.

Change remains the most important word in our daily vocabulary, and speakers that address CHANGE issues are some of the most popular worldwide. We must keep investing towards the needed changes to succeed and serve more and serve better going forward.

I am pleased to report our business was up about 20% in January versus last year-2007-if all is consummated completely. We have created some wonderful new clients and added a few NEW speakers as "go-to" experts to our bureau website this interesting month of January 2008. Part of that increase may be due to the addition of Taylor Miller to our staff, so we are thankful for her for many reasons. John Wagner continues to do a fine job in our website work; an example: Home Page was expanded and improved significantly in early January 2008. Please do see Your feedback is welcome, please.

Debt is not a problem for PSBI as it is for so many businesses and individuals, we are pleased to announce. We have zero debt, and pray that all who read this are as committed as we are to avoiding debt of any kind. One of my closest friends and advisors, Alan K. Mooney, believes we will have not just a recession--"unavoidable"--but also a depression of worldwide magnitude within 24 months. Either affects this kind of business ordinarily so we diversify in our offerings and markets we pursue and suggest our readers do so too as well as... GET OUT OF DEBT and stay out of debt.

Now... speakers we pledged to add to our bureau website (and market them) this past month as "go-to" experts include women: Janae Rubin, Helen Leonetti, MD, Denise Landers, Shelly Taylor-Smith from Australia, Vicki Lazar, Susan Race, Jan Yaeger; men expert speakers including... Mike Utley, Joe Cardone, Eric Pennington, Curt Tueffert, Dr. Maurice Ramirez, Henk Botha, William Allen Anderson. Rick Frishman, Richard Reynolds, Douglas Riggle, Dr. Andrew Edelman, Richard "Ben Franklin" Fowler.

Kicking off a new year requires many new "go-to" speakers, sometimes to replace others, and to get some momentum for the new year. We are working hard to market and book these new speakers! Welcome aboard!

News of the Month --November/December 2007

As I write this on 12/31/07 I feel both relief that the year has come to an end and a sense of apprehension that a new year is about to begin. Know the feeling? Personally and professionally I have a great deal to be thankful for as I reflect on all of 2007 including now the past two months. We must work, at some times more than others, to increase our attitudes of gratitude!

The Law of Attraction says that we attract to ourselves what we think about most of the time. Do you really believe it!? This Law of Success has been popularized by the book The Secret in the past year with the contributing authors who are all speakers available from our speakers bureau at 614-841-1776. We booked speakers who delivered some great programs in the last two months of the year or will do so in 2008 so I would like to applaud them first.

Thanks to Frank Polowski, as only one example, who we booked for the first time as he traveled to Alabama from his home in the Buffalo, NY, USA area. This program was for a new client, Governor's Office of Faith and Community Based Initiatives. As always we hope to now book Frank more... and do more bookings for this client. I work to make this happen today by the LAW OF ATTRACTION which really is a good step one for any marketing effort.

Yours truly, Thom Lisk, has been speaking professionally now for 31 years as of 2008 and one of the first lessons of success I learned from a mentor 30 years ago was what we then called...The Law of Mental Magnetism. I attribute a lot of my success over the years, or lack thereof, to the application of this principle for success. Try it more... you will like it.

Many years ago I visualized myself, and prayed about it too, going around the world as a speaker. Not knowing initially how that would take place but having faith that it would I am now happy to report that in the past two months humble me has been to Australia and New Zealand--near "the end of the earth"--to speak to eight groups, some with my wife Lorna. I will not give many details here as these NEWS OF THE MONTH articles are designed to benefit YOU my reader.

Who is my reader? You always need to know your audience whether you are speaking or writing!

The reader of this NEWS OF THE MONTH may be speakers who are checking us out. They want to know about the owner of this international speakers bureau. Well, I am just like you... I am interested in making a BIG difference with my life through better communications and actions. I found I could help more people and sustain myself better in the speaking profession by developing a pro speakers' bureau as opposed to be a one-man band speaker. I and PSBI want to team up with YOU.

You need me... and I and our company needs YOU. So...

Give us a call and/or email us and tell us more about yourself. Maybe we have some clients who need what you can offer!!! (Now... IF YOU WANT TO HIRE THE PERFECT SPEAKER... YOU CALL US TOO--PLEASE!)

God bless you and your family and have a happy, health, and holy--full of integrity--NEW YEAR.

News of the Month -- October 2007

Our international speakers bureau is more international than ever as President Dr. Thom A. Lisk traveled to Toronto Canada for the last work week of the month to serve some clients, drum up more business, evaluate properties for a possible Speakers Success Showcase in 2008 or 2009, and also Thom met with a few speakers who are new to our bureau. (We have booked speakers for travel in at least a dozen countries in addition to the USA.)

Bookings of speakers continues strong as we welcome several new clients to our long list of illustrious organizations served. We booked a Canadian speaker, Bill Clennan, to a University in North Carolina, as a first example, and we booked a NY based speaker for a new client in Alabama, a California based speaker for a client in Nebraska, and a Washington state speaker for a client in Pennsylvania. In Ohio, our home state, some new clients include Chambers of Commerce, more associations, and both for profit and non profit organizations.

If you represent an organization who needs speakers now or at anytime... We can save you time and money securing the perfect speaker. The speakers fee is the same (or less) from this bureau. It is wise to purchase all your speakers from our speaker's bureau and we can give you a dozen reasons why if you will but call us at 614-841-1776 (or 800-705-0079 for people needing to schedule speakers). We can help you pinpoint he best criteria for the best speaker...

If you are a speaker and you want to expand your business send us your materials but first email us with a little about yourself.

After more than 30 years booking speakers and serving as a speaker himself, our President Dr. Thom A. Lisk can help new speakers save time and save money. Dr. Lisk has recently completed the book: The Complete Idiot's Guide for Success as a Professional Speaker. The official release date is 7/08/08 and we are NOW taking pre-release orders for this 300+ page success how-to guide for $20+ tax + shipping = $27 (USA). Order your copy today by email or phone... all major charge cards accepted.

This past month we have added new "go-to" speaker experts to our bureau website. Under each TOPIC area we feature only a few select EXPERT speakers. Clients usually look for speakers based on TOPIC area or those with their specific industry experience. So, one way to search our website for the PERFECT SPEAKER is to go to the TOPICS page using the GOOGLE search engine to stay on our site... if you do not find the perfect speaker realize we have other speakers in our files, so please email or phone us as we have evaluated hundreds more speakers for nearly any kind of client need. Click TOPICS at the top or the bottom of this page on the TOOL BAR and type in Cherie Carter-Scott, one new speaker to our site, to get an idea of how this tool works.

If I personally can help you in anyway please email me or call me. Thank you for your support. God bless you.

Thomas (Thom) A. Lisk, BA, LHD, CSE
Main Phone: 614-841-1776


News of the Month -- September 2007

This month saw our company with a few new clients. Dr. Thom Lisk, President of Professional Speakers Bureau Int'l, reports that one of the most interesting bookings of the year was scheduling a Woody Hayes look-a-like as a speaker for a client in Ohio.

Now, this month this Woody Hayes character speaker is featured on our company Home Page. WHAT WOULD WOODY DO?

Woody Hayes was a one of a kind leader and Roger A. Thomas captures his essence and gives applications for current problems.

Speakers who do characterizations are always an interesting and unique twist for an event. We have provided clients people who do George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, Abe Lincoln and others--ask for details by phoning 614-841-1776.

Now, for any other speaker in the world email us at Thank you.


News of the Month -- August 2007

The last week of the month Dr. Thom Lisk was in Washington DC serving clients, recruiting speakers for our clients, and mostly working on his current book project deadline on his laptop. Here are some thoughts from and about our nations capital, and her people, especially our great historic leaders. And, let's also consider leaders for groups with needs NOW.

One day I had some time in between meetings as I was staying at the Hamilton Crown Plaza that night near the White House. I took my cell phone with me and went out for a jog and walk. Clients or prospects requiring call backs came from the Caribbean, Alabama, California, Illinois, Virginia, and Ohio, as I recall it a week later. It was a hot day as I jogged on the sidewalk and street (which is blocked to auto traffic) on both sides of the White House--I was surprised that security did not seem tighter.

Other scenes of interest were statues of American heroes and monuments of various types a short jog or walk away. if you have not been in our nation's capital lately, take a few days, not just an afternoon, and see the sights, learn the lessons from history. You and your family or business will be better off for it! There are many prospective clients based in DC who need terrific speakers.

When you look at history from a speakers viewpoint you realize that most great leaders in USA history were great speakers or shaped history due to the words they used. This would include military generals who may have never gave a speech in an auditorium of civilians but they sure knew how to direct, lead, and motivate people to action steps towards goals.

A rather unique speaker we invited to be added to our bureau website so that we could market him, and hopefully book him for paid engagements, is Peter M. Small. He does a number of impersonations, often called characterizations, of great leaders from the past... people like Washington, Jefferson, and Roosevelt. Providing modern day applications of the success principles these men lived by and espoused can make for a most interesting speech.

Go to for any speaker need anytime.

You can find speakers easily by typing their name at the top of the TOPICS page in the Google search engine. And, if you do not find a specific person this way, then save time and save money... call our bureau at 800-705-0079 or email us at

If you do not know the speaker to ask for simply share with PSBI your need and/or criteria and again we will save you time and save you, the meeting planner, money in giving you several recommended speakers--all experts in your areas of need.

If you are a speaker reading this NEWS OF THE MONTH and you want bureau representation call us any afternoon at 614-841-1776, leave a message if you miss us, or email us with material about yourself at the same email address.

Now we have more news that could be shared however you are busy... and so are we. Lastly...

We hope and pray you have a great upcoming month. May every month be news worthy (positive and good happenings) in your life, the life of your family, and the life of your business. God bless you.

News of the Month -- July 2007

New clients this month include the National Kitchen Bath Association and Samford University where Dr. Thom Lisk served as the keynote speaker at a three day "Excellence in Education" conference for teachers. Professional Speakers Bureau Int'l has served Fortune 500 clients but also groups like Serving Seniors in Erie County, Ohio, and everything in between. We specialize in certain markets from time to time with select speakers--inquire for specifics.

Welcome to all new speakers to our bureau website (where this is posted) @ Marketing speakers and markets for speakers is challenging. We persevere due to strong desire to make a positive difference in the lives of audience members. Never forget... TERRIFIC SPEAKERS change lives and the course of history.

July was the best month of the year in terms of gross sales posted. We had some vacation time like much of America and it was interwoven around three conferences attended. An extra day here or there away from the office can be renewing and help us to remain enthusiastic about serving clients and creating new clients.

Like my readers we enjoy family time for which we are most thankful. The family of CEO Thom Lisk continues to grow with our five married children having produced nine wonderful grandchildren. These precious people provide added motivation--know the feeling? Lot's of enriching family experiences made this past month personally memorable.

The world is an uncertain place as we move into August 2007 in many ways. The economy is illustrated by the stock markets Dow Jones average which in July hit a record of slightly more than 14,000. On 7/31/07 the Dow found itself up over 100 points early in the day, and then down around 150 points by the end of the day. This volatility causes indecisive ripple effects throughout the business world affecting decisions. The Dow closed the months of July at 13,212 yet the optimists still predict it to be at 14,500 by years end. We will see what happens!

Our male (home page) Speaker of the Month for August is one of my favorite speakers, Tom Faranda. He helps us understand the world and in his recent CD message he provides about 20 significant trends and predictions that every business leader must hear to prepare for the future. Getting to the decision makers who can hire the great speakers we feature on our company website remains one of our biggest challenges. And, we can book almost any other speaker for almost any need--refer people to us, please. Thank you.

Thom Lisk closed the month by giving an audio phone conference seminar for a national audience of the hearing impaired on Tuesday night July 31st. Hands on Relay System serves (due to federal grant money) this population. The organization has booked five different speakers from our company. Thom's message provided empowerment and motivation to establish and reach written goals.

Re-evaluating mission, vision and goals are always a wise thing to do while also rededicating oneself to serve more and serve better today and in the days ahead. May God help us all maximize our lives as we shed His light, love, and "success" principles into hearts and minds around the world. May God open new doors for service for us all, and give us that peace that passes all understanding. God richly bless all our speakers, clients, and support personnel.

News of the Month -- June 2007

Months come and months go by and on the last Saturday of most every month for 15 years now yours truly has met with men in a Christian fellowship setting. As first I write this it is Friday night late on June 29, 2007. Every Friday night since married to my wife Lorna (and before) we have reserved Friday night for a date night. Most of the News of the Months have been primarily focused on business as this is posted on a business oriented website. Just like YOU we work our businesses so as to provide for our families and reach other personal goals in our lives while serving our God.

Once we have our personal goals written down and internalized they drive us and motivate us. Maybe this is why Webster's classic definition of Motivation is, "That within the individual that incites or impels him or her to action."

Friday nights! Saturday mornings! Sunday we always-- 100% of the time -- go to Church. These kinds of devotions and faithfulness tell you more about me and our priorities than any number of other words. Two weekends in June 2007 we attended national Christian leadership conferences so our Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays were altered but every bit as meaningful. MOTIVATION?!--Yes!

How people invest their God-given time tells you more about them than almost anything, don't you think? And, it has been said you can look at someone's checkbook register to see how they spend (or invest?) their money and tell a great deal about the persons priorities in life too.

If we say we want better outcomes in our lives we simply have to invest our time and invest our money (as well as invest our talents!) in different and/or better ways, and we will get better results.

We at PSBI spoke to several of America's top speakers this past month... and we also worked with some of America's top companies. Somehow all of this pales in comparison to the quality time I, Thom Lisk--owner of PSBI--had with our nine (9) grandchildren. Fathers Day was a BIG event for our family this year!

When I spoke for US Foods/Monarch Foods, Inc. (2nd largest Food distributor in USA) in Chicago on Thursday 6/28/07 as their closing keynote speaker at a three day conference I gave it my best in dedication to my God, and to my son Todd Eric Lisk, now age 38. I think that is why I had a great outcome. I was giving the speech for the hundreds of people in my audience, and also for this son whom I want to be proud of me. Know the experience?

(Like you) I work very diligently to prepare and do my very best for my client company and their people. I want to make a difference, a lasting positive impact. And, to do such a great job that they invite me back. We trust for great outcomes for those who heard the message; and as a result, for me and my company to benefit too, of course.

The President of the company (he introduced me to the audience: Pat Mulhern--had some very kind things to say to me after my speech... "Great message Thom!" He acquired autographed copies of my most recent books.

Would you like a list of the clients that book speakers from our company? Or, how about a list of speakers we have booked? Although the lists need updated you can find these at the About Us page on this website with another click to clients and/or to speakers. See the tool bar at the top and bottom of our HOME PAGE at We can schedule any speaker in America for any group--phone 614-841-1776. Save time and save money!

We at PSBI, and I personally, welcome your news. And, we welcome your prayer support, and any other kind of support you care to offer as we plan, hope, pray, and work to create more bookings for more speakers than in the first six months of 2007--many more. We want to add more top quality speakers to our bureau website. Send your positive thoughts our way... our best thoughts go out to YOU. God bless you and your family and your work.

News of the Month -- May 2007

The Dow Jones tells us the stock market is soaring high--at all time high 5/30/07. The Dow closed at 13,628. Now this is great news for speakers because as the economy goes so goes our business at times. Consumer confidence is high; we read about gasoline prices at all time highs too near $3.39 a gallon this past week nationally on average. Now we are a national company, and sometimes we book speakers internationally, so we pay attention to what is going on worldwide to serve YOU better.

The increased cost of gasoline, etc. can be bad news for meeting planners as sometimes people may be less willing to travel to events so less speakers get booked. We have solutions. One might be a webinar or a tele-seminar where your people need not leave the comfort of their office or home. As an example of this recently a California based client booked five speakers from our bureau to deliver five different one hour tele-seminars on five different topics. The speaker also need not leave his office. Read on.

Dr. Lisk received a contract this month to write a new book which will be complete and scheduled for publishing next May by Alpha Books, a NY Publisher. This is in the popular series known as The Complete Idiot's Guide. This one by President of PSBI, Thom Lisk, will be called The CIG to SUCCESS AS A PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER. Ask to receive an autographed copy. In this 25 chapter book shortcuts to success for speakers will be given from careful research and 30 years of experience.

Many of the speakers featured on this great website are also authors. SEE: We consider adding a BOOK OF THE MONTH feature to our BOOKS tab where currently only Dr. Lisk's last two books are featured. But on individual speakers pages you can sometimes find a book jacket picture or certainly listings of speakers books. If you are an author and want to promote your book on our site (which helps us also sell you as a speaker) please let us know.

Shortcuts for Meeting Planners are also needed and provided by our company as evidenced by our FREE service to send out demo or preview tapes to meeting planners and/or committees or decision makers searching for the best speakers. It never ceases to amaze how people waste a lot of time (and time is money) searching for speakers when all they need to do is contact our ONE-STOP SHOPPING CENTER by email or phone to save time and save money AND locate the perfect speaker.

Specific client references can be provided... simply ask for them. Phone: 614-841-1776 or email:

YOUR SUCCESS is our specialty. Allow us to help you reach your goals. Call or email us today. Thank you.

News of the Month--APRIL 2007

Thinking about the Supreme Court can send shivers up your spine sometimes, and ever state has a Supreme Court and then of course we have the ultimate Federal Supreme Court. Dr. Thom Lisk gave a TIME EMPOWERMENT seminar for over 130 people for the Judicial College of the Ohio Supreme Court in Ohio this month. Many in the private sector would agree that those in the public sector need to utilize time wisely. This seminar crosses boundaries and can be offered by Lisk for any group (profit or non profit, public or private) as the material is very IMPORTANT for anyone interested in increasing individual and group productivity. Huntington National Banks previously benefited from this program, as only one example, of a for profit client.
Phone or email us for details please. And...

Mental Health must be of interest to every human being and particularly to teachers and those who influence and shape the lives of children. On April 28th Thom Lisk traveled three hours to give a seminar for the NW Community Action Commission at NW Community College. THE NEW POWERFUL POSITIVE THINKING helped nearly 100 attendees focus to serve families and communities better throughout a several county area. Some attendees serve in the HEAD START programs and others are Day Care workers, Pre-School Teachers, etc. Previously Lisk has been hired to address all levels of educators from graduate school to now the earliest levels. Clients, as examples, have included The Ohio State University as a commencement type speaker for graduate engineers, and seminars for principals sponsored by the famous Martha Holden Jennings Foundation. Dr. Lisk hopes for more similar opportunities to share his inspirational well-researched power point
message. Inquire for more details please.

Most people have heard of Rotary International, the largest community service organization in the world. Dr. Lisk spoke to an interesting and exciting local Rotary club in April as his continued way of "giving back" and "paying forward" as famed OSU football coach, Woody Hayes, once put it. Thom has spoken for Rotary Clubs as far away as Tokyo Japan and Manila Philippines as well as Clinton OK and San Diego here in the good 'ole USA as well as local clubs when he can work it into his busy schedule. Usually Thom speaks from his books as with the Grove City Rotary recently with a message from Noble Leadership(c). Lisk hopes to continue to challenge and teach people to have ethical lives. ETHICS is a topic Thom Lisk can share with your audience... hire him before it is too late. Remember Enron and WorldCom. and...

Thom is President of PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERS BUREAU INT'L and most of his work day is invested working with clients who need speakers other than him but sometimes he is the correct choice. Also, as evidenced by this TERRIFIC website we have 400+ speakers we proactive market and files on 4000+ speakers. PLEASE... if you are a speaker... please send us your current material. And... if you are a someone needing the PERFECT speakers share your criteria or allow us to help you define the criteria to create an awesome meeting. We have been doing that for 30 years! Thank you.

News of the Month--March 2007

This month our marketing committee for Professional Speakers Bureau Int'l (Thom Lisk--President) added some exciting and interesting NEW speakers to our bureau website at . These people may not be new speakers but are new to being one of our bureaus "go-to" speakers and this translates into special features for them, and extra efforts to market them for paid bookings as speakers, seminar leaders, trainers, entertainers, or whatever the case might be. We can help you with any need for any speaker (nearly) and we also proactively market certain terrific speakers on an ongoing basis. Consider:

Stewart Levine (author)... Douglas A. Lewis, JD, MBA, PhD... Ida Greene, PhD...Neil Pflum...Jim Hodges as General George Washington...Mike "Antarctica" Pierce... Sheila Kessler, PhD... John Eckberg... Robert Kuchera (ha ha ha)... Sheryl Rousch (featured on Home Page April 2007)... David Hunter... Kevin Brown (author)... please!

An easy way to find these speakers, or any speaker now featured on our web site, is to go-to the TOPICS PAGE and use the Google Search engine on the top of the page while making sure you stay on our bureau website... type in the specific speakers name. OR...

See the long list of TOPICS on the MASTER TOPICS PAGE and go to the topic(s) you are wanting and click on the specific topic.

This will take you to an alpha list. Since we are blessed with so many terrific speakers on you can then find speakers on both sides of the alpha listings under the topic areas of interest. OR...

Simply use the email link at the bottom on almost any page on this terrific website and EMAIL US YOUR CRITERIA NEEDED at and we will respond quickly and OFFER YOU SEVERAL OPTIONS or asking you a few questions first so as to help SAVE YOU TIME AND SAVE YOU MONEY... guaranteed!

Now... a few of our new featured clients (confidential list) who worked with Thom Lisk and our company recently include:

Chamber of Commerce Executives of Ohio... Nebraska School Board Association... American Association of Service Coordinators ... Liberty National Bank... Highland County Board of Realtors... Ohio Supreme Court Judicial College... Olivet Nazarene University... Community Action NW Ohio... Heartland Banks... Mt. Union College... may we add your organization to our list soon?

The prior list is only found on this page on our website although on the ABOUT US page--see link on main menu --you can find a CLIENT LIST that needs updated with these and many other clients (click through to it when you see the hyper link on the ABOUT US page where it says clients).

Please phone or email us with your recent news... or old news is welcome too. Thank you.

News of the Month--February 2007

Our company started the month with our President, Dr. Thom Lisk, giving a speech at Mt. Union College in Alliance Ohio. In case you are not familiar with Mt. Union College there most visible and note worthy claim to fame is winning the Division III national football championship game again closing the 2006 season. Everyone must know that the Ohio State Buckeyes, the #1 team in the nation, was defeated soundly by Florida University from Gainesville. Dr. Lisk also spoke near the campus of Florida not long ago, and one of our companies inquires in February was from OSU for a commencement speaker this June.

Your company, like every company, needs a mission statement. Many companies have a written vision statement too that draws them towards becoming collectively their best. In February our company, PSBI, served all the Chambers of Commerce in Ohio by appearing with a booth at the Chamber of Commerce Executive Organization (CCEO) annual winter conference. We had four speakers at this conference and we are working to develop more business with Chambers around our home state. Go Bucks.

Most of our business, however, the past ten+ years has been outside of Ohio. As one example, Dr. Lisk traveled to San Diego for nearly a week in February 2007 to work at several locations and with several organizations. While working there he also took time to interview or meet with some speakers our speakers' bureau did not yet represent. We are pleased to add three or four new speakers to our website at due to these meetings. Please ask about our "go-to" speaker experts.

The last Tuesday of this month Dr. Lisk attended his CEO braintrust group meeting. He has been a member of this group for more than five years meeting now at Alan K. Mooney's offices, in his executive board room. To this meeting attend business owners from various non competing businesses. These CEO's serve as Board members for each others small to medium sized businesses and help one another with wise business decision making. If you see changes in PSBI it could be due to the collective wisdom gained in these meetings. Many businesses as well as companies have many challenges these days. That same Tuesday the China stock market retreated 9% and this affected world markets including the Dow here in the USA that declined about 3/5%.

We live in a global economy in 2007 and what goes on in Europe or Asia or Australia or South America or the Middle East can dramatically affect business and our people here in the USA. Our company and our President Dr. Thom A. Lisk works diligently to understand markets and business and people worldwide and respond to needs, and make adjustments to our business and lives accordingly. By interacting with people from various cultures worldwide we think we can help YOU more than ever.

So... next time you need some wisdom from a speaker, trainer or strategic thinking or planner... contact us at 614-841-1776 or simply email us at We can provide a futurist, an economist, entertainers... you name it. We work to help you identify the criteria for your speakers for your important meetings before offering a diagnosis and prescribing the perfect speaker for you. Sometimes we give you many choices but if asked we can help you make the best choice. After 30 years in the business as of March 1, 2007 our experience can help meeting planners avoid BIG mistakes. Contact us today! Thank you.

News of the Month --January 2007

This month is a teaching about goals and success, not simply news.

New Years resolutions come and go, as do months and years, and we evaluate what kind of progress are we making towards our pre-established GOALS. What you are your goals? A goal by part of the definition is written down. "Success is the progressive realization of any pre-established and written goal," wrote Earl Nightingale years ago however we have yet to find a better definition of SUCCESS.

You can have goals for all area of your life, of course, as Dr. Lisk teaches in one of his books where he explains synergism for life planning and more success. Visualize it as eight spokes on a wheel equal-distant apart all intersecting in the very center of the circle or wheel of life. Label the eight spokes in your preferred area of priority as they are: Family, Financial, Physical/Health, Spiritual, Career/work/business or vocation, social, recreational, mental or intellectual, spiritual. We must all keep growing in all areas of life, Dr. Lisk owner of PSBI asserts; or if re-regress in any one area before you know it that neglect of one area can and probably will affect some or all of the other areas of life. Think about it!

Now, ask yourself also what is at the center of your life? Too often at the center are the wrong motives or ego or worse. What is your driving passion and purpose? Define it and write it down as your personal mission statement and/or the purpose for your life which is carried forward as you pursue goals in all eight areas of life.

Sure, some areas of life demand more of the 168 hours we all have every week, but don't neglect any area if you want a balanced and healthy and happy life. How you invest your time (don't just spend it!) through your own decision making process, especially your discretionary time, will determine largely who you become 3, 5 or 10 years from now. We know the old saying, "You are what you eat." Well, you are (even more importantly) WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MOST OF THE TIME.

Henry Ford, the great industrialist and automotive Founder said, "Thinking is the hardest work you will have to do! That is why more people do not engage in thinking more often!"

Please... think with me about your future. Sometimes in thinking about the future I have conditioned my first thoughts or response to be, "God not my will but your will be done." God gave us a free will to make plans and carry them out. However remember what the wisdom of the ages says from the book of Proverbs: "The mind of man (or woman) conceives his plans but the Lord directs His steps."

Let's submit our plans to our all wise God this year and trust Him for great results! Of course, we have to do our part to serve more and serve better. I am a Paul Harris Award recipient from Rotary International. There motto is, "Service above self." Also in Proverbs we can read, "He who serves best profits most."

May I suggest you target this future month and year to simply serve more and serve better... serve more people who really are the so-called right people, and do so better, and in my experience (which is extensive) you will prosper more.

May God bless you and prosper you and give you decision making for generating great health of mind, body and soul!

For without our health it is hard to be all that we can be and do all that we can do and eventually have more of what we want to have. Please ask others to read this message--print it out and share it with others if you can. Thank you.

News of the Month-- December 2006

Many businesses have their best months of the year in December, especially retailers. If they do not, then the year can be a failure. Over the years we have done a little business with Wal-Mart, JC Penney, Macy's and some other large retailers. In our personal lives we often invest more time in our personal pursuits in December for family reasons and we are no exception. It is our families that often motivated us to perform better in our businesses, we need to remember that all year long as we strive to invest time wisely. We have found in the business of professional speaking what we do in December may determine how much business we do in the first quarter of the New Year. To make it happy from a sales and profit standpoint we need to lay the groundwork in December if not before. Plan your work and work your plan is an old adage to remember.

Here are two quotes from program Dr. Thom Lisk gave in December 2006:

"Dear Thom: Thank you for speaking to our Chamber Safety meeting (with 150 attending). Your program was entertaining and interesting to our guests, and we received positive feedback from the group. It was a pleasure to meet you, and I will not hesitate to call you with future speaking needs."
Mary H. Charney, C0-Chair Safety Committee, Ross Pike Chamber of Commerce

"Thank you for taking the time to teach a class for our Board of Realtors. The class was well attended. The evaluations completed by our members indicate that they were very satisfied with your (Thom Lisk) course. It was a great pleasure to work with you and I look forward to working with you in the future."
Caryn Pachelieff, Membership & Education Director, Toledo Board of Realtors

Now, our speakers' bureau continues to book many speakers in addition to Dr. Thom Lisk. We are gearing up to promote our bureau website more in 2007. Please recommend everyone see and save: And, remember we may be adding new speakers. Email us from the link below or on any page for any speaker or trainer or entertainer need.

We will save you time and save you money and insure you have the perfect speaker in 2007 or any year you need a speaker. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

News of the Month -- November 2006

Are you in the habit of reflecting on the past month at the end of the month so that you can be better and do better in future months? This is one of our purposes in writing NEWS OF THE MONTH every month which is posted to my personal pages monthly as a White Paper on our company website. Who is the best forward thinking goal setter and goal achiever you know?

Can you improve in your daily disciplines and habits for accomplishing more with your life? This idea and challenge was a part of the message given this past month by several speakers booked by our speakers' bureau including: Reed Polk, Deborah Thomas-Nininger, and the company owner, and author of this article, Dr. Thom-Terrific Lisk.

But first rather than focus on the future (even though the New Year will soon be upon us) let's reflect on the past and remember: "It is not what you want (or need) that motivates you, but rather why you want it." All motivation is or must be personal. Motivation comes from within you, whereas inspiration comes from the outside. So, when I went to my first cousin's funeral this month the words and images external to me inspired me to take my short life more seriously. It hit me deeply inside.

The images including those at the graveyard not far from where both sets of my grandparents and my father are buried inspired me to look within and find motivation to prayerfully make sure my own life is right before God. Know the experience?

One week after the funeral my ninth grandchild was born, Gavin Mitchell Jones. How does one properly express and contrast a death with a new life? I firmly believe in life eternal as promised by the Christian church. And, I also firmly believe in the promise of a new born child who, regardless of dna programming, can become great with the right combination of environmental shaping, education, positive expectations, etc. I long ago gave up on lucky breaks in life but rather now work prayerfully to make my own luck, how about you? I once saw a Church marquee that read, "Luck is God's predestined appointments".

As I reflect back upon this past month nearly every good thing that happened to me and/or to my company was due to pre-planning, hard work, treating people how I would like to be treated, and other "principles of success" implemented, or so it would seem on the surface. When digging deeper one must realize and admit it is the Grace of God who allows us to have success.

Life is short. On Thanksgiving Day we had much to be thankful about the most important of which was our wedding anniversary on the same day this year, 11/23/06; in addition to the birth of that ninth grandchild, we had all of them and their parents to our home for a feast of celebration on Sunday 11/26/06. Most people agree: Family motivates!!!

Now in closing (with much more that could be written) I feel compelled to add a NEW FEATURE to my pages on our website. Let's call it: CHRISTIAN HAPPENINGS. Soon it will be 30 years the owner (yours truly) of this speakers' bureau has been, by God's grace, attempting to live his Christian life in such a way that he makes a difference, a positive impact for good in our society, through seminars, speeches, etc.

Like many of you who visit our website my effort has included through membership in a local church where I currently teach twice a week. However, also in the case of Thom Lisk, I have spoken in many settings often for free or a reduced fee to share Christian Truth.

As we approach March 1, 2007 (the 30th anniversary of Thom's entering this business of marketing and giving speeches and seminars) we hope to have Thom giving more Christ centered messages, and helping others to do so too. So read about it by clicking on CHRISTIAN HAPPENINGS from Thom Lisk's personal pages on this website, only if interested (after 12/11/06). Thom plans to continue to give his secular or business based seminars and speeches, but maybe more church based programs too.

We will continue to offer any speaker that clients or prospective clients might want, we never discriminate, and we can not, we remind our visitors, control the messages of the independent contractors whom we offer via this website. If asked Thom Lisk and his staff will offer suggestions as to which speakers to choose based on the criteria of each client, and help you in your decision making process for free. Think about it!

With soon 30 years experience marketing and booking speakers, and delivering speeches and seminars himself I (Thom Lisk) must have some rich insights that can help you or anyone make better choices when it comes to finding the perfect speaker. (And, we help speakers, if asked, deliver more perfectly tailored messages.) So... phone us or email us (link below) today to save time and save money, and save the problems associated with having hired a bad or inappropriate or unprepared speaker. Thank you.

News of the Month --October 2006

Oklahoma City, OK... have you been there recently? As the keynote speaker for 400 people on 10/24/06 my arrival the day before allowed for time to visit the site of the tragic 1995 federal building bombing. Remember that? 168 people were killed. But good came out of that tragic incident. More later on that but first and briefly...

No More Excuses! This was the title of Randy Snow's message at the OK City conference. The OK Dept of Vocational Rehabilitation booked four different keynote (90 minutes) speakers from our company for the conference that took place this month with humble Thom-Terrific Lisk as one them--I received a standing ovation at the conclusion of my custom tailored message.

Three hundred and eighty people were introduced to and heard a Dr. Thom Lisk in Piqua Ohio in early November where he spoke to The Council of Rural Service Programs. David A. Givens, HR Director, wrote in part afterwards as follows. "Thom was truly an inspiring speaker. Our theme for the day was Building on Your Success, and Thom's focus was on customer service. Throughout the time that he spoke to us his presentation was: Inspirational, Motivating, Challenging, Effective. I sincerely recommend that if you need a motivational speaker, Thom Terrific (Lisk) is the person to talk to (to hire)."

Wisconsin was also visited by Dr. Lisk when he gave a customized half-day seminar for the annual meeting of a large for profit business, Team Schierl, near Stevens Point, WI. Have you been to this part of the country? North Central Wisconsin is beautiful in early October. And the setting for this event was outstanding as Thom focused to help these 100 branch managers develop: more teamwork, communicate better, serve customers better, solve management problems, focus on mission and goals better, get motivated, increase sales, and become better trainers themselves. Power point slides and handouts used and provided.

The Ohio Supreme Court's Judicial College has been one of our clients, but not recently, so we were pleased when Thom Lisk was asked to present to their Board of Trustees on 10/26/06. Thom prepared hand out materials galore and gave each of ten people present a FREE book to help them in their decision making process as they are asked to endorse and help promote three Time Empowerment for Stress Reduction type one day seminars that are scheduled for 2007. This is a seminar given by Dr. Lisk that many an organization could benefit from--please inquire for details.

Welcome to other new clients this month as well as new speakers or those booked for the first time by the bureau owned by Thom Lisk. Speakers featured on our bureau website are reminded to update us with new material when it becomes available. On our About Us page on this website with another two clicks you can find a partial list of speakers booked and some clients served.

Professional Speakers Bureau International has been blessed to be able to function in many roles of service for many different organizations, truly, of all types. As Thom Lisk approaches his 30th anniversary of entering the speaking profession (start 3/1/77) it is an appropriate time to reflect briefly, but not to rest on our laurels, but to redouble our efforts to serve more and better. We will not bore you with the history of Thom Lisk or the company here, but we will assert that this is not just 30 years of haphazard experience, but rather we have 30 years of wisdom gained, due to the grace of God, so we can help others succeed.

That is the bottom line... your success. We do not operate on borrowed capital, that is great, so our expansion has been limited in some ways, but really we feel we are only limited now by having more loyal staff members. So... we are praying that we can refocus our company mission, vision, and purpose in such a way that we can attract and retain more key people to help us build our company ASAP only because we want to (again) serve more and serve better. Will you agree with us in prayer? Thank you. And... if you can offer any other ideas and help to insure and protect our growth please let us/me know ASAP.

News of the Month --September 2006

September was a great month for both our bureau and for the owner, Thom Lisk, personally. We always placed others needs ahead of our own, as it must be in a service oriented business like ours, so first I think about the clients booked through Professional Speakers Bureau (phone: 614-841-1776) recently. Clients are quite diverse from all spectrums of society and the business world, and all over the USA (mostly). Arizona to Washington DC saw us providing speakers this past month. We added a new person to our staff this September, Kassaundra Frisque, so as to serve clients better, and more of them (we hope).

Having good and qualified staff people can free me--Thom Lisk--up more to go and give more seminars and speeches myself, and this is one of my major goals, quite frankly. This month I traveled, as one example (so as to not bore you or have you think I am trying to simply impress you) to W. Palm Beech, Florida where we spoke both Friday night 9/15/06 and gave a Leadership seminar for people from all over SE Florida. That seminar was carefully customized and motivational with each participant receiving one of my 365 page books to assist them during and after the seminar. They claim they will invite me back again soon--we will see.

On a personal basis I am about to be a grandfather again. Since I expect to live to age 105 like my grandmother, I feel too young at only 56 to have soon my ninth grandchild born. But I tell you my joy over pending event due 11/6/06 is more important to me (shh...don't tell them) then serving our many clients. I remind us all... is not what we want it is why we want it that motivates us all! What do you want and why do you want it?

Answer that question and write down your goals, and figure out how to reach those goals, and you will find yourself more motivated in life, regardless of age or your situation. I guarantee it!

Please call or email us if we can be of service... we consider it a privilege. We offer many value added services that are best described on the phone so call us at 614-841-1776 or if a client who can book a speaker at 800-705-0079. Thank you. You must be terrific!

News of the Month --August 2006 GIVING--SERVICE

What do you love to do more than anything... in your work life? We all have things we love to do, I suppose, in our personal lives whether they are hobbies or spend quality time with our families, as examples, but here I am thinking of our work lives.

For me it is giving seminars or speeches--I love it so much I would do it for FREE... and sometimes have. Like as an example recently I drove 90 minutes in the morning to speak at a Rotary Club for free at there 7am meeting. "Service Above Self"... this is the Rotary motto... a great motto to live by. But...

We all need to get a return on investment (ROI) for the way in which we invest (don't just spend it) our time. Warren Buffet or Bill Gates--two of the world's richest people (notice I said people, ladies, not men)--are programmed, I assure you to think about getting an ROI even though you might read about their philanthropic efforts.

As the President of this national and sometimes international speakers' bureau it is true we book lots of paid great speakers and I may briefly mention a few that we have booked or who did bookings for our company this month. First, however I want to say that one personal work highlight for me this month was giving a "great!" seminar sponsored by the LOGAN AREA COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. I have given hundreds of such seminars over the past 29 years however this one held at Liberty Hills Golf Club is noteworthy in many ways.

Yes, Realtors and co-sponsors all benefited and we had a profitable day with a couple dozen of my autographed books being sold to audience members. But the proof of the benefit is that I have several interested in inviting me to speak to other groups if I follow-up, follow-up, follow-up (three keys to success which I teach along with hundreds of other blueprint keys).

Speakers who are featured here on our bureau website at will tell you that referrals from satisfied clients represent some of the best kinds of business. I need you help! And, we need your referrals... please realize that. If you can refer people to us in anyway by phone or to this website and they book any speaker including the chief janitor, Thom Lisk, you will find a nice referral gift coming to you after the event is complete. We all must stay focused on giving... as well as serving. Only then do we get more of what we truly want and/or need in our lives for ourselves and our most cherished loved ones. God help you, I pray, to serve and benefit others more and better in the months ahead.

News of the Month --July 2006

To show you the diversity of Thom Lisk's work in July one of the highlights of his service to mankind was his attending two classes for a total of about 24 classroom hours. A speaker who does not continually educate him or herself is not a great speaker. Each of the two course he took required written papers after some careful research.

However... You can have one or two Ph.D.'s and still not be a truly great and caring speaker. What makes the difference?... from a speaker like Thom that sustains himself as a paid speaker for now over 29 years and a speaker that seems "hot" or in demand this year for some reason like a best selling book or some unique in demand topic? Thom is still looks and acts young, energetic, empowering,and offers cutting edge and unique workable ideas.How does Thom Lisk do it?

MOTIVES. Your motive makes all the difference in the world as to what level of success you have and how long you have that success in any area of human endeavor. Thom Lisk's motive from day one as a speaker, trainer, educator, motivator, keynoter, or seminar leader has been, first, to bring God's light and love to the people to whom he is privileged to serve as a speaker. Because Thom really cares about people, that is why "he is very effective", people say. When we stop caring about people, regardless of your business, it is time to renew yourself... or hang it up!

July 2006 was the best gross sales month for speaker booking revenues in two to three years for the company Thom founded. This increase even though he took the last week of June off and the first four days of July off, as well as extra time off for the Masters level classwork mentioned above during the month. (Business was doing great before June too. What is the secret?)

Abe Lincoln said, "The Woodcutter who stops to sharpen his axe will cut more wood." Think about it! If you want to cut more wood--be more productive--you need to sharpen your tools on the best speakers possible based on your budget and other criteria. If Thom Lisk is not the perfect speaker for you his company will provide the perfect speaker--guaranteed! Ask us how we guarantee your next meeting or training sessions are 100% on target by calling 614-841-1776 or email Thom @

The highlight booking for July is the VA Health Care Systems who booked six one day seminars. A recent national business magazine reports that Veteran Administration run hospitals offer some of the very best medical care in America and maybe the world. These six customized seminars are just what the doctor would order for any group of nurse managers and other hospital administrative managers in a health care setting. You improve medical care when you improve the people who deliver medical care. You can ask for more details. Thank you.

News of the Month --June 2006

Dr. Lisk was the keynote speaker June 22, 2006 for the Alabama City/County Management Association. The audience included 150 of the top city and county government officials in the state including Mayors, City Managers, County Commissioners. The well researched message entitled EMPOWER YOUR TEAM FOR SUCCESS was customized to meet the needs and challenges of this diverse group of professional managers.

Held at Peridido Beach Resort in Orange Beach, AL the meeting planner, Mignon Bowers recommends Dr. Thom A. Lisk to any meeting planner needing a motivational keynote speaker for an important meeting.

Dr. Lisk provides many value added services when he is hired as a speaker or seminar leader. This program was two hour in nature with lots of humor, overheads or powerpoint slides, and audience interaction. Thom interviewed several of the participants before the event to insure he delivered material that was on target.

The overall theme of this conference is FOCUS ON PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT. If you want your management team to focus better... call Dr. Thom Lisk @614-841-1776 today for more details about how he can serve your organization.



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