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Dr. Thom A. Lisk, LCSE

2017 Newly Updated

Lisk Keynote Speaker in Texas

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"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care ... about them!"

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Lisk as Woody Hayes Personality

People report that Thom is the "best results producing speaker" they've experienced over the past 40 years. Thousands of people have benefited from Thom's speeches, seminars, books, radio/tv programs, now with razor sharp new programs on personal and professional achievement. The quality of his 21st century strategies are combined with common sense how-to's, an inspirational entertaining delivery, audience participation and lots of humor, thus making him a guaranteed home run.

Noble Living for Success & Happiness, and Blueprints for Building Your Business are Thom's umbrella themed programs.

See options below

Lisk inspires and teaches how to improve behavior towards important objectives... improve behavior you improve results. Lisk is humorous as required, and motivational, an excellent keynote speaker offering other kinds of speeches, seminars, trainings, workshops, facilitation, etc.

  • Leadership, Management, Executive Excellence, Time Empowerment, Success Strategies
  • Customer Service, Teamwork, Stress Reduction
  • Marketing/Selling/Business Development
  • Organizational Development--Goal Attainment

    Seetopics below

  • Motivation with Humor, appropriate for any group

  • Blueprints for Building Your Business Seminars (Sample brochure)


Dr. Thom Lisk and wife Lorna recently

Thom does:
Woody Hayes
Bobby Jones Character
Phone: 614 841-1776

Thom offers integrity, innovation, insightful wisdom, new ideas, charismatic energy, appropriate clean humor, exact blueprints for success, motivation for implementation, stories people can relate to all custom-tailored for each audience.

He has an award-winning background that qualifies Thom as your best speaker choice: national and local corporate executive, over 2000 speeches or seminars for diverse audiences,  #1 topic expert educator and trainer, excellent formal education, association President, business owner, former #1 Branch and Regional Manager supervising 30 people by age 25, college instructor/guest lecturer, Director/VP for world-famous company supervising 300 people at age 32, respected community, church, family leader, author. Thom is an entertaining and award winning motivator with great keynote speeches or seminars as he is dedicated to Life-Long Learning Excellence!

From Steven Lineberry recently...

"Hi Dr. Lisk! 30 years ago I took your two day seminar. Fast forward 30 years. I want you to know how instrumental you have been in my business career. I kept the book you provided on my desk--it has traveled with me all over the USA! What I learned from you in those two days with you, literally changed my life for the better, and built a solid foundation for my sales and management life. I now am based in Chicago and also have a home in Florida on the 14th tee of a golf course... thanks to you--Thom Lisk. I had little success before I met you,
Dr. Lisk, and I truthfully can say your Blueprints for Success program changed the course of my life for the better. I know your programs are great now too!"
Thom's Seminars, Speeches, Coaching, Workshop Topics:


Outlines and/or a paragraph description of each topic can be provided--email: Each speech, seminar, or workshop is customized for each client. Sample descriptions now follow...
adad 2017
Now New Messages!

Growing faster, growing stronger, growing better every year!

Dr. Thom A. Lisk - Pictured after KEYNOTE SPEECH,
Sugarland, TX (Suburb Houston, TX USA)

Imperial Sugar - Oldest continuous company in state of TX
- 2nd Largest Sugar Co. in USA

1. Keynote and Other Speeches

Leadership, Management, Executives

Thom's hot topics for 2016+ are several of the above. Ask for specifics based on your need. Learn how-to apply new innovations to solve problems with strategic thinking, motivation. Thom's books and materials all contain research, blueprints, and tools for your increased success. Speech titles can vary and are tailored as each message content is custom tailored for you. Speeches are usually 30 to 90 minutes, you decide.

2. Seminars, Breakouts, Funshops

Customer Service, Teamwork, Attitudes

Every organization needs to continue to improve
both internal and external customer service; Thom's
blueprints for your success can include teamwork
development, positive attitudes, and again any of
the topics boxed above in a a seminar format.
Rather than a workshop, try Thom's funshops!
Please ask for specifics, anywhere from 90 minutes
to all day or two day customized seminars.

3. Training, Facilitation, Webinars, Coaching

Selling, Marketing, Promotion, Business Success, Goal Attainment

People report "Thom Lisk is the most qualified person to energize and activate our people... they sell and market smarter for more profitable results. Thom's fees pay for itself through the increased revenues gained." Blueprints are provided that are proven to work, if they are worked! Ask for details, outlines, materials or books to see value. Excellent client references below and ask for more.

"All the World is selling" - Dr. Thom A. Lisk

4. Custom Education, Workshops, Motivation

Organizational Strategies, Human Resources, Mentoring, Fund Raising

When needed assessments and/or pre-program questionnaires are administered. Gain objectivity through need identification and analysis from an expert outsider; coaching and/or small or large group workshops coordinated with HR personnel, as one
example of how-to insure ongoing motivation for improvement. Thom can help you make difficult decisions that guarantee you fulfill your mission and vision; help to reach your goals. Phone or email Dr. Lisk today! Phone: 614-841-1776.

CE approved--Continuing Education Courses given by Dr. Thom Lisk for several professions in the past--ask by phoning or emailing for details now.


(Phone: 614 841 1776)


Thom Lisk has given inspiring speeches and seminars for organizations just like yours! A partial list of those satisfied clients is featured below... see the quotes and clients below, please. Thom guarantees his speeches and seminars are motivational as required with the right mix of content, humor, how to's, etc. GUARANTEED!


An outside expert, Thom will get to the heart, bring Spirit to your people and team, and because he delivers the results you want, your people will have more success. Ask for outlines of any or all Lisk programs, please. Whether you operate a for profit or non-profit organization Thom is skilled and experienced at helping leadership teams focus on mission, vision, and help you reach your best purposes and goals..


Thom Lisk is a proven leader at developing customer loyalty--this is more important than mere customer service which he also can help you upgrade both with your internal and external customers now. He will show your team how-to work together in a fun way that will focus them on any and all of your important goals. Guaranteed!


Titles of speeches and seminars are often customized around our client meeting themes or needs. "Sales Management for Your Future" was a program given, as an example, for the international convention of SALES & MARKETING EXECUTIVES INTERNATIONAL in New Orleans. "How to Plan & Win the Profit Game" was a program given for a large entity in Hawaii recently. Dozens more examples (including Negotiation Skills Success) can be given about how Thom provides how to's for your success. He is the author of Become #1 in Selling! , a comprehensive 365 page bible for your sales and marketing success. Twenty (20) different modules (ask for specifics) are available for training or speeches, all customized to your needs if required. Fund raising blueprints!


In these topic areas Thom offers you wisdom, depth, substance and humor to work with tough issues and people. He can help you reduce conflict and deal with difficult people and challenging times successfully. "On Purpose Living: The Mission is You!" is an example of a program given for Clemson University. Nationwide Insurance hired him to help their stressed out tech people, but also so did a large association for their business owners. Thom understands the challenges of everyone in your organization--he has walked in their shoes. His empathy is real, he really cares about you and your people.


Whether in your personal or career life Thom has the carefully researched how-to blueprints and inspiration you need. After all, personal and career go hand in hand. "Time Empowerment" is good for any group as proven by the seminar given for the Judicial College of the Ohio Supreme Court. People say Thom helped them in their roles at home by showing them how to invest time wisely for "Organizational development success". The unique "Wheel of Life" shows you how to invest your God-given 168 hours each week better, thereby partner better everywhere and also create a more significant life.! Ask for complete details.


Thom shows you how-to maximize your human resources and potential for more success and/or happiness. Lisk is a communications expert. He can provide thinking skills that help you to avoid problems or solve them fast. He will become your friend... others will like you more for hiring Thom-Terrific Lisk. Guaranteed! Lisk is the author of the new national best selling book about Presentations Skills (click here for details). Research proves conclusively that education and presentations are better received "on the wings of humor"--Lisk delivers all programs with humor!   He wrote the book! Contact Thom Lisk today!--Phone: 614-841-1776

(Outlines for all Thom's programs available).



"Your seminars last week in Hawaii were some of the best received in my 50 years at these events. You tailored your program, Thom, so expertly."
Jerome Hershman
, Music Distributors Association (International)

"Very positive feedback from several employees who said they enjoyed it tremendously."  Betty McHale, Director of Human Resources, Cellular One

"I have used various speakers from your area for meetings including (named several well-known people). As an Executive director of a statewide Association who is in the meeting and convention business, you Thom did a comparable to or better job than anyone we have hired." President, ORMCA

"Thank you for your terrific program along with often noted expert at our annual convention." National Association Executive

"Inspired our management team to greater heights. All positive comments due to style and content. Motivating."
National Vice Presiden
t, United Photographic Industries

"1300% increase in sales and income due to your seminar"
Veteran Agent, Farmer's Insurance

"ENTERTAINING & INTERESTING! My time was very well invested." 
Boise Cascade

"Pleasure to observe an artist ply his craft. Thom Lisk is terrific!"
Vice President, Ross Labs

'The best program ever given at our National convention."
Meeting Planner, National Business Forms Association

'Very helpful! I have accomplished more on the job and also taught others. I highly recommend anyone to participate. Thom you are terrific!"
Director, Ohio Farm Bureau

I highly recommend Thom Lisk."
Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year

'The Recorders were very pleased with both of your convention programs. You can really motivate a group to try more."
President, Ohio Recorders Association

More Testimonials and Photos of Thom Lisk -Click HERE

Ask for more references and quotes from Thom's hundreds of satisfied clients--some may be in your type business, industry etc. - 614 841 1776

Background - Business, Education,Personal ( Highlights)

Thom Lisk is currently the President and Executive Director for Professional Speakers Bureau Int'l, a worldwide association of speakers that serves as a bureau booking hundreds of different speakers (500 are featured on this website alone with 5000 speakers on file at Thom's offices). Lisk is the recent Winner of the prestigious Norman Vincent Peale Lifetime Achievement Award in Speaking (with people like Art Linkletter, Elizabeth Dole, etc.). See His Books..
Today Lisk is a seasoned leader and speaker with over 1000 paid speeches or seminars given for organizations of all types in over 40 USA states and several countries. Yet, he also volunteers time to contribute to leadership teams when not traveling to serve his clients (see partial list below) or giving a SPEAKERS' Showcase his dynamic, inspirational, humorous, high content tailored programs get results.

Thomas (Thom) A. Lisk, BA, LHD, CSE is a proven leader of leaders, as well as leadership lecturer, keynote speaker, consultant and facilitator of leadership topics topics including all those above (ask for details)  for both profit and non-profit entities: empowerment, strategic planning, personal development formation, organizational development, sales, marketing, and ethics for profit and non-profit entities. Thom has a personal message about overcoming many adversities (not just stress or change) including near death to persevere and experience success. This makes Thom believable and someone that all people can easily relate to, learn from, and gives you -- the meeting planner -- a standing ovation or at minimum "Terrific!" evaluations.


Click here for Bio Continued..

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Partial list of satisfied clients (topics vary based on client needs)

Ask for others.


Corporate Clients

3M Corporation *Airstar Corp. *Allnation Insurance *American Express * American Airlines *American Farm Bureau *Better Business Bureau of KS * Book Wholesalers, Inc. *Butler Company *California Omega Controls *Columbus Dispatch *Corporate One Credit Union *Consolidated Communications Fairview Hospital *General Electric *Goldwell, Inc. *Honda Corp. *Huntington Nat. Banks *Hyster Mideast *IBM *Insty Printing *KPMG *Krono's Inc. *Liebert Corp.*MCI *Marriott Hotels *Nationwide Insurance *Patio Enclosures *Pfizer Inc. *Pro Ed Communications *Raytheon Corp. *Rosenburg Forest Products *Royal Oak, Inc. *Sara Lee Foods *Saturn *Wendy's Int'l *Tampa Electric *Trans Union, Inc. *United Auto Group *UPS *WA Public Power *World Gyms *WBNS-TV

Professional/Associations & Conventions

American Academy of Dental Group Practices *American Society of Assoc. Executives *Automotive Service Association *Boards of Realtors (dozens) * Chambers of Commerce (20) *Construction Specification Institute *Hospice and Palliative Nurses Assoc.  *International Platform Assoc. *Million Dollar Round Table *Mortgage Bankers Assoc. of the Bluegrass *Meeting Professionals Int'l *Music Distributors Assoc. *IN Soc of Assoc. Executives *Int'l *National Assoc. of Purchasing Management *Nat. Assoc. of Store Fixture Mfgers. *National Auto Auction Assoc. *National Cattlemen's Beef Assoc. *National Management Assoc.(20) *National Safety Council *NY Veterinary Medical Assoc. *OH Assoc. of Realtors (30) *OH Concrete Masonry Assoc. *OH/MI Equipment Dealers Assoc. *OH Petroleum Retailers *Sales & Marketing Executives Int'l (20) *South Caroline Health Alliance *TX Insurance State Officials *WI Ready Mixed Concrete Assoc.


Defense (Federal) Supply Center *Dept of Science & Technology *Franklin County Engineers *Offitt Air Force *Ohio Supreme Court *Center for Urban Progress *Franklin County Clerk of Courts *Illinois Parks Recreation *Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality *Motor Vehicle Administration *Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation *OH State Government (10 Departments) *Philippine Government *Society of Government Meeting Planners


*Ateneo University MBA instructor *Bucyrus Public Library *Burbank School *Capital University *Columbus State University *Christian Heritage College *Clemson University *Georgia Dept. of Education *Graduate School USDA *Martha Jennings Holden Foundation *Missouri Federation of Teachers *OH School Boards Assoc. *The Ohio State University *Western Illinois University  *Youngstown State University *University Risk Managers Assoc. *University of New Mexico
Several School District August Kick-off Keynote Speeches for all faculty, administrators, support personnel

Religious or Other Non Profits or Community Service

Broadway United Methodist Church (and many other Protestant or Christian Churches) *Catholic Churches (40+) *Kentucky Baptist Convention *Kiwanis Clubs (10) *Knights of Columbus (10) *March of Dimes *Optimist Clubs (3) *Rotary Clubs (150 different dates!)*United Way of Central Ohio *WVA Home Support Services (and dozens more!)

Christian Life Happenings, Speeches, Seminars by Dr. Thom A. Lisk


(Ask for other organizations or groups more relevant to your niche if needed for references purposes.

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