Terry Wildemann


An international bestselling author, Terry Wildemann is an authority on merging professional development & practical law of attraction to skyrocket results in business and life. Terrys speaking, training and coaching awakens the possibilities in her audiences minds and hearts.

An international entrepreneur and business woman with 30 years of experience, Terry shares her Shiftology Process and Positive Results Blueprint with executives, teams and entrepreneurs to break out of the repetitive hamster wheel of life. Her systems, combined with her refreshing out of the box approach, offer innovative opportunities to discover untapped possibilities.

How Does Terry Serve Her Audiences?

When speaking, Terrys energy of trust and confidence creates frequent AHA moments. Using humor from life experiences, Terrys audiences quickly connect with an Ive been there appreciation. With her on-stage presence and easy style they begin to Break Out of Their Shell and tune into their own heart wisdom and brain intelligence regardless of the topic.

What Make Terry Unique?

Terry searched for practical and innovative solutions to help her refocus her own training and coaching business after experiencing several energy extinguishing burnouts early in her 20's and 30's. These episodes greatly interfered with her ability to work passionately with her employees, clients and family. The results of her search were processes and blueprints that she now uses when working with stressed
out executives, teams and entrepreneurs to help them awaken untapped possibilities and discover solutions to create positive results in leadership, communications, sales and service.

Terrys Keynotes and Programs - More topics available upon request

Communicate to Awaken Workplace Positivity

Dominique moves so fast she wont slow down to fully listen to anything you say. Ivana constant- ly talks and you cant get a word in edge wise. Steadman is so quiet you have no clue how to en- gage in a conversation with him. Conrad punches holes through everything you say and do and is always negative. How do you work with these folks and motivate them? Terry shares the answer to this question, and many others, as she shares with her audience how to understand why peo- ple say what they say, do what they do, and think as they do. By learning positive language that influences others to take inspired action, opportunities present themselves that contribute to- wards creating a positive and thriving workplace culture.

Practical Law of Attraction: The Art of Awakening the Possibilities and Creating Positive Results

Excellent leadership and management, whether you are an executive or entrepreneur, is about identifying ideal projects for business growth; the tasks needed to move the project forward, and understanding how to motivate people to accomplish those tasks. In this keynote, Terry shares the necessary steps that are often missed to achieve the expected results, and why they are cru- cial to create success.

Zap the Stress: Shift the Chaos!

Terry enthusiastically shares the truth about how the race to achieve work/life balance can actually create more stress and what to do about it. Audience members learn how to quickly revitalize
from burnout with stress zapping and chaos shifting techniques that improve decision making, workplace relationships, performance, and overall health. Take back control with tools that create calm and ease.

Vanquishing The Time Robbers

Traditional time management programs are often very linear by putting everyone into the same box, and it just doesnt work! In this speech, Terry offers thought provoking insights and asks pow- erful questions that will shift perspective on time management and work/life balance. Questions includes: *Does work/life balance really exist? *How do Time Robbing words, thoughts and behav- ior affect your life?, *We all have the same 24 hours. Why do some folks seem to have all the time in the world? , *How we create our own anger, frustration, overwhelm and exhaustion and what to do about it?, *What steps to take manage time on YOUR TERMS, YOUR WAY. Learn easy and valua- ble tools that help you live a more fulfilling life and create calm and ease.


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