PSBI Meeting Planner Video Showcase Speaker Tips
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Written Introduction

  • Please provide before Showcase - sample may be provided

  • Must be 45 seconds or less to read

  • May be studio recorded with music - voice over intro

  • Sell your topic. Emphasize your experience that qualifies you to speak on that subject

  • Please follow printed guidelines which are provided

Total Length of program

  • Not to exceed 11 minutes

  • 30-45 second intro

  • 10-11 minutes of program (Timer in front row)

  • 30 seconds of closing music with graphic on video added later

  • Speakers who exceed 11 minutes of total program time could be charged at a rate of $35/minute over or fraction thereof by bureau's production Co.

Men’s Attire

  • Dark suits—look professional - Avoid plaids, stripes, or checks

  • White shirts & pastels OK - Avoid striped or checked shirts

  • Ties - Play it safe and bring along a spare or two

  • Eyeglasses will reflect light - Ask your optometrist for “lens coating” or wear empty frames.

  • Lavaliere Mic: Clip-on provided

Woman’s Dress

  • Light or bright colored outfits—look professional - Avoid plaids, stripes, or checks

  • Bring at least one alternate outfit

  • Accessories - Bring along a few scarves

  • Lavaliere Microphones - Wear a belt and remember we have to put the microphones somewhere


  • Slides or overheads can be Edited into tape for additional fee - You can use visuals at Showcase

  • Flipchart is OK but looks cheap on tape, etc

  • Best idea: Blowups of letter-sized graphics into B&W posters

  • Share hotel rental cost with other speakers who use AV projection screens.

Handouts! (Your brochure)

  • Giving audience handouts will greatly detract from your video as they will appear to be asleep on video as they look down.

  • 100 one sheet brochures or flyers provided to the bureau two weeks prior to the event for insertion into a portfolio

  • Send Bureau friendly materials

  • Questions welcome: 614-841-1776

Speakers schedule for the day

  • 2 minutes between each speaker

  • Lunch is not included in registration speakers participate/network

  • 7:00-8:00 AM-Setup

  • 8:00 AM-Welcome and Q and A session with the Bureau for speakers only

  • 8:30 AM-1st speaker

  • 12:30-1:30 PM-Lunch Break

  • 4:45 PM-Last speaker

  • 10 minute AM and PM break

  • Do not leave or enter a room except between speakers, please!

  • Speakers, please provide your book(s)/tape(s) for free drawings to get your name mentioned

  • Drawings throughout the day to hold the audience—your name mentioned

  • Offer book(s)/tape(s) for sale to all in attendance—Back of room

The Audience

  • Audience members may be asked to change seats after every few speakers; sit in front rows

  • The bureau will promote the event to meeting planners in the area by mail; many by phone, by E-mail, or Web, Social Networking if possible

  • You can bring anyone as your guests

  • you can earn 5-12.5% for bookings of the other speakers to your planners thru us: Send referrals to the Bureau - 614-841-1776

  • Our goal is for 100 in the audience

  • Other speaker bureaus invited

  • Pre-registered and prospects lists may be provided for follow-up

  • We collect business cards for drawings—addresses and phone numbers can be provided to you for follow up (Bookings through Bureau)


  • **Will be available for $7 each in any quantity for you or bureaus from video company (CD, DVD) posted to Youtube/Web etc

  • Dubbing masters available from video company

**subject to change


CD and DVD master can be made from the video master for $35

Copies available in quantity at discount

Masters and copies are available

Any still frame of your video can be captured in black and white or full color and used in your video brochure for $25 each

Available in either MAC (.pict) or Photoshop 3.0 for Windows (.bmp) format, or most new formats

Video Production Time

  • Six weeks or less after the event for finished tape

  • A copy is mailed direct to you from the video company, at your expense

  • Approve, ask for edits, and order tapes for yourself and for our bureau use

    - any format tape

-1-2 weeks after event footage copy available and sent to speaker

Video Production Company

  • Tape cover design available

  • Custom editing services available

  • Multi-media seminar/products

  • Computer generated slides/overheads inserted

  • Electronic/Multi-media animated presentations

  • Electronic sound cues

  • Professional Video Brochures on any format included

Customization Available From Video Company

  • Custom opening and closing slides can be inserted for extra charge to video company

  • Insertion of exiting slides or video for $100 extra

  • Insertion of Speaker’s Own Music for $50 extra - Provide to video company on CD

  • Insertion of Speakers’ Own Narrator for $50 extra

  • Ask about other options/details

PSBI Speakers Group Value-Added Services, Pt. 1

  • Pictorial marketing brochures (ask for a copy) by niche—we can add you to one

  • One sheet promotional brochures—help if needed

  • 30% booking commission (send your fee schedule please, for our files)

  • Referral fees to you of 5-12.5%--ask for details

  • Free back-up speakers (you!)

  • Books & tapes—How to’s for success—ask for details

  • Free fee structuring and negotiating advice. We want to help you earn $$ and get bookings

  • Advice on product development to increase your income—call us with questions 614-841-1776

PSBI Speakers Group Value-Added Services, Pt.2

  • Meeting planning and association management services-ask for details

  • Confidential list of all in attendance at Showcase can be available (all bookings through Bureau)

  • Trust, integrity, value

  • Marketing and attempts to book you ongoing after the Showcase—stay in touch with PSBI

  • Unlimited topics from Bureau

  • Audience follow-up to sell speakers by Bureau

  • Ask about being added to Bureau website:

PSBI Speakers Group Value-Added Services, Pt. 3

  • No one can offer all speakers. Some are exclusive or will not accept business through any bureau. We can serve as your exclusive agent (ask for benefits) although in most cases, this is not best for you

  • Free admission to certain persons at Showcases who need to hear you “live” to preview you (lunch optional)

  • Discounts for speakers who do multiple showcases—ask for details

PSBI Speakers Group Value-Added Services, Pt. 4

  • Option to have your brochure available at our Showcases for only $100 if you do not present at the Showcase

  • Showcase speakers are guaranteed 100 of their brochures will be given or sent to best market prospects—send 100 to bureau before showcase

  • Sell your books or tapes at the Showcase or booked events by the Bureau (we earn 10%)



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