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Registration form for speakers linked below—read this first please!

Why a meeting planners showcase along with video taping option (and completed new demo tape) and the other coaching services, networking opportunities, pricing strategies, marketing ideas for speakers, etc. all for a very affordable fee?

(Read this and then see showcase fees/registration form link below)

Good question! Speakers have invested $10,000+ to create a positive demo video DVD that generates the image and results they demand. We can offer the same thing to you for less than 10% because we team you with a group of speakers—we make our money primarily booking speakers—and a top production company.

Speakers that have a great tape—NOT JUST ON THEIR PERSONAL WEBSITE--are easier to book by bureaus. You need one to mail out and so do we BUT we can also add your footage to our bureau website and you can add the new tape to your site!

Often a better demo video tape pays for itself with one MORE booking, often at a higher fee DUE TO THE BETTER DEMO DVD demo tape. You can use the tape to book yourself and we can use it!

A showcase combined with the creation of a video shoot solves two of your biggest challenges! YOU need to be booked and would like to be booked on an ongoing basis from your office… and by bureaus.

You must have a professional looking demo tape, DVD (digital formats) to compete for the BIGGER assignments and to generate bookings and higher fees. The demo tape is an essential marketing tool today. We save you time and money! We can make help you earn more money! You must perfect and deliver your message often to fulfill your mission; marketing is always the key challenge. Showcasing has many benefits including learning from other speakers at the event and from the bureau.

Allow us to help you now.

During your eleven-minute showcase with PSBI you have several options:

You may offer a condensation of your keynote or best seminar presentation that has a beginning, middle, and end. This approach is ideal for meeting planners who want to preview your program but cannot or will not watch your entire program whether live or on a website or DVD you (or the bureau) mails them. Quality demo tapes saves meeting planners time and money hiring you—they like you (and bureaus) more for this service!

You may present an 11-minute excerpt from an extended program. This clearly informs the meeting planner/buyer that your preview is merely a small segment from a longer program. You or we distribute your literature to tell the whole story of all your offerings.

Advanced speakers use the SPEAKERS RETREAT TO ADVANCE SHOWCASE to generate new video clips (in any format desired) to be assembled into a more elaborate video or CD brochure. These advanced speakers’ simply record 1-3 minutes sound bites during their 11 minute (some arrange two 11 minute spots) showcase performance.

Opening narration or special affects and audience shots can be included but is best added later in the studio—story board it. This can be further explained to you during our coaching times before or after the Showcase we can help you format your story to sell you via your demo tape or tapes. (Yes, some speakers have a dozen clips of them speaking for the same or various audiences on their website to prove their worth.)

Now what must I do?” See the following please…

REGISTRATION for Retreat to Advance Speakers Success Showcase


Meeting Planners are invited to preview speakers “live” at these evens and even though we send invitation to hundreds we can not guarantee they will attend.

Current schedule for Showcases


Participation fee $500 + video services explained further below ... make an investment in your future as a speaker. Tips for preparing to be video taped for a quality video will be provided.

(We create a budget to promote and host the event from this fee—goal is 20 speakers minimum for a $10,000 budget to make each event BIG! We need 15 speakers fully paid six weeks before each event to sign host hotel contracts and create the promo brochure to mail to the meeting planners who are invited. If we do not have 15 paid we may postpone the event and speakers will be notified immediately… some speakers are allowed to showcase twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon—32 total eleven minute showcase spaces possible.)

Total investment (tax extra) includes everything and finished tape $1100 but only if you need it all… please read this…

Options include: Participate and be promoted for $500, be taped and the tape is not “finished”, you get raw footage, you can add to your website, and your investment is only $700 total (other bureaus have no video option and ask $900 to participate only). And…

Participate in the showcase and not be taped at all and your fair share fee is only $500. We need a budget of $10,000 to promote, host, follow-up these events so with 20 speakers, 1/20th equals about $500. We earn a profit when we book you and we work hard to do that both before the event and after each event.

If you are taped and it is “finished” as described elsewhere in this material, you invest a total of another $400 and this includes having your tape posted to your website FREE!

We quote you to meeting planners at whatever fee you give us and earn now industry standard 30% commission. All clients from the showcases that want to book speakers must be booked by the bureau. We want to book YOU!

Tapes available to you in any format, CD, DVD, Digital audio, etc. (Mastering fee can be extra and is paid direct to the video production company)

Phone Thom Lisk at 614-841-1776 with questions or to register now or use below….

Complete and fax the form. Or provide this info by e-mail.

For preferential scheduling for your showcase time register ASAP as speakers are asked to complete a TIME SLOT REQUEST form after paying a minimum non-nonrefundable but transferable to any future showcase… 50% deposit.

Limited numbers of speakers allowed at each showcase

Register today by phone, email or use the form!

If you register before six weeks of the event, you will be featured on the brochure inviting a few thousand meeting planners or HR Managers, Association Executives, etc, and others to attend.—A sample brochure may be mailed to you and you can invite others too! We may have an opening for a speaker two days before an event so call us anytime at 614-81-1776 to register for any showcase—if you qualify.

Retreat to Advance Showcases fees are not refundable but are transferable to other scheduled event locations.

Fax this form linked today after completion to: 614-846-3803 or email it to PSBI. Confirmation & preparation details will be sent to you!


The registration form link (PDF file)



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