Rosalie Gaziano


Rosalie Gaziano
2002 National Mother of the Year.

Rosalie Gaziano Bio:

Phi Beta Kappa graduate of West Virginia University, Rosalie is the mother of five successful sons—including one Rhode’s Scholar—and grandmother to nine. She is the author of Mothers Speak...for Love of Family, an inspirational collection of stories about family and motherhood; It’s Your Turn, Chickadees, a travel insight book; and Seasons & Celebrations, a Mediterranean cookbook, written with the input of her family, which includes experts in cardiology and fitness at Harvard.

Rosalie was selected as 2002 National Mother of the Year by American Mothers, Inc. During her reign, she found the stories she heard from mothers across the country as courageous and powerful. American Mothers, Inc. agreed with her and asked her to write her latest book. She is currently writing another cookbook concentrating on recipes that are healthy for the heart.

As she has worked with National Symphony activities and created a local festival, she is often asked to speak on Event Planning as well as inspirational topics to young families, who wish to grow together and stay together.

Being an author, and especially because of her duties as 2002 National Mother of the Year, Rosalie has achieved a high level of media experience in print, radio, and television. She has appeared nationally on CNN and MSNBC as well as on many regional broadcasts.


Speaking Topics Include ...

Creating a Rich Family Life
Innovative ideas for creating strong family bonds. Filled with real-life examples from experiences from a large Italian clan as well as stories from mothers around the country.

Balancing Family and Career
Insights from both traditional and modern families. Tips for helping prioritize and find creative solutions for busy young families.

Celebrate the Seasons with Traditional and Healthful Foods

Based on her book, Seasons & Celebrations and years of blending the essence of traditional holiday cooking and meaningful traditions into our busy modern lifestyles. Cooking demonstrations possible.

Family Celebrations and Rites of Passage
Inspiration for implementing rites of passage for ever family with examples from many cultures and religions.

The Rhode’s Scholarship may have been Won at the Kitchen Table
Inspiration for continuing the tradition of eating together as a family, listening and growing through problems and insights while being nurtured.

Choosing Love Again and Again
Love is a choice, not an emotion. Clearly this is an explanation of how families work best knowing that they must find ways to choose love over and over if they are to survive.

Prayer—A Family’s Greatest Support

The basic human need of support through every trial and even every joy can best be found in prayer. Praying together and praying alone are both described with suggestions for individual practice.

Pilgrimages for Modern Seekers
Our search for meaning today and for depth can be found in walking on holy ground. Suggestions for journeys to the sites of saints and heroes and ways to find yourself along the way.

Mini-Breaks Beat Burn-Out
The need to take time to recharge our bodies and souls is paramount in this stress-ridden world. Even 24 hours alone can change a crisis into a peaceful outcome. Ideas for implementing restful breaks with an emphasis on the value of solitude.

Innocents Abroad — Traveling with Your Family
Entertaining stories of international family travel with children, including ideas of how to enjoy family vacations while expanding the mind and enriching the soul.

Connecting with Family in a Disconnected World
In this transient world, families are often disconnected by distance but can be brought together by visits, story telling, creative projects, and even videos.

Creating Celebrations for Entire Communities

Applying the same basic formula that enriches a family gathering, events can become community building. With examples of festive days, musical events, and fund raising. Logistics and planning details with tips for creating successful events.


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