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Lessons on Failure & Success
From the World's Leading Expert

"Randall Bell is master of disaster"
Los Angeles Times

"Bell is an expert"
Time Magazine

"Uniquely qualified -Bell really shines"

Wall Street Journal

When bad things happen to good people, they call Randall Bell. As an economist, Randy has gained global recognition by helping governments, businesses and individuals deal with the impacts of crimes, man-made, environmental and natural disasters.

His work has taken him to Chernobyl, nuclear test sites in the Marshall Islands and to some of the country's most infamous crime scenes, including the homes of OJ Simpson, Jon Benet Ramsey, and the Heaven's Gate mass suicide mansion.

Through his research. Randy has uncovered some simple rules about failure and success - how our attitudes and behavior can create disastrous results or phenomenal achievement.
Now, he has organized these experiences into a fascinating presentation, where he leads you through his hands-on involvement with high-profile disasters, what he learned from them, and how these insights can directly create value for you and your organization. This is real information from a top damage economist and problem-solving authority, who has tackled some of the world's toughest challenges.
Join Randy for his unique perspective, compelling case studies, and learn how you can build a game plan to avoid life's pitfalls while establishing a framework for high achievement.
Randall Bell is the author of an industry-standard textbook and
Out of Bounds: My experiences with high-profile disasters and what they tell us about failure and success.
"Rehabilitator" People magazine

"Bell works to erase the memories" New York Times

Bell has earned the name, Dr. Disaster" CNN

"Bell is a nationally known expert" Chicago Tribune

"Analyst with a specialty" MSNBC

"His colleagues call him Dr. Disaster" NBC

"From the home of Jon Benet Ramsey to the heaven's gate mansion, Bell gets the call" Entertainment Tonight

"Dr. Disaster has a prescription for problems" San Francisco Chronicle

"Turns crime real estate into prime real estate" Extra TV

"A nice guy with the title, Dr. Disaster" FOX - Bill O'Reilly


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