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"Hearing Neil speak makes me feel proud to be a human being."
-- Lee Glickstein, Be Heard Now! Tap Into Your Inner Speaker


Dr. Neil Fiore brings a rare combination of skills and experience to your seminars, keynotes, and banquets. Neil learned his leadership skills – literally, “in the trenches” – as a paratrooper with the 101st Airborne, as a manager for Johnson & Johnson, an Economic Analyst for Shell Oil, and as a Licensed Psychologist.
Neil is the author of four books, tape and CDs for Nightingale-Conant and Hypnosis Network, as well as articles in The New England Journal of Medicine; Coping; San Francisco Chronicle; Working Woman; and Boardroom Reports.
Dr. Fiore is a recipient of the University of California’s Award for Distinguished Achievement and Boardroom Reports named him one of the Top 10 Self-Help Gurus.

Keynote & Seminar Descriptions

BENEFITS from Neil Fiore’s customized presentations. Participants will gain the tools to:

  • Inspire your members and employees to rapidly identify problem patterns and shift to solutions
  • Reduce down time, healthcare costs, and worker comp claims by creating cooperative work environments that minimize stress and direct energy toward getting results.
  • Enhance customer and client service by improving communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Get more of the right work done by learning to focus on top priorities
  • Increase productivity by creating an action plan that lets employees know what to do and where and when to start
  • Reduce personnel costs and accidents by improving employee satisfaction and retaining your key


Keynote and Seminar Topics:

PRODUCTIVITY SKILLS: Taking Charge of Your Life and Your Time
Overwhelmed by multiple demands and constantly putting out fires? Lost site of your
top priority work and your personal vision? This presentation will give you and your staff the tools to deflect low priority distractions and focus on the projects that contribute to the bottom line. Your audience will learn:

  • To get focused on the task rather than the personality
  • The 5 phrases that distinguish procrastinators from top producers
  • Effective management and self-management skills that integrate every member of your team around your mission and objectives
  • To play a leadership role in taking charge of own life
  • The language, negotiating skills, and vision of an effective leader – what it takes to achieve your goals more rapidly.

EFFECTIVE COACHING – Of Yourself and Others
Get unstuck from your old ruts by learning how to unify your energies and your team around your core values and vision. You’ve read the books and taken the usual training – from Stephen Covey to TQM to “thinking outside the box.” You know what to do, now get the tools to implement the knowledge. Effective Coaching gives you those tools – both the strategic perspective and the tactical application that pulls it all together, propelling you toward your goals, making success not only possible, but inevitable. Learn how to replace ineffective coaching with “The Language of Producers” – firing up the best in yourself and your team. Take control of your attitude, your coaching and your actions.

PEAK PERFORMANCE ON THE JOB: How to Work Faster & Easier in THE ZONE
Why struggle to make only small improvements when you can get into The Zone where you fly over obstacles and perform far beyond your usual abilities and expectations? Learn to shift from simply trying harder to working smarter with the focused concentration and optimal performance skills of champions. Access inner resources to reduce stress, stay focused on your objectives, and create a strong, unshakable sense of confidence. Accelerate your learning curve by applying these essential peak performance skills to outdistance competitors who use conventional training programs.

TURNING STRESS INTO SUCCESS: How to Perform Under Pressure

Learn to:

  • Harness the energy of stress and use it constructively
  • Identify and eliminate the attitudes, inner dialogue, and patterns that cause self-induced stress
  • Discover how working with less stress significantly reduces employee burnout, absenteeism and turnover while increasing morale, commitment, and productivity
  • Choose to get your "stress inoculation shot" – that rapidly re-directs the energy of stress into productive action while making you more robust against future stress

THE HUMAN SIDE OF CHANGE: Its Impact on Your Profits and Costs
Change impacts the bottom line by effecting employee satisfaction and your ability to maintain profitable customer relations. Reduce the high cost of losing key employees and customers by equipping managers with the personal skills to handle ongoing change and improvements. In an era of global competition and corporate restructuring, it is imperative that managers have training in the Human Side of Change and Transition. Participants leave this seminar confident in their understanding of the process of change and in managing their own attitudes and work habits.

or How Jumping From a Perfectly Good Airplane Changed My Life
Stop stalling and start achieving. Break through inertia, indecision, and procrastination. Get started on the projects that make a bottom-line difference. Learn to choose an attitude and focus that contributes to your success while minimizing the chance of failure. Whether you’re parachuting from an airplane or making corporate decisions, there’s no room for ambivalence. Learn to use the “power of choice” to break through obstacles and fears and to become productive within one minute. Learn how balancing work and home makes you better at both.


Health and Wellness Topics Include:


  • The power of quickly shifting From Worry to Wonder to make more energy available to the healing wisdom of your body
  • The use of meditative-relaxation techniques to lessen stress in one-minute
  • How the safe, healthy expression of strong emotions supports your immune system
  • How a realistic approach to illness and medical treatment and active participation empowers patients and lowers their stress, anxiety, and worry
  • How the job satisfaction of healthcare providers results in greater patient satisfaction


While most healthcare professions are familiar with the physiologic aspects of the stress response, most can benefit from considering – for themselves, their staff, and their patients – how to manage the physical and psychological aspects of stress.
Participants will learn:

  • The 3 major ways we evoke the stress response
  • The 3 C’s for staying robust against stress
  • How Effective Self-Management Skills quickly reduce stress hormones
  • How “Mental Toughness” allows you to Perform Under Pressure without being stressed
  • Focusing techniques that improve performance and productivity while decreasing anxiety and worry


Dr. Fiore’s Partial Client List:

* Amgen Pharmaceuticals
* AT & T
* Bechtel Power Corporation
* Calif. School of Professional Psychology
* Catholic Healthcare West
* Coit Cleaners
* Commonwealth Club of San Francisco
* Esalen Institute
* Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
* Georgia Society of CPAs
* Health Care Social Workers

* Kaiser-Permanente Hospitals
* Kaplan Testing Service
* Levi Strauss
* Manteca School District
* National Assn of Professional Organizers
* National Human Resources Association
* New York Open Center
* Northern Cal Society of Clinical Hypnosis
* San Francisco Association Executives
* Stanford Hospital
* Smithsonian Institute
* Union Bank
* University of California
* United States Coast Guard
* Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals

What Dr. Fiore’s Clients Are Saying:

Excellent! You provided practical business examples we could take back to the office and
communicate easily to managers. Your presentation was a conference highlight.

-- Pat Hurley, Conference Coordinator, National Human Resources Association

Effective techniques were identified by your clear, informative, and stimulating presentation.
Members appreciated the opportunity to participate at whatever level they chose. You were
pivotal in making our Administrative retreat worthwhile for our team.

-- Bernadette Smith, Chief Operating Officer, Seton Medical Center

I have taken several courses at the Smithsonian, but never one that I have enjoyed more. I appreciated all the concrete and practical examples you gave for implementing your self-coaching system. This was the first time that I have been exposed (by book, audio tape, or lecture) to a "self-help" system and came away believing that it just might work in the real world. Thanks again for an outstanding seminar.     
-- Barbara B., Attorney, Washington, DC



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