Liz Cosline


Liz Cosline

Author - Motivational Speaker - Survivor

Liz is a concise orator who is organized, knowledgeable and charismatic.  It has been said of her that she has the ability to captivate audiences with conviction of speaking from the heart and the experience of an expert. Liz speaks with a respect for others.  She speaks with a no nonsense down to earth approach which is easily understood. She focuses on the basics of human motivation, the need to be a part of something bigger by each human, and how to see your role in the success of the organization and individually. She looks at life, activities and work as possibilities or opportunities that people should not let slip by.  

Liz has been in different management situations with a diverse background, a teaching degree, has coached sports teams and employee teams. She also has received many awards from different working environments because she has found what works from the difficult employee to the employee ace. 


1. Team Building - Building tools for bringing a team together, having people feel a part of the team but what is often forgotten- the maintenance of the team. Getting a team to have confidence in the team.

2. The Drive Within - explores what the drive within is composed of and how tapping into it this is the way to succeed. Whether it is business or home situations it is the drive within that gets us to solve problems, integrate solutions, find new ways, and excel.

3. Inspirational - How to be inspirational in a consistent way in every day life. Why should employees follow you from their point of view? This entails having work more than just a job and building reputations day to day. Having ways of being inspirational daily moves people towards being leaders for others. Showing how the small events make big statements over time that lasts.


Originally born in Philadelphia and after college where she received an education degree, moved to New Hampshire for business transfer.  Liz has been in business management for over 23 years. She has become an author with four books published to write about the possibilities of life whether work or home life. She also writes articles for ezinearticles, and  Has received several awards for team building and motivation of employees along with productivity of work groups.  Have worked in different areas of management such as transportation, health care, and police work. She has an emphasis on the drive within that occurs in every person and how to tap into that. 

What they say about Liz:

She has so many innate leadership qualities and she knows how and when to use them. Best of all, she is a great teacher and a patient listener. If you are looking for who's got the tools and experience, she's you jackpot.
Jeff Snader- Owner
Universe Point

Liz is a natural leader. She is able to see the "big picture" and inspire all those that work with her. One of her strongest attributes is her ability to communicate with her colleagues.
Joseph Pepe Catholic Medical Center

I imagine that Liz's application of her management style and leadership would serve any business enterprise seeking to motivate their employees to meets objectives and goals.
Don Ernst - Chief
Fernwood Public Safety Department

She has the ability to step back, assess a situation, and then follow through with the decision she feels is best for those involved. It immediately assessed that Liz was a strong leader.
Mary Butler - Administrative Assistant
Pelham Memorial School

One of the best Mentors I have ever encountered was Liz. Liz is a person who can get your mind thinking outside of box. Pushing the boundaries in thought process.
Jamie Jobin- Supervisor
Catholic Medical center

Ever since author Liz Cosline had a near-death experience in 2001, her outlook in life had changed. Everyday is the same, yet she looks at the world around her in a more universal way. Transcendental Sojourn follows her exploration of the expanding possibilities of humanity’s capabilities, as well as her personal search for God. She acknowledges darkness but sees the light.



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