Captain Larry Brudnicki

He saved his employer $5 billion dollars...
...And saved 7 lives during
The Perfect Storm...
...Using the same 7-Step process to make difficult decisions

Captain Brudnicki is the real-life Captain of the Coast Guard ship that performed two dramatic rescues during the worst storm in more than 100 years, which became known as "The Perfect Storm" and inspired the book that was on the NY Times best-seller list and the blockbuster movie.
You have seen Captain Brudnicki on: ABC, the History Channel, National Geographic, The Learning Channel, Discovery, The Travel Channel and the Weather Channel.



The Perfect Storm - Courage Under Pressure:
A powerful and inspirational keynote that strikes a perfect balance between the exciting adventure of a legendary rescue mission on the high seas and practical examples of the courage, leadership and teamwork that every organization needs to succeed in a highly competitive business environment. Audiences will feel like they are right alongside Captain Brudnicki as he relives the dramatic story of two daring rescue missions during the worst weather in more than one hundred years, and they will they gain insight into how to succeed in a situation they can't control and confidently take action when they don't like their options.

The Perfect Storm - 7 Steps to Making the Right Decision Every Time:
This keynote provides the perfect balance between inspiration and a versatile process that the audience can immediately use make difficult decisions when they don't like their options. It combines the exciting adventure of a legendary rescue mission on the high seas with practical examples of the courage, leadership and teamwork that every organization needs to succeed in a highly competitive business environment, and it also includes the 7 Steps to Making The Right Decision Every Time. You can't eliminate risk if you want to achieve a worthwhile goal, but you can manage it to increase your chance of success.

These are the same strategies that Captain Brudnicki successfully used for a wide variety of high-risk missions with international visibility: Counter-Drug Operations, Illegal Migrant Interdictions, the America's Cup, the Exxon Valdez oil spill, Alaska Air FLT #261, Seizure of a Chinese boat in the East China Sea, converting all federal buoys to solar power and a Presidential Inauguration.

Co-Author of: Real World Management Strategies that Really Work


What people are saying about Captain Larry Brudnicki's presentations...

"Larry offered a riveting tale of risk management in the ultimate life or death scenario. His message had direct applications to our business model and the critical decisions that our senior operations managers face every day in a very competitive commercial environment. Hard hitting, yet entertaining • we thoroughly enjoyed his presentation"
— Glenn Eddy, Senior Vice President, Maersk Pacific, LTD.

"A compelling story that was entertaining and thought-provoking. The audience drew parallels between the rescue mission and the "Economic Storm "facing the Port of Oakland. The concepts of setting goals, being prepared, understanding the risks and working in teams are principles that can be applied by any organization facing challenges."
—Richard Wiederhom, Director of Planning, Port of Oakland

"What a remarkable presentation! It was the perfect match for our audience -- dynainic and engaging. Your positive impact made this event successful."

—Kelvin Anderson, Chairman, Hewlett-Packard 2003 FTUG Summit

"Your perspective on safety was refreshing. Many thanks for an outstanding presentation."

—John O'Green, Director, Safety & Health, American Electric Power

"You applied our current business climate to analogies with the Perfect Storm and tied in risk analysis and teamwork. We appreciate the extra time and effort you put into making our meeting a success. You exceeded my expectations!"
—Marsha Short, Director Operating & Member Services, Southern Gas Association

"A very compelling and dynamic presentation.. .you made risk management interesting, something I considered outstanding keynote speaker."
— Don Zook, Member of the Board, Project Management Institute.

"You spoke with a rare eloquence, conviction and sincerity. You truly inspired and motivated our managers and supervisors."

—John Del Re, Director Facilities Management, Memorial Hospitals Association

"Inspiring! I will always remember that even during the most difficult of situations, there is an opportunity to rise up and give your best effort."

—Tony Badger, Board of Directors, Richardson Bay Maritime Association

"You blended humor and a vital sense of reality to the importance of readiness in accomplishing our mission. We were sitting on the edge of our seats. You helped make our Conference a phenomenal

— Ardis Meier, DoD Pharmacy Board of Directors

"We are at a crossroads in the development of our organization and your presentation gave us hope that perseverance, endurance and teamwork will win the prize."
— Tom Cocchiaro, Chairman, The Ranger Foundation.

"Our members agreed that your presentation was the highlight of our Annual Meeting."
—Diane Kennedy, President, New York Newspaper Publishers Association

"I've worked with many speakers and presenters and I wish they were all as professional and flexible as you are."
—Carolyn Meraw, Meeting Planner, Dare Mighty Things - NG Challenge Program Directors Meeting


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