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When a friend asked why she had to drive so fast, the logical thinker replied, "If the blind lady drives fast, she has less time on the road and that makes the road safer for everyone."

Joy no longer drives, but nothing will ever stop her. She has the energy of that bunny you see on TV. Legally blind since birth, but not told until she was 35 years old, she received both a bachelors and masters degrees never being able to read a page out of a book and receiving no reading assistance. She is now an adjunct professor of accounting at the Masters level. She talks to people throughout the country about financial matters, from what companies are telling you in their annual reports to how to use that information to make you and your company more profitable to how to pay off debt quickly without refinancing and with no additional funds.

Her personal story has inspired audiences both young and more mature. She never says it, but if she could do it, why can't I? is a question many attendees have as a closing comment.

Workshop Titles

  • Successful Financial Statement Analysis for Nonfinancial Managers
  • Successful Cash Management for Non-financial Managers
  • Obtaining Financial Freedom
  • Writing a Successful Business Plan
  • Successfully Writing a Loan Proposal

Keynote Topics

  • Financial Management Success Today
  • Financial Freedom
  • Managing a Successful Business
  • Nike® Said it, So Just Do It!

What People are Saying

    Joy speaks to the part of America that hasn't been addressed before... Financial Freedom for the Masses. - Jack Federan, Education Training Coordinator, Ford Motor Company

    Joy sure knows what she is talking about when it comes to finance and investments. She hit the nail right on the head. Her plain talk helped many to better understand their finances. Virginia Nicoll, Older Women's League Thank you for the excellent presentation at our general leadership meeting. Your enthusiasm held the attention of the audience I only wish I had heard you many years ago. However, the information will be most valuable in the future. - Barbara Jewett, American Red Cross

    Three of our members called me first thing the following morning with congratulations on a great meeting. One said she learned more than any other meeting; it was the best AMS meeting she had ever attended. - Dolores Goerlitz, President, American Management Society, Detroit Chapter

    I wanted you to know how much I liked your seminar. In particular, your dynamic delivery made the presentation more interesting, rewarding and useful. - Thomas E. Leahy, President, Proof Services, Inc.

    Your leadership represented a significant contribution to an elevation of stature of the conference. I am enclosing the results of the workshop evaluation. As you will note the scores were extremely high and the entire committee is quite pleased. - Catherine Gase, Business Development Specialist, US Small Business Administration

    Joy is one of the most impressive, inspiring people I've ever encountered in any of my professional or academic endeavors. She has an astronomical amount of in formation and skill in the world of finance. Joy is the most dynamic speaker I've ever known and moves me to do more than I thought I could. - Mark Bartkiewicz, Education Training Coordinator, Ford Motor

    The talk was informative, exciting, dynamic, participatory, fun, and delightful. There are probably more adjectives I could use, but I did not have my Thesaurus available to me. - Diane Cutler, Butzel Long Gust Klein & Van Zile

    Her experiences and accomplishments, her outgoing personality and apparent self-confidence provide the foundation for her speaking endeavors. Her sense of humor has often been the best medicine. Thanks this sense of humor, Joy has worked around the many obstacles she has had to face. Her casual conversation has already been an inspiration for many. - Ginny Stolicker, Oakland Press

    I congratulate you on getting my husband to do something I thought he had forgotten how to do — laugh. The attendees are still talking about how much fun they had and how inspirational you were. - Doris Atkinson, Charter House

    The evaluations received indicate that your keynote address was well received. I would have to say that you probably touched more people than you or I will ever know. - Vivian Fahle, Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency, Region 10 MOSNA

Partial List of Clients

  • Ford Motor Company
  • UAW Local 1250
  • UAW Local 990
  • UAW Local 600
  • University of Detroit Mercy
  • CeaseFire® by Dis-Cover®, Inc.
  • AFG of Metro Detroit
  • Hispanic Small Business Association
  • Small Business Administration



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