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"Greg Bennick: a juggler of objects and concepts"

- The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Congratulations! You have found Greg Bennick. Your search for the right presenter for your event is over. We know that the perfect speaker is hard to find. You need someone who will capture the attention of your audience with new and exciting ideas, offer a dynamic presentation, and who will entertain as well as communicate. Greg offers world class presentations in the following areas: motivation and achievement, personal empowerment, humor and laughter, and life enhancement. Greg entertains while educating, inspiring laughter and guiding audience members through a deeper understanding of life itself!

By meeting with clients in advance either in person or over the phone, Greg ensures that he has a thorough knowledge of what you want to make your event a success. His track record is impeccable and impressive:

• Bank of America called on Greg to speak at promotional events with attendees numbering in the four to seven thousand attendance range in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Honolulu, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Houston, Phoenix and over twenty other cities across the west coast of the United States.

• Boeing trusted Greg with headlining the international press event that brought hundreds of correspondents from all over the world to learn more about the release of the 777 aircraft line.

• A national agricultural consortium flew Greg to Tampa Florida in the spring of 2007 where he entertained over two thousand people to rave reviews in their most important networking and team-building event of the year.


Concepts and comedy combined!

Greg Bennick guarantees success by relying on a strategic approach to learning. He entertains while educating, maximizing the audience's ability to retain information. The following core concepts are included when he speaks on personal development and motivation:


Having limited time is a benefit, not a liability. It’s all a matter of perspective; your group must have the correct outlook in order to achieve its fullest potential. Are your eyes open to capture the moment and take advantage of important opportunities when they arise? Greg is a recognized expert in the field of life enhancement, having produced a multi-award winning, internationally acclaimed feature film about the topic, as well as sitting on the advisory board of an international organization dedicated to increasing human inspiration and compassion. As one client recently said, “Greg makes his audiences smarter while making them laugh.” That says it all.


Greg's presentation utilizes audience members as volunteers throughout the show to give immediate, visual examples of working together and how that can lead to success. A successful organization promotes enhancement of the individual and recognizes that the skills brought by each person are vital components. Confidence and self-awareness are at the core of any valuable team player. Volunteers in the show come out on top, using skills they never knew they had before. To experience Greg's presentation is to see self-empowerment joining forces with teamwork: the perfect combination.


Leadership is a state of mind. It’s not about bossing people around nor is it a job description. It's about having a vision, direction, and a sense of purpose. We all live complex lives. Organizing priorities means keeping the bigger picture in mind. We need to find balance in the midst of apparent chaos as numerous tasks fly before our eyes at once. When your attendees watch Greg triumph over chaos, it will become clear to them that they can apply these concepts to their own lives.

Inquire also about "ACCOMPLISH THE IMPOSSIBLE" training sessions:

Greg also leads seminars on redefining impossibility, delivering his message through hands lessons in the art of juggling for your employees. The lessons available from a struggle with gravity are endless. Recent participants at a regional conference of health care professionals in Virginia rated the "Accomplish the Impossible" session "excellent" and "outstanding" across the board. Of course, full references are available upon request.

ALSO AVAILABLE from Greg Bennick:
"Flight From Death: The Quest For Immortality"

All around the world, event planners at theaters, conferences and universities worldwide have discovered and enjoyed a most fascinating presentation: Greg is the co-producer and co-writer of the feature film "Flight From Death: The Quest For Immortality", a multi-award winning film that successfully explores the motivations for human aggression and violence. The result of four years of work and filming worldwide, Flight From Death is a film that demands attention and will leave your audiences speechless. Greg utilizes twenty years of experience as a professional speaker and entertainer to present an easy-to-follow approach to the subject matter that ties the concepts in the film to the work of your organization.

"This is the most thought provoking film I've ever seen."
- Anne Upton, Northern Lights Documentary Film Festival, Newburyport MA

An event looks like this: Greg introduces the film by giving an overview of the ideas to be covered. The film, which runs approximately 90 minutes, is then shown. Following the film, Greg delves deeper into the implications of the film's central ideas. He closes the evening by taking questions from the audience about the film's creation, its concepts, and what these ideas could mean to the world at large in terms of diminishing anxiety and violence. The entire event runs approximately two and a half hours.

"One of the most ambitious documentaries ever made, and without a doubt, something that every thinking moviegoer should see."
- Jeff Megahan, PBS Australia

This event has been a huge success in cities around the world. Successful presentations have been held in dozens of cities as well as at colleges including New York University, University of Minnesota, University of Washington, Skidmore College, Central Michigan University, Utah Valley State College, University of Alberta (Canada), Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland), and at University College (London, England) and many others.

Selected clients include...

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State Farm Insurance

New York Life
United Way of America
Bank of America


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