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Greatness is Never an Accident!

About Dawn Billings

I am the co-founder of Inspiration Points Media, an internet based company that provides daily inspiration to parents, couples and individuals and helps combat some of the garbage that we are bombarded with everyday. It takes just a “Dawn” minute to change the direction of your day.

I also serve as a consultant to Executives and Organizations within the U.S. focusing on teamwork, improving productivity and retaining top talent within an organization. I travel nationally as a relationship expert and a highly sought after speaker and trainer who specializes in entitlement issues that are currently plaguing our society. I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, while my doctorate studies focused on Organizational Psychology. I have been in private practice as a licensed counselor for nearly fifteen years, coaching people who want to live happier, richer, more connected, successful lives.

I am a presenter for the legendary Love and Logic Institute, where I train teachers, administrators and counselors how to inspire children to live the greatness within them. I have written 15 books including Greatness and Children: Learn the Rules, Entitled to Fail, Endowed to Succeed: America’s Journey Back to Greatness, Greatness is Never an Accident and my classic fable, The .Perfect Heart, but I am most proud of the fact that both of my sons Tony, 27 and Corbin 18, are awarding winning contributors to their communities and to the world.

Relationship Advice That Works

"Finally the Relationship Advice You Have Been Searching For." What Went Wrong With Our Relationship? It Started Out So Good will teach you exactly what went wrong and how to make it right again. You are here because you are interested in saving your relationship. I am here to help you. Don't worry that you are confused, afraid, and you don't know where to turn. That is a pretty normal and understandable way for you to feel right now.

For over 15 years I've been working in with couples, and families in an attempt to understand what causes some relationships to fail while others survive. Well, GREAT NEWS, I found the answers. And now I want to share them with you.

I know how much you want to save your marriage and you know that ending a marriage is no way to solve relationship problems, but you aren't quite sure what to do...I understand.

The information I have for you teaches the irrefutable laws of attaining and maintaining happy and successful relationships by using simple, effective, time-tested techniques filled with love, emotional intelligence, and logic, but more importantly, it clearly identifies the greatest enemy of happy, successful relationships. Wouldn't you like to understand for once and for all, what is destroying the love that started out so good?

The fight for your marriage is the most important one you will ever fight. I am sure that you have been doing all you know to do to make your relationship work, but you may not understand what needs to be done, because you may not completely understand what went wrong. I can help you discover that passionate, loving relationship you have always wanted.

I have discovered what destroys love in a relationship and how to get it back. This information works, it's simple, it's logical, it's powerful, but most importantly, it works.

I have discovered precisely why some couples are able to keep their love alive and others aren't. Fifteen years of diligent research has finally paid off, and now I want to share it with you.

Isn't it time you took the time to understand where it all went wrong? Isn't your relationship worth such a small investment to discover how to turn a miserable relationship into one of happiness, fulfillment, and ecstasy?

I have created the What Went Wrong With Our Relationship easy to understand program. It has succeeded time and time again in saving troubled marriages from divorce or separation, and it WILL aid you in saving yours. I extracted the best and most effective ideas from my 15 year private practice, and broken the information so that anyone can follow it to revitalize even the most damaged marriage.


Parenting Advice that Works


"Do yourself and your children a big favor READ THESE BOOKS! As a motivational speaker, I have read hundreds of self-help books and, as a parent of three boys, many more on how to be a better parent. These books stand out from all of the rest. They contain a deeper kind of wisdom than most. I firmly believe that reading these books will leave you both a better person and a better parent who can truly help your children become the great people they were born to be."
Jack Canfield,Co-author, #1 New York Times Best Selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

Parenting is wonderful but challenging job. It is probably the most important job that we will ever attempt. But most of us attempt it without learning the RULES for aiding our children in developing the greatness within them. During my 15 years in private practice parents have come with many questions, but one of the most important is, "How do we motivate our children, inspire them, lead them, and guide them in a way that will aid them in creating the kind of life for themselves that brings them joy and makes a difference?"

The answers to these vital questions are available to you in my Greatness is Never an Accident



Endorsements for Dawn's Speaking:
A sample of what others are saying about Dawn!

" When I watched you on the platform today, you blew me away. You 've got the gift."
Les Brown, author of Live Your Dreams, and It's Not Over Until I Win.

"Tri-County CASA Advocates, Board Members Staff, and community guests were privileged to hear Dawn Billings speak at the Hope for Hurting Children Banquet. Dawn was well prepared and professional in her remarks. She had armed herself with knowledge of the CASA program and tied it beautifully with her own experiences. Her presentation was fluid and flawless despite minor difficulties with the sound system. What I liked most about Dawn's presentation was her ability go connect with her audience. She held the rapt attention of the crowd of nearly 300 and there were many moments when I fought back tears as I listened to her heart-felt remarks. It was a pleasure to work with Dawn. She arrived promptly at the appointed time and place and graciously received guests until long after the program ended. I can highly recommend her as a motivational and impassioned Speaker."

Melynda Stone, Program Director for the Tri-County CASA

"Dawn is a wonderful speaker! Her views on entitlement issues are powerful and her answers to some of societies biggest problems are profound. Dawn and Corbin 's books are great too. I left Dawn's pro­gram with a new sense of hope, direction, and control over my future."
Mike Jett, Director of Technology, Northeaster State University

Our managers loved your presentation of "Altering Attitudes: I'm All for the Road to Excellence, It's the Potholes I Hate" at our Road to Excellence Conference 2995. The evaluations were excellent. A few comments include: "Awesome speaker. What a great presentation; The best I've heard in 4 years; provided a totally different way for me to look at life as well as work; the enthusiasm, personal experiences and analogies very good; Her storytelling was exciting." Thank you for making our conference such a success.
Deena Palmer, Manager Employee Relations, Human Resources, Oklahoma Dept. of Transportation

"Dawn is passionate and alive. Participants leave her presentations feeling as though there is new hope for the future of their dreams, as well as the world. Comments included: "'" "She is Great! Bring her back. What a great surprise! She is Insightful and Inspiring!" I would highly recommend her and have her back."
Sue Ellis, President of the Edmond Task


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