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Directional Speaker - Author
Trainer - Coach

"When you know where you're going, all you need is the right compass to direct you there."

Want a speaker who will grab your audiences’ attention and keep them captivated?

Who will bring results for your organization? Who entertains as well as informs? Who has
provocative ideas which will last? Who creates a buzz and boost conference morale? For your
events, you want Ché Hill.

Topic Areas:
Goal Setting, Motivation, Entrepreneurship, Leadership Development, Career Planning
• Annual planning meetings
• Awards programs and banquets
• Conferences and seminars
• Corporate training programs
• Diversity programs
• Goal setting meetings
• Leadership retreats
• Sales meetings and conventions

About Ché Hill

Ché Hill is a true motivator and living example of passion on fire (and trailblazing entrepreneur). His directional workshops and inspiring keynote addresses enlighten and instruct people on how to transcend mediocrity. His passion-based techniques provide a catalyst for achieving the maximum personal and professional development of character and vision. His passion and vision is simple: to provide qualified direction to those whose life lacks purpose and fulfillment. By inspiring people to tap into the under used power of their passion, they are provided with a life compass that will bring them residual success throughout their life.

As an award-winning salesman, business owner, accomplished writer and dynamic speaker Ché is no stranger to success, and is qualified to teach individuals and organizations how to achieve theirs. The directional themes used by Ché not only engage the mind but also truly touch the heart leading to action. Ché has been featured in various publications,television news shows, and radio programs.


Interactive programs and action packed seminars

• Take A.C.T.I.O.N Now!
• Passion: Your Compass for Life
• Facts of Life: Preparing Today to Succeed Tomorrow
• How to Thrive Not Just Survive in Business and Life
• Sales Made Simple for Entrepreneurs
• Leadership in a Changing World

Benefits of Ché’s message:

Clarity of Purpose—Qualified direction allows a person to choose the right path for their life and leads to true fulfillment and satisfaction.

Harnessing the Power of Passion—When passion and vision come together one can truly achieve their life's purpose. You transcend mediocrity and become extraordinary! When you have passion you have power.

Moving Beyond Motivation— When employees, students, and sales people act on purpose they
become the driving force that propels organizations, companies, and communities to the next
level. Participants walk away with these plus many more positive benefits when they are exposed to Ché’s inspiring and powerful messages.


Ché Hill has inspired audiences across the country and across a wide range of industries. His messages are:

Ché you spoke on all levels with your topic. The wisdom I received on passion was priceless. You sparked a fire in me to learn more about my passion and purpose. What a wonderful concept and outline for life!
—Camellia M. Johnson, Author of What Now?

“Ché provided a dynamic and informative training session. His presentation on ‘Leadership in a Changing Environment’, provided us with the necessary tools to effectively deal with these changes.”
—Billy C. Clark, President, National Black
Coalition of Federal Aviation Administration

“The people who participated in this event left with a refreshed spirit and a greater understanding. Through your presentation you were able to metaphorically touch each of us in a special way. The thoughts and ideas you left with the masses will not soon be forgotten. I extend my sincere appreciation to you.”
—Calvin R. Smith, Territory Mgr Dept of
Treasury IRS North Texas Territory

“Ché, just wanted to thank you for conducting such an inspiring workshop. Thanks for doing what you do and for being such a positive spirit!”
—D. Ramzy, Author & Writer

“As a result of our session, we are now focusing more on our goals, channeling our energies better and utilizing the skills you taught us to build strategic alliances. We appreciate your enthusiasm and highly recommend you and have recommended you to other organizations.”
—Pamela Ngunjiri, President, Garden of
Gethsemane Center, Inc.

“Mr. Hill, it's not everyday that an Agency can be honored with such a dynamic and articulate speaker. Thank you for your powerful and inspirational presentation. We truly appreciate receiving such a thought provoking and powerfully strong delivery.”
—J. Adamson, Program Specialist, USDA

- Action International Texas
- Avis
- Haggar Clothing
- Jerell Clothing
- IRS North Texas Territory


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