Bernhoff A. Dahl, M.D.

It has been said since ancient times...

That to know how to live, one must first learn how to die.

Rescued from a "near-death" experience, Dr. Bernie Dahl lives to share...

Lessons for Living from a Mt. Washington Misadventure


October 23, 1999, Mt. Washington, New Hampshire.


It was truly a dark and stormy night, perhaps the darkest and stormiest night of my life, for I came to within            five key minutes of death... my death... because my rescuers were about to give up! As a pathologist for over 30 years, I had developed a close professional relationship with "death and dying ... certainly not with my death!

During the long night, as I lay waiting for rescue in extreme wind and snow conditions, with wind gusts to 98 miles per hour, and then waiting for my death, I had abundant time to think about living... to think about dying.

Bernhoff A. Dahl, M.D., author, speaker, consultant, humorist, and veteran mountaineer shares his life-threatening experience in a positive, motivational, and inspirational message focusing on three admonitions:

Be prepared to die! Have a plan to live! Do it now!

" A wonderful, inspiring story of self-discovery and spiritual renewal."
                   -Rev. Robert Carlson

" …adapted skillfully to our young audience."
                   -Anne Mundy, Librarian, Bangor Public Library

"You were the highlight of our annual meeting."
                   -Bill Hay, Society for Respiratory Care


 Dr. Dahl's story to be featured on The Learning Channel's StormForcell series.

Dr. Dahl is available as a keynote speaker as well as for workshop/seminar presentations which are :

  • motivational and inspirational
  • entertaining and interactive
  • adaptable to a wide range of audiences

Dr. Dahl is a Board-certified pathologist and entrepreneur who has successfully applied unique principles of organizational design /dynamics and leadership skills with a focus on strategic planning to a wide range of professional and business ventures.


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