Andre L. Beaudoin


When he was totally paralyzed by polio at fifteen months old, Andre's parents were told he would never have the strength to raise his head off his pillow. From this inauspicious beginning, Andre has achieved respect and recognition as a successful salesman, sales manager, entrepreneur, and speaker.

Andre's 25 years of successful sales and sales management experience began with door-to-door sales for Fuller Brush and Cutco Cutlery. After attaining his marketing degree, he directed the expansion of a local phone room with 18 employees to a regional telemarketing center with four offices employing over 300 sales people for Homecraft Industries. He has been involved with network marketing as both a participant and consultant, receiving awards and recognition in each capacity.

Areas of expertise:

  • Effective goal setting
  • Developing action plans
  • Monitoring progress
  • Maintaining a balanced life
  • Use of affirmations
  • Self-discovery & acceptance

Captivating Keynotes

    Andre's emotionally charged stories touch the hearts of his audience. Through laughter and tears he creates the bond of trust, which opens their minds to his powerful lessons. People begin to dare to envision the possibility of achieving their best, and learn how to do so.

    Overcoming Obstacles
    The Key To Continued Progress

      The comical events of Andre's personal challenge of climbing a fence are paralleled with the typical problems encountered when attempting to achieve organizational objectives. Creative problem solving, team building, and perseverance are the central themes of this presentation.

      Your team will discover new ways to:

      • Identify and use current assets more effectively.
      • Improve on existing operational systems to increase efficiency.
      • Work as a team to achieve what couldn't be done individually.

    Convictable Commitment
    The Key to Achieving Goals

      Andre interlaces the heart-rending story of his parents' commitment to his recovery with the excitement of trial court to teach the differences between wishes, dreams, desires and goals. The importance of clearly defined goals, sharing objectives with others, along with the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategic plan, are the focal points of this presentation.

      Your team will be inspired to:

      • Raise their expectations of what can be achieved.
      • Clearly define their objectives.
      • Increase their personal commitment.
      • Produce and monitor a congruent action plan.

    You Choose
    The Key To Peak Performance

      Andre uses events that everyone experiences in the course of the day to demonstrate how subtle changes in thinking and speaking habits can substantially affect results. Increasing the conscious awareness of how thoughts and words affect attitudes and demonstrating how to align them to positively impact performance are the principal messages of this presentation.

      Your team members will learn to:

      • Recognize negative thought and speech patterns.
      • Phrase their thoughts and words in positive, uplifting formats.
      • Improve their own and fellow team members attitudes.
      • Increase performance by speaking well of themselves.

Stimulating Seminars

    Andre adapts his memorable stories, clear "how tos" and challenging exercises to meet the needs of every type of learner. Each participant receives the attention s/he needs to understand and embrace new ideas and techniques to create the work and life they desire.

    Convictable Commitment
    The Key To Achieving Goals

      Attendees will convert dreams, wishes, and desires into achievable goals and objectives with a congruent plan of action. Resulting in increased productivity, the achievement of objectives, and exceeding of organizational expectations.

      Your team will learn to:

      • Focus their efforts for maximized impact, effect, and profit.
      • Establish measurable, trackable plans that insure the accomplishment of objectives.
      • Escape the pitfalls of conflicting agendas.
      • Increase support from family, friends, and coworkers, reducing retention problems.

    Maintaining Vision & Focus

      Attendees will gain a critical understanding of the power of words and thoughts. By maintaining a positive focus on the organizations vision and plans barriers are eradicated, ideas are empowered, and changes necessary to compete in today's evolving markets are accelerated.

      Your team will gain:

      • Increased effectiveness and influence during meetings and other engagements.
      • Confidence, preparing them to take on challenging projects and successfully complete them.
      • The ability to maintain a positive attitude even in the face of doubt and criticism.

    Who Are They?
    Identifying Personal Powers

      Attendees discover their own and other team members intrinsic assets and distinctive talents. Knowing what motivates specific individuals maximizes their performance. Attitudes and efficiency are improved by matching tasks to talents. Team leaders are able to gain respect by demonstrating a better understanding of each individual.

      Your team's effectiveness is improved by:

      • Delegating task effectively for a more efficient pursuit of organizational objectives.
      • Investing time and energy in productive activities, reducing training and evaluation cost.
      • Understanding who, what, where, when, why, and how incidents affect their attitudes.


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