Alfonso Castaneira

Alfonso is founder of Business Success Institute and the creator of Dreamgineering™ The life and business technology that allows the individual to understand and apply the powerful process of making dreams real. He is also the creator of "ALERT" Accelerated Learning, Education, and Reinforcement Technologies. He shares with his audiences 4 powerfully captivating messages:

    1. On Dreamgineering

    • Having a Dream implies the ability to reach it
    • Dreaming in business comes before the Vision and Mission
    • Making Dreams real is not a haphazard activity, Dreamgineering is the process

    2. Learning Organizations and the Human Learning Process "ALERT"

    • Children are by far the best learners of the human race because they play and have fun
    • As adults we can exponentially increase our learning ability if we do as children do
    • Experiential Learning, Fun, Play, and Games is the new model for adult education
    • As Adults we instinctively become connected when we allow ourselves to be children

    3. On the power of Integrity in Relationships

    • Relationships created from the heart with integrity are the key to long term success
    • In business or everyday-life, the relationships we create define who we become
    • If we open Our hearts and our minds we find that most people are truly wonderful
    • Understanding our inter-connectedness transforms and enriches our relationships

    4. On Competing through Cooperation or "Co-opetition"

    • A paradox we must comprehend if we are to grow beyond our human limitations
    • Competition through cooperation is the only way to really win as a society
    • In our essence and true nature we don't compete - it's impossible - We Cooperate

ccelerated Learning, Education, and Reinforcement Technologies

    ALERT is the result of research into the human learning process and how to improve adult learning, its a powerful methodology that dramatically increases our ability to learn any subject

    ALERT is three distinct Technologies, one focuses on the Learner, the second on the Educator and the third on the Reinforcement process necessary for learning.

    The reinforcement part of the technology has to do with the principle that if you want something truly learned you have to reinforce it. ALERT allows the educator to create methods of reinforcement even when the learner was exposed to the material only once and the "teacher" is no longer around to personally reinforce.


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