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    1) Provide the perfects speakers for you. You can search this website or call or email us

    2) Market you for bookings! Phone 614-841-1776

    2) You save time and/or money working with us! Better than Google! Client Companies

    3) Save you time/money--any budget

    3) Guaranteed emergency back-up speakers

    4) Showcase you

    5) Negotiate important details

    5) Negotiate Fees for you

    6) Insure your success

    6) Insure your successful meeting

    8) Coach you for serving clients

    8) Provide any topic

    9) Help you advance career

    9) Provide almost any speaker

    10) Provide an association of speakers from whom you can learn and network

    10)Check out speakers (pre-screen them). You   eliminate possible speaker problems due to        booking speakers from this bureau!





Meeting Planners

Phone: 347-948-3263

Phone: 347-948-3263


What is Professional Speakers Bureau International?

Dr. Thom A. Lisk, Founder

  1. The company is well named: Professional. We are an association of speakers where you meeting planners can research and schedule speakers. We work to help speakers upgrade and market. And we always offer pre-screened quality speakers for each client based on your criteria. Phone us! or Email us first.
  2. This speakers bureau--PSBI--is not an exclusive agent for speakers but we work in concert with other agents and bureaus around the world, as needed, to help clients get nearly any speaker.
  3. Please realize... ordinarily like all other legitimate speakers bureaus we offer speakers at whatever fee they give us so we do not mark-up speakers fees. A client does not pay a premium for a speaker from this bureau. We sometimes are able to get speakers at a fee less than when booked direct because many speakers like to work with our bureau and we potentially bring them many more clients
  4. Speakers... you will be glad to know unlike other bureaus we pro-active market speakers and you need not be an established or veteran speaker. On this website which was first established in 1996 we have added speakers a few a year ever year so now we have nearly 500 speakers with 1-3 pages of material about them on this website, email us material if you think you can qualify to become a member and receive all the many benefits, and possible bookings.
  5. Meeting Planners can save time and money in a variety of ways due to booking speakers
    from this one stop shopping center for speakers. We don't discount speakers fees without their permission. Example: Recently  we negotiated an Olympic Gold Medal speakers fee from $10,000 to $2000.
  6. Meeting Planners love our FREE back-up and replacement speaker service. This operates like a FREE insurance policy anytime you book a speaker from our bureau. If the scheduled speaker has an emergency and can not appear and your show must go on we get your a suitable replacement. One meeting planner wrote, "You saved my job when you got me a replacement keynoter!"
  7. This bureau can act like a search firm for the busy meeting planner or for a committee of people looking for the right speaker. Tell us as much of your criteria as you have established, we know the questions to ask to help you pinpoint your ideal speaker. We will do a FREE search for you and provide options.
  8. This website offers all kinds of valuable services for both meeting planners and speakers, and we are constantly updating and expanding this website to better serve you. You can navigate it yourself and note at the bottom of every of 1000+ pages you will find our contact information as with below.
    A) We have fat files on 5000 speakers in our offices but 500 can be found on this site--click here or ask about our top 100 experts.
    B) Want to see a long but partial list of topics of speakers on this site?-- click here
    C)   Want the best book in America for how to be a success as a speaker?--click here
    D)    Now please realize... if you do not find the specific speaker you want on this site by using the Google search engine on our Topics page simply phone or email us to save time!
    E)   Showcases are great vehicles for speakers to market themselves and when sponsored by this bureau a speaker can get a videotape and many other valuable services. -- click here  
    F) Meeting Planners find our "LIVE AND IN PERSON" Showcase
    events a great way, historically the best way, to preview speakers before hiring speakers. On our Showcase page we also are adding video clips of speakers, as with their individual pages but nothing is better than a "live" Showcase where a meeting planner can preview a speaker and meet him or her!--click here
    G)    Our speakers fees page on this website simply provides a policy statement--click here.
  9. The President/CEO and Executive Director of this great association of speakers, a bureau for booking speakers as well as offering services to speakers, is Dr. Thom A. Lisk.  This humble man is possibly the only person in America who has not only booked over 1000 different speakers starting in 1977, but he also has given over 1000 paid speeches or seminars himself. He is a meeting planner who has also scheduled hundreds of meetings so we understand you many challenges and we offer help!
  10. Our bureau only offers Dr. Lisk, as with any speaker, when we are certain he is a great choice for a client, and then when he is offered, as with most booking situations at most speakers bureaus, he is one of several speakers in the desired topic area a meeting planner can choose from.
  11. If you want a BIG name or celebrity speaker or sports or media speaker--ask for that person by name by phone 614-841-1776 or email at
  12. We offer meeting planners many options for every booking need!!! Thom Lisk -- click here -- and remember all material about speakers on a website although extensive may be rather generic.  In many cases Terrific Speakers customize messages and material to each clients needs. Don't be rash and come to the wrong conclusions simply based on what you briefly read or see on a short video clip --
    Ask our seasoned and very experienced opinion to avoid possible unforeseen problems! Thank you.
 White papers by Thom Lisk

1. Finding the Perfect Speaker Demystified
Save time and money finding the right speaker

2. Showcasing: Why Consider This Marketing Method?
Use showcasing to build your marketing plan
3. Successful Sales for Meeting Suppliers
Suppliers Must be Noble Too
4. Speaker speak-out after their Showcase Appearances!

5. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Success for Professional Speaking.
Release date of this 320+ page book from PenquinUSA, Alpha books. Preorder your copy now by phoning our office or sending an email request today. Pre-pay and save.

22 Speakers Case Studies! Research for new Book! Speakers must read!

6. Top Business Secrets Revealed From #1 Sales/Marketing Leaders
Today (or when do you read this?) are mid term-elections and as a result great sales people
labeled “politician” are being elected all over the USA. Or are they really great sales people?!




Professional Speakers Bureau International

Dan Eckelman, Owner

Tels: (347) 948-3263

1112 Firth Avenue Suite 301, Worthington, Ohio 43085

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500+ speakers on this site including our go-to experts; and we have 5000+ speakers in our files for your immediate access - if you are a meeting planner we will save you time and money in your search for a terrific speaker--use email and phone above to contact us with your criteria and specific needs. If you are a speaker ask about joining us ASAP.